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Aerospace • Hardware • Professional Services • Robotics • Software • Defense • Manufacturing
Altadena, California, USA
420 Employees

Honeybee Robotics specializes in creating novel exploration systems for the most extreme environments and advanced motion control solutions for NASA, defense, and commercial programs. Our work has played a critical role in thousands of projects spanning from conceptual design studies to flight missions, including NASA's Artemis I Mission and the Roman Space Telescope. We look to "Touch Life" by supporting planetary science, including every NASA Mars rover since Spirit and Opportunity. We aim to "Mine the Sky" through the development of practical In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) solutions.

Aerospace • Artificial Intelligence • Hardware • Robotics • Security • Software • Defense
Costa Mesa, California, USA
1,400 Employees

Anduril is a defense products company. Unlike most defense companies, we don’t wait for our customers to tell us what they need. We identify problems, privately fund our R&D and sell finished products off the shelf. Ideas are turned into deployed capabilities in months, not years.

Aerospace • Artificial Intelligence • Cloud • Machine Learning • Cybersecurity • Defense
El Segundo, California, USA
4,600 Employees

The space enterprise has been transformed by rapid change and growth. New vehicles for national security space, a more rapid launch cadence, proliferated satellite constellations, the pursuit of interplanetary exploration, and thriving commercial ventures are changing the nature of the space industry. The Aerospace Corporation (Aerospace) is a leading architect for U.S. space programs, shaping efforts to outpace threats to our national security while cultivating the technologies needed to further this new era of space commercialization and exploration. Aerospace works across the space enterprise in service of the public interest. In addition to supporting the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community, our customers include NASA, NOAA, numerous federal agencies, and commercial space — all of whom benefit from our deep technical knowledge. We only pursue business related to the space mission and complementary fields, operating as the nation’s trusted partner to solve the toughest challenges and develop reliable and innovative technologies. Innovation in space occurs when people have the freedom to imagine and do. At Aerospace, we take pride in our readiness to solve some of the most complex challenges in the space enterprise.

Artificial Intelligence • Fintech • Software • Analytics • Business Intelligence • Defense • Big Data Analytics
San Diego, California, USA
75 Employees

Semantic AI is leveraging cutting-edge computational performance to connect, add value to, and present data and information in ways that augment how human analysts rapidly build understanding and form better decisions. With our deep background in knowledge transfer, Semantic AI has always focused on making humans, not machines, smarter. Powered by a context engine, our technology helps your organization make sense of the most vital resource — data. We help users see and analyze data in context through a human usable data model. We call this Augmented Intelligence—human intelligence augmented by machine learning, analytics, visualization, and, yes, artificial intelligence capabilities. It is our goal to augment the speed, confidence, and capacity of your teams, to help you avoid risk and create new opportunities. No matter what industry you’re in, Semantic AI’s technology can redefine the way you visualize, interact with, analyze, and understand data. Our customers in government, institutions, and commercial enterprises recognize the benefits of our next-generation embedded analytics platform―the Cortex Enterprise Intelligence Platform. Cortex EIP™ provides a powerful platform that your entire team can use to augment their intelligence, creating extraordinary results and unlocking the value concealed in your data.

Aerospace • Information Technology • Cybersecurity • Defense • Manufacturing
141,000 Employees

We’re engineers and technicians. Scientists and thinkers. Innovators and dreamers. Our teams work on advanced technologies that transform aerospace and make a global impact. We’re shaping an environment where everyone is included, respected and supported. We’ll go further together as we manufacture, service and sustain leading defense, space and security systems and commercial jetliners.

Artificial Intelligence • Big Data • Software • Cybersecurity • Defense • Big Data Analytics
Santa Monica, California, USA
12 Employees

Starseed AI is the proprietary multi-modal fusion AI platform for external cybersecurity and intelligence, designed to empower organizations with cutting-edge solutions that safeguard their reputation, foster secure environments, and enable informed decision-making.