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Beauty • eCommerce • Fashion • Retail
West Hollywood, California, USA
400 Employees

FabFitFun is a lifestyle membership that inspires women to lead happier, healthier lives through product and brand discovery. Our flagship product, the FabFitFun Box, delivers a curated collection of full-size products across beauty, fashion, wellness, fitness, home, and technology to more than one million members - each season.

Beauty • eCommerce • Fashion • Retail • Design
Culver City, California, USA
925 Employees

Reformation is a fast-growing mission-based company that proves fashion and sustainability can coexist. Reformation is known for its tech-driven approach to creating an eco-friendly fashion business. We're not only growing our retail footprint but organization-wide at our headquarters, specifically with our Tech teams. Here at Ref, we put people first. It’s our responsibility to create a safe, healthy, and fair working environment for our teams, and for workers throughout our supply chain. We do so through partnerships with industry groups like the Fair Labor Association, conducting on-site social responsibility audits, and a commitment to ensuring workers have a voice in our organization. We know that you can't innovate and do cool stuff without having everyone on board. So we work to create a culture where everyone feels like they belong and where their voices are truly valued. We build an inclusive culture together, and make a real impact along the way. We are committed to the belief that the problems facing our planet and society can be solved through innovation, common sense and education. Sustainability is at the core of everything we do—from our factory in Los Angeles to our fabrics, packaging, and retail stores. We’re committed to pushing the industry forward and investing in future-focused solutions, which is why we’re a certified Climate Neutral company and will be Climate Positive by 2025.

Beauty • Retail
Los Angeles, California, USA
42 Employees

Kitsch designs and creates beauty and hair accessories. Kitsch products can be found in over 20,000 retail locations in 27 countries worldwide.

Beverly Hills, California, USA
483 Employees

Anastasia Soare is widely referred to as the Beauty Innovator and The Definitive Brow and Eye Expert. Over the years she has achieved iconic status in the beauty industry for her unique way of shaping the eyebrows and enhancing the eye area. While working as an esthetician at several prestigious beauty salons in Beverly Hills, Anastasia developed her own specific Golden Ratio™ technique behind the science of shaping eyebrows and helping to enhance the overall eye area, in addition to her other skincare services. With her extremely loyal following and the growing buzz behind her brow shaping techniques, Anastasia opened her first full service salon on Bedford Drive in Beverly Hills, aptly named Anastasia Beverly Hills, in 1997. The success of her first salon led her to opening a second full service salon in Brentwood, CA in 2010. Anastasia has also extended her reach with Anastasia Brow Studios at select Nordstrom, Sephora and International locations, and with the creation of her exclusive brow products and the first to market clinically and consumer tested makeup line.

Beauty • eCommerce • Fashion

<p>The Industry's Beauty Edit</p>

Beauty • eCommerce • Fashion • Retail
Vernon, California, USA
350 Employees

Fashion Nova is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce brands in the world as one of the most-searched fashion brands on Google. Since then, we have continued to grow, launching Fashion Nova CARES, NovaKIDS, Nova Beauty, and Maven Beauty. Even more amazing launches are in the works as we speak! At Fashion Nova, we are dedicated to bringing the customer the latest trends to make them look and feel their best without the high price point. We deliver the hottest styles at lightning-fast speed, ensuring that all are included with FashionNovaCURVE and NovaMEN. Wherever our customer is, we are committed to bringing them the trends they love at the prices they love.

Beauty • eCommerce • Food • Pet
79 Employees

Brandable is a consumer packaged goods platform focused on innovating, curating, and creating brands that help people live their best life.

Beauty • eCommerce • Healthtech
15 Employees

Forget everything you thought you knew about skincare. OPTE is revolutionizing the beauty industry with a first-of-its-kind, the-future-is-now skincare device. With patented Precision Skincare technology, OPTE analyzes skin in real time to instantly correct only your dark spots and visibly fade them over time (with 97% less product than foundation) for naturally radiant, even-toned skin. At OPTE, we believe in celebrating the natural beauty of real skin. We are backed by science, recommended by derms, and loved by our OPTEmists. OPTE has won many prestigious industry awards including the ELLE 2020 Future of Beauty + Allure 2020 Best of Beauty Breakthrough awards.

