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Hardware • Internet of Things • Robotics • Wearables
Los Angeles, CA
22 Employees

Doodle Labs is the global leader in high-performance private wireless networking systems. We provide cutting-edge mesh networks for robotics, drones, and the Industrial Internet of Things. Doodle Labs has experienced rapid growth over the past five years as our products have been adopted by Fortune 500 companies (e.g. Airbus, General Electric) and industry-leading innovators (e.g. Boston Dynamics, FLIR).

Social Impact • Wearables
Los Angeles, CA

Not Impossible is a community of innovators, creating life-changing devices and delivering inspiring content that compels action. We are changing the story of healthcare by providing open-source, DIY solutions that help people. We believe in technology for the sake of humanity.

eCommerce • Information Technology • Professional Services • Wearables
Atlanta, GA
250 Employees

WebClues Infotech Is Web & Mobile Solution Provider Company. We Specialized In All Types Of Website Development, Mobile Application Development, E-Commerce Development, UI/UX Design, Digital Marketing, Graphic Designing Etc.

Digital Media • Professional Services • Social Impact • Wearables
Hawthorne, CA

EVOLUTION, INNOVATION & PRECISION. Our motto at The Designs Avenue is to keep evolviong with the ever-evolving trends of industry to always deliver more than what our clients expect from us. We are propelled by our passion to keep our standards above industry's. We understand, estimate and integrate the consumer patterns and demands.

eCommerce • Fitness • Sports • Wearables
Fully Remote
250 Employees

Outdoor products have got you covered for your next adventure trip, whether it’s planned to go camping in the woods, hiking in the wild, kayaking in the bay area, or on an exciting fishing trip. We are here to provide you all you want, from proper gear to adequate equipment to keep you safe, warm, and happy!

Fashion • Wearables
Los Angeles, CA
29 Employees

Logistics • Productivity • Software • Wearables
Los Angeles, CA
25 Employees

Rufus WorkHero is the most advanced connected operator platform for supply chain. Comprised of workforce analytics software, rugged wearable technology, and superhuman support, WorkHero is a complete Productivity as a Service solution for the evolving workplace (Industry 4.0). WorkHero is compatible with most WMS systems and replaces existing scanning technology (with $0 Cap Ex), reduces pick speed/labor cost by up to 55%, and gives a never-before-seen level of worker visibility to management in our warehouse customers’ operations. Learn more www.getrufus.com.

Music • Wearables
Venice, CA

Mighty is the first device to play your streaming audio, like Spotify, on-the-go without a smartphone.

Fitness • Hardware • Software • Wearables
Costa Mesa, CA
64 Employees

FightCamp is a connected at-home boxing gym. With FightCamp you get access to world-class boxing and kickboxing trainers, studio-quality equipment, and performance-tracking technology — all from the comfort of your home. We have an ever-growing library of boxing & kickboxing workouts designed to keep you engaged, focused, and in the zone. The key to a FightCamp workout lies in our Punch Tracking technology — we allow you to measure every strike, deliver real-time stats and fuel your competitive side. FightCamp is funded by Y Combinator.

Information Technology • Mobile • Software • Wearables • Consulting • App development
New York, NY
117 Employees

AppsChopper has a team of experienced app developers who render high-tech mobile app solutions from scratch as per business requirements. The app developers strategize, design, develop and market mobile apps for platforms like iOS and Android. They excel in providing services like progressive web apps (PWAs), Flutter, React-Native app development, AI App Development Services, mobile app marketing, and much more.

Artificial Intelligence • Hardware • Wearables • Biotech
Culver City, CA

Kernel is revolutionizing precision neuroscience. We are using our proprietary, first-in-class neurotechnology to build the world's most comprehensive portfolio of brain-based biomarkers. Our mission is to accelerate treatment discovery, improve patient outcomes, and transform neuromedicine.

Blockchain • Mobile • Software • Wearables
105 Employees

X-Byte Enterprise Solutions is a leading enterprise web and mobile app development company based in India. We believe in providing top-notch web and app development services.

Consumer Web • eCommerce • Fashion • Sports • Wearables
Los Angeles, CA
7 Employees

Commissioner delivers hybrid lifestyle and basketball footwear without making any compromises with performance, comfort and style – enabling athletes to own the hardwood and trendsetters to own the streets. Commissioner was founded in Portland, Oregon in 2019 by four students attending the University of Oregon's Sports Product Management program. After realizing a decline in the popularity of wearing basketball sneakers casually and only seeing the success of retro sneaker releases along with NBA player exclusives not having as much hype as they once did, we began researching why these things were happening. As we began to find out more and more, we naturally began putting together and organizing more and more of the business. The Commissioner brand was developed early on as we recognized the importance of building a brand with a creative story that intersected within basketball and fashion. The NBA dress code saga with David Stern was a prime and popular historical reference that enabled us to build upon. Our story is incredibly powerful + our mission is to elevate the fashion value of basketball culture through exclusive experiences – for the community, by the community. Utilizing our unique brand story - playing off the NBA Dress Code introduced by then Commissioner of the league, David Stern in 2005, we are creating products that bridge the gap from the streets to the arena, while bringing back the fashion value of the basketball sneaker. Our initial product launch is the Commissioner DS1 (David Stern 1), which is a hybrid lifestyle, basketball sneaker. The DS1 is as aesthetically pleasing off the court as it is on the court, and it is made of high-quality leather sitting on a responsive EVA foam midsole and durable rubber outsole. With a price point of $350, this product is completely balanced when it comes to durability, style, comfort and performance. From the Founders... "It was an accident and very organic because it started as a graduate school project. We all wanted to bring back the fashion value of basketball sneakers like when we were kids. And we all love sneakers, art, fashion, music, basketball, skate and so many more creative cultures that overlap... we all clicked immediately and the journey began."

Information Technology • Professional Services • Wearables • App development
Sugar Land, TX
500 Employees

15 Employees

Tap Systems, Inc. is a US-based technology corporation with development offices in Pasadena, CA and Givataim, Israel. The Tap – the Company’s first product was introduced in December 2017, and began shipping to consumers in Q1 of 2018. It is a one-handed, Bluetooth wearable device which instantly detects finger taps on any surface and decodes th

San Francisco, CA

s a wearable tech startup with a focus on building devices for the industrial sector (warehouse/logistics, first response, security, hospitality).

eCommerce • Wearables
Los Angeles, CA

Lumzag is world’s most secure backpack which comes with the most unique innovative features a backpack has ever offered.

eCommerce • Hardware • Transportation • Wearables
17 Employees

Lumos is a new and innovative bicycle helmet designed to improve your visibility and ability to communicate your intentions to motorists around you when riding in traffic. Featuring turn signals and automatic brake lights that are built into the helmet, Lumos is for bikers everywhere. Find out more at www.lumoshelmet.co

eCommerce • Music • Virtual Reality • Wearables
25 Employees

Founded in Geneva, Switzerland with a mission to expand everyday experiences utilizing next-generation innovations, HED was born out of a passion for music, technology, and humanity. With operations in Los Angeles, Geneva, and Taipei, HED has assembled a global team with experience across music, entertainment, social media, tech, and consumer hardw

eCommerce • Fashion • Wearables

Variant is a rapidly growing startup utilizing cutting-edge technology to create customizable knitwear products, manufactured on-demand with nearly zero waste.