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Consumer Web • eCommerce • Events • Fashion • Logistics • Retail • Design
Gardena, California, USA
325 Employees

Founded in 2013 by a groom and a groomsman who had a frustrating rental experience, The Black Tux is reinventing formal wear. We help people stand out for the right reasons by designing modern suits and tuxedos that look great, fit better and can be ordered online without a trip to the tux shop.

Logistics • Mobile • On-Demand • Software • Transportation • 3PL: Third Party Logistics
Los Angeles, California, USA
58 Employees

Mothership's cutting-edge technology is revolutionizing the world of freight delivery, unlocking its full potential by streamlining logistics and enhancing efficiency. Since our inception in 2017, we have garnered support from some of the top venture capitalists in the industry and have rapidly emerged as the go-to logistics partner for some of the most innovative companies today. Our state-of-the-art freight marketplace and Mission Control dashboard cater specifically to the needs of growing businesses. With features such as same-day deliveries, real-time tracking, digital documentation, and more, we empower our customers with the tools they need to thrive in the modern market.

Logistics • Software • Transportation
8 Employees

BlueCargo is a fast-moving start-up based in Los Angeles with the mission of bringing efficiency to the global maritime supply chain. We are looking for people who share the same ambitious goals and want to make a difference by joining our small and talented team!

Cannabis • Logistics
50 Employees

WAYV is an automated, on-demand supply chain logistics platform servicing California's growing cannabis industry. WAYV technology streamlines the traditional business-to-business process, including transport, sales, and payment through a one-stop website that integrates regulatory and compliance checks.


Bluemark is a full-service sourcing, fulfillment, and logistics company, specializing in welcome kits and on-boarding.

Cloud • Enterprise Web • Information Technology • Logistics • Productivity
3 Employees

Jeeny is on a mission to empower the world’s small and medium sized manufacturers through a modern, opinionated manufacturing operating system. We are the only company where the lean manufacturing ideology is built into the core of the platform. Our customers don’t just digitize their processes, they constantly improve them. Lean manufacturing was popularized by Toyota, universally known as the most efficient producer in the world. It is a set of techniques, ways of thinking, and processes that traditionally take years to learn and achieve. Today, Jeeny does all the heavy lifting so that any sized company can reap the benefits of lean. We are going to emerge as a key player in this market of over 250,000 domestic small and medium sized manufacturers and we’re looking for more teammates to join us. We’re solving difficult but fascinating problems that affect real peoples’ everyday lives. And we’re using the latest technologies to do it.

eCommerce • Logistics • Real Estate • Sharing Economy

Portal Warehousing provides flexible industrial spaces built for the needs of today's growing e-commerce companies. We bring technology and logistics solutions to last-mile industrial industrial facilities to digitally enable to the brands of the future.

Information Technology • Logistics • Sales • Transportation • Business Intelligence
Long Beach, California, USA
2,000 Employees

When you join Traffic Tech, you join a team that keeps the global economy moving – literally. We're a third-party logistics company (or 3PL) that expertly connects customers who need to move goods with the best carriers to safely transport them via air, ocean, rails, and roads. Whether we're helping businesses move their loads across borders, across time zones, or just across the loading dock, we strive to deliver the extraordinary.

Venice, California, USA
82 Employees

Sway, formerly Returnmates, is a Los Angeles, CA-based technology company enabling a customer-centric delivery and return experience. Sway is purpose-built to serve the needs and expectations of today’s brands and shoppers. With next-day and two-day delivery services coupled with a revolutionary doorstep return and exchange product, brands are able to build stronger, lasting relationships with their customers.

Logistics • On-Demand • Professional Services • Real Estate
Culver City, California, USA
700 Employees

Clutter is an on-demand technology company based in Los Angeles, disrupting the $40 billion / year self-storage industry. We've built an end-to-end logistics and supply chain platform that enables us to offer consumers a much more convenient solution at price parity with the incumbents!

Logistics • On-Demand • Transportation
El Segundo, California, USA
200 Employees

NEXT provides world-class service to shippers and truckers alike. We’re solving a trillion dollar puzzle and offer painless freight. Forbes included us on its 2019 Next Billion-Dollar Startups list, and we’ve been recognized as one of Built in LA’s Best Small Companies to Work For and 50 Startups to Watch.

eCommerce • Logistics • Software
9 Employees

Titeg is a fast growth company innovating the way the world does business by offering cutting edge technology at the intersection of international trade and global supply chain. We are currently operating in stealth mode, but we’re backed by highly reputable investors and during the interview process, you will learn more about what we do!

eCommerce • Logistics • On-Demand
Santa Monica, California, USA
1,250 Employees

Postmates is transforming the way goods move around cities by enabling anyone to have anything delivered on-demand. Our revolutionary Urban Logistics platform connects customers with local couriers who can deliver anything from any store or restaurant in minutes.

Logistics • Social Impact • Software • Transportation
Santa Monica, California, USA
45 Employees

flexigo is a revolutionary transportation tech platform designed to enhance corporate and campus mobility. With flexigo, organizations can revolutionize their commuting programs, providing employees with efficient, sustainable, and personalized transportation options. Our platform utilizes advanced technology and intelligent routing algorithms to increase transportation options and optimize routes, reducing congestion and time behind the wheel. From corporate shuttles to on-demand rides and campus transit services, flexigo empowers organizations to create seamless and flexible commuting experiences. And flexigo is the most robust and mature corporate and campus mobility solution on the market. With nearly a decade of experience operating in Europe, flexigo offers a wealth of experience in its fully integrated and market-tested set of modular services all available a single user app and an integrated administrative portal. Say goodbye to the frustrations of traffic congestion and limited transportation choices. Join the flexigo movement today and experience a smarter, more convenient way to commute. Your journey awaits!

Logistics • Marketing Tech • On-Demand • Retail
Culver City, California, USA
14 Employees

nok is an invite-only marketplace to try high-end products from home for free. nok product tryouts include same-day delivery, return pickups, and are completely free of charge. We're an experiential marketing channel for brands resulting in authentic product experiences, user-generated content, word of mouth and ultimately more sales.

Aerospace • Hardware • Logistics • Software
Hawthorne, California, USA
15 Employees

DASH Systems is a Los Angeles based technology company developing hardware and software to enable precision airdrop deliveries. We take a commercial airplane, open the door, and autonomously release and land packages within a helipad-size area, from virtually any altitude. Our technology allows commercial and defense cargo to be safely and reliably delivered anywhere on the globe quickly and affordably.

Hardware • Internet of Things • Logistics
5 Employees

We are an Internet-of-Things startup focused around building affordable and ubiquitous network coverage for low-powered sensors. Our coverage spans majority of the Los Angeles metro area and we're looking to expand our coverage even further to bootstrap our low cost and low power asset tracking product.

eCommerce • Logistics • Professional Services
42 Employees

At FastAF, we believe everyone should spend less time waiting and more time being. We are reimagining what retail looks like to bring direct-to-consumer brands to customers faster than ever before: in 2 hours or less.

Logistics • Software • Transportation
65 Employees

Cargomatic lives at the intersection of technology and logistics. Take a look around you. Literally everything humans build, grow or sell has spent time on a truck. Local trucking is the lifeblood of every regional economy, and yet this $82 billion industry still relies on phone calls and fax machines. Cargomatic is transforming the way goods move around metropolitan areas by connecting shippers and commercial truck drivers with mobile technology. We are solving complex, real-world problems every day. By optimizing urban freight, we are helping independent truckers grow their businesses and improving the air we all breathe.

Logistics • Software • Transportation
Vista, California, USA
2,500 Employees

Founded in 2013, we believe trade can move the human race forward. That’s why our mission at Flexport is to make global trade easy for everyone. What the internet has done for bits and bytes, Flexport is doing for physical goods: giving every business the ability to connect to any customer, wherever they are in the world. That sounds pretty straightforward, but a fragmented and inefficient global supply chain has held the world back from untapped growth and innovation. By connecting everyone in the global economy we can unlock commerce, creativity, and human progress. To do so, we’re building the platform for global logistics—empowering buyers, sellers and their logistics partners with the technology and services they need to grow and innovate. Today, companies of all sizes—from emerging brands to Fortune 500s—use Flexport technology to move more than $10B worth of merchandise across 112 countries every year.