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Agency • Mobile
Los Angeles, CA
75 Employees

Utility is an award-winning agency that crafts digital products that fuel tomorrow’s brands. We partner with our clients to design and develop custom mobile applications and websites that scale. From Fortune 500 brands to innovative startups, we work with clients to bring their big ideas to life and transform their businesses.

Agency • Mobile • Software • Consulting
Los Angeles, CA
548 Employees

Work & Co (work.co) defines and launches digital products millions of people love using every day. We've become the go-to technology and design partner for many of the world's most respected companies, including Google, Epic Games, MTA, IKEA, Apple, Lyft, Mercedes, YouTube, T-Mobile, Acorns, Etsy, and Planned Parenthood.

Agency • Digital Media • Legal Tech • Marketing Tech • Social Media • SEO
Santa Monica, CA
14 Employees

Matador Solutions is a leading marketing partner for law firms. Founded out of a leading Washington D.C. personal injury law firm, we understand the business of law, and how to use the internet to generate new cases. Our agency + think tank model helps small to mid-size firms compete against much bigger firms at a fraction of the cost through internet marketing and a "rising tide lifts all ships approach" to sharing information around the most impactful marketing strategies.

Agency • Professional Services
Newport Beach, CA
20 Employees

Optimism's portfolio consists of more than a dozen publications spanning a wide variety of topics. While the subject matter may vary (from travel to learning to news) all of Optimism's brands are united by a singular mission: to build a brighter web. This mission carries through to each and every one of Optimism's brands, all of which at their core aim to be nourishing and uplifting to their readers. This promise has allowed Optimism to build a powerful audience of millions of engaged subscribers who have made a habit of starting their day with Optimism.

Los Angeles, CA
249 Employees

Digital Media Management is a full-service agency dedicated to managing high-profile individuals, brands and theatrical movies across all digital platforms. Drawing from years of experience in technology, media and business, our Digital Managers enable our clients to effectively navigate the digital space and exponentially increase their reach and influence.

Agency • Social Impact • Software
Santa Monica, CA
40 Employees

Sidebench is a modern technology consultancy and development studio, based in Los Angeles. Our team of strategists, technical architects, product managers, and user experience specialists partner with innovative companies to build long-term technology strategies and create powerful applications for business and consumer use.

Agency • Digital Media • Analytics • Consulting
San Diego, CA
200 Employees

Located in Philly, San Diego, and Remote -- our team of 200+ strategