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Top Los Angeles, CA Robotics Companies (29)

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Aerospace • Artificial Intelligence • Hardware • Robotics • Security • Software • Defense
Costa Mesa, California, USA
1,400 Employees

Anduril is a defense products company. Unlike most defense companies, we don’t wait for our customers to tell us what they need. We identify problems, privately fund our R&D and sell finished products off the shelf. Ideas are turned into deployed capabilities in months, not years.

Artificial Intelligence • Robotics • Software
Gardena, California, USA
20 Employees

At GrayMatter Robotics, our goal is to improve the quality of life by leveraging robotics and artificial intelligence. We create solutions to assist humans in tedious and ergonomically challenging tasks in the manufacturing world. We enable industrial robots with our proprietary AI software so companies can easily and rapidly deploy advanced technology automation for complex operations. Our software combines commercially available robots and multi-modal sensing with artificial intelligence to create intelligent robotic assistants well-suited for complex operations in high-mix manufacturing and service applications.

3D Printing • Aerospace • Hardware • Robotics • Software
Long Beach, California, USA
1,000 Employees

A rocket company at the core, Relativity Space is on a mission to become the next great commercial launch company. Terran R, our medium-to-heavy lift reusable launch vehicle, will reliably deliver payloads to orbit on-time and on-budget for customers – meeting the needs of growing demand for space infrastructure. Leveraging the benefits of additive manufacturing to design, test, and iterate at a pace unmatched in the industry, we are changing the way rockets are built and flown. Our long-term goal is to create humanity’s industrial base on Mars, paving the way for interplanetary life to fundamentally expand the possibilities of the human experience. The first step toward this vision starts here on Earth, by building the next great commercial launch company with Terran R

Aerospace • Hardware • Professional Services • Robotics • Software • Defense • Manufacturing
Altadena, California, USA
420 Employees

Honeybee Robotics specializes in creating novel exploration systems for the most extreme environments and advanced motion control solutions for NASA, defense, and commercial programs. Our work has played a critical role in thousands of projects spanning from conceptual design studies to flight missions, including NASA's Artemis I Mission and the Roman Space Telescope. We look to "Touch Life" by supporting planetary science, including every NASA Mars rover since Spirit and Opportunity. We aim to "Mine the Sky" through the development of practical In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) solutions.

Artificial Intelligence • Hardware • Machine Learning • Robotics • Software
Los Angeles, California, USA
50 Employees

Machina Labs is introducing unseen flexibility and agility to the centuries-old manufacturing industry. This unlocks rapid iteration improving design lifecycle and enabling a higher rate of innovation. Machina Labs’ manufacturing platform combines the latest advances in robotics and AI so great ideas can quickly and affordably turn to reality.

Hardware • Internet of Things • Robotics • Wearables
Marina del Rey, California, USA
22 Employees

Doodle Labs is the global leader in high-performance private wireless networking systems. We provide cutting-edge mesh networks for robotics, drones, and the Industrial Internet of Things. Doodle Labs has experienced rapid growth over the past five years as our products have been adopted by Fortune 500 companies (e.g. Airbus, General Electric) and industry-leading innovators (e.g. Boston Dynamics, FLIR).

Artificial Intelligence • Hardware • Robotics • Software
Pasadena, California, USA
2,000 Employees

Futronics is a global leading AI robotics company in stealth mode located in Los Angeles, CA. Our work focuses on a new portfolio of service robots for the healthcare domain as well as innovation on core technologies to differentiate our products. The R&D team is made up of an incredibly diverse set of skilled researchers and engineers with different areas of expertise including Autonomous Navigation, Perception and Computer Vision, Human-Robot Interaction and NLP, Manipulation and Control, Mechatronics, and Cloud Computing. Ideal candidates have a successful track record in productizing applications and will be able to work hand in hand with the team to deliver the newest cutting edge AI robotic ecosystem.

Aerospace • Hardware • Machine Learning • Robotics • Software
Torrance, California, USA
240 Employees

Epirus is a high-growth technology company developing solid-state, software-defined directed energy systems that enable unprecedented counter-electronics effects and power management solutions to optimize power efficiency in defense and commercial applications. With a constant emphasis on innovation, we are redefining the future of power to bring tomorrow’s capabilities to life, today.   To deliver on our mission, we are always looking for problem solvers, changemakers and innovators to join our fast-growing team. People are the most important part of Epirus – and always come first. We don’t believe in the word impossible and are always asking “why not” as work to usher in a new paradigm of power efficiency. Our fast-growing team is agile, creative, and innovative. We support a culture of constant learning and sense of belonging among our team members and know that mentorship matters. We embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace and beyond.  Visit our website to learn more. www.epirusinc.com 

Artificial Intelligence • Robotics • Software
201 Employees

Headquartered in Redwood City, California, Bear Robotics is making hospitality management easier. Its versatile Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) for the food service and hospitality field are safe, reliable, and deployed in just a few hours. The result is improvement in operating efficiency and service quality to customers - all while working alongside your work force.

Food • Robotics
47 Employees

Stellar is up-ending the quick service food industry with their automated, robotic mobile pizza truck – it’s a restaurant that drives directly to the customer, removing the need for expensive real estate while reducing the cost of labor. The robotics allow Stellar to serve high-quality, delicious, and affordable pizzas. Rather than selling the technology to restaurants and venues, Stellar is building a fleet of mobile pizza restaurants to build a nationwide brand in the next five years.

100 Employees

OnRobot A/S is a newly formed global company working to grow a world-class one-stop-shop for robot peripherals. Started by Enrico Krog Iverson, the former CEO of the industry-leading collaborative robot, Universal Robots, to address the next challenge in automation, End-of-Arm Tooling.

3D Printing • Robotics

AIO Robotics is a high-tech startup targeting the 3D printer market with innovative all-in-one 3D copy machines.

Angel or VC Firm • Computer Vision • Co-Working Space or Incubator • Robotics
El Segundo, California, USA

We are a diverse team of innovators, builders and entrepreneurs, developing advanced technologies for practical use in robotics, automation and mobility… to name a few. We partner with corporations to build disruptive technology that will drive future growth. We help partners think & execute like startups.

Artificial Intelligence • Big Data • Healthtech • Robotics

Neural Analytics, Inc. is a medical robotics company developing & commercializing technologies to measure and track brain health. The company’s technologies integrate ultrasound and robotics to empower clinicians with critical blood flow information in real-time to assist in clinical decision making and improve patient outcomes.

Healthtech • Robotics

Embodied draws on more than 15 years of Maja's research into socially assistive robotics, the field she founded, and more than 15 years of Paolo's consumer robotics commercialization experience, and leverages the confluence of technologies including machine vision, speech, and learning.

Aerospace • On-Demand • Retail • Robotics
5 Employees

Flyby is a venture-backed startup reinventing on-demand delivery by retrofitting drones for urban operations. Our goal is to unleash a future where anything you can dream of will arrive instantly. We're building technology to enable thousands of automated drone deliveries to be fulfilled every day directly from origin to destination. Instead of waiting 40 minutes and paying a fortune for on-demand deliveries, we are crafting a world where you can summon your favorite food, snacks, and essential products in under 5 mins at a fraction of the cost of car-based deliveries.

Robotics • Biotech • Generative AI • Manufacturing
Los Angeles, California, USA
6 Employees

GENOMA LABS’s technology is pioneering the concept of LAAS - laboratory as a service to supply the need for accessible laboratory space for a variety of applications. And we are doing it with CARBON NEGATIVE bio-materials and AI-aided design and advanced manufacturing techniques.

Healthtech • Robotics

We're pioneering a new generation of personal robots to improve the quality of life for millions of people.

Edtech • Natural Language Processing • Robotics
290 Employees

DMAI explores the dark matter of intelligence — the 95% invisible, e.g., functionality, physics, intent, causality, and human utility, through top-down inference and reasoning, to make sense of the visible 5% in sensory inputs. Our vision is to lift humanity by developing cognitive AI assistants and platforms in education and health.

Aerospace • Machine Learning • Robotics • Software
Burbank, California, USA
100 Employees

Founded in 2000, Applied Minds draws on the talents of nearly 150 employees and a network of subject matter experts to innovate by melding art, design, science, and engineering. We help organizations ask the right questions and then provide unexpected, yet powerful solutions.