Beauty • eCommerce • Kids + Family • Social Impact
190 Employees

The Honest Company (NASDAQ: HNST) is a mission-driven, digitally-native brand focused on leading the clean lifestyle movement, creating a community for conscious consumers and seeking to disrupt multiple consumer product categories. Since its launch in 2012, Honest has been dedicated to creating thoughtfully formulated, safe and effective personal care, beauty, baby and household products, which are available via honest.com, and at more than 32,000 retail locations across the United States, Canada and Europe. Based in Los Angeles, CA, the company's mission, to inspire everyone to love living consciously, is driven by its values of transparency, trust, sustainability, and a deep sense of purpose around what matters most to its consumers: their health, their families and their homes. For more information about the Honest Standard and the Company, please visit www.honest.com.

Beauty • Consumer Web • eCommerce • Social Impact

Beautycounter’s mission is to get safe products into the hands of everyone. We’re a beauty brand dedicated to radical transparency, and our Ingredient Selection Process sets a new standard for health and safety while ensuring our products are effective and beautiful.

Beauty • Consumer Web • Other
65 Employees

<p>TotalBeauty.com, home of the largest database of independent, unbiased beauty product reviews for women. TotalBeauty.com features hundreds of thousands of user-generated reviews spanning more than 45,000 products,</p>

Beauty • eCommerce • Sales
Los Angeles, California, USA
86 Employees

VEGAMOUR is a rapidly growing hair wellness company that combines sustainably harvested, plant-based actives with the latest advances in molecular science to produce clean formulas that effectively promote hair & scalp health. We believe in biodiversity, community, Fair Trade and corporate responsibility. Our mission is to advocate the use of thoughtfully sourced, organic plant actives in creating superior wellness & beauty products that neither harm the people who use them or the planet we all share.


Hi there! We're Sphynx, a new beauty brand that's changing things up. We think our routines have gotten way too...routine. Predictable is boring. Cookie-cutter is boring. And conventional beauty products aren’t solving real women’s problems. Our products break boundaries and shake things up.


This is not just another beauty brand. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but at HAUS LABORATORIES, we say beauty is how you see yourself. We want you to love yourself, and it is our mission to spread kindness, bravery, and creativity by providing tools for self-expression and reinvention.

175 Employees

For decades, Guthy Renker's beauty, health and wellness brands have been created with and endorsed by celebrities, icons and influencers, (think Cindy Crawford, Katy Perry, Adam Levine, and Mally Roncal) We're one of the early adopters of the subscription model, (aka those bundles that everyone loves right now).

10 Employees

florence is made with love by Millie Bobby Brown (a.k.a. Mills). Mills has sat in hundreds of makeup chairs—everything she’s learned along the way has shown her that beauty is really all about loving and expressing ourselves. That’s why she named florence after her great-grandma, a woman who embraced herself and did things that made her happy all her life.

Beauty • Fashion

Lady Indy Beauty is a company that has designed nude lipstick shades range for all the women who desire a dream girl lipstick to boost their confidence with bold, sexy, and long-lasting lipstick effect.

Beauty • Fintech • Productivity • Sales • Software
Fully Remote
190 Employees

Developed in collaboration with industry-leading owners and operators, our scheduling, point of sale, and conversation platform was carefully designed to drive revenue, automate workflows, and convert customers from visitors into valuable, long-term clients. By facilitating a better, personalized experience across every transaction and interaction,

Beauty • Cannabis • eCommerce • Food
5 Employees

Chu Ultra is a biohacking wellness startup based out of Culver City. We make nootropic supplements, CBD oils, and CBD teas.

Beauty • Consumer Web • eCommerce • Sales
225 Employees

byte is the #1 rated, doctor-directed leader in the teledentistry revolution providing customers access to at-home invisible aligners that deliver professional results in half the time and cost of traditional methods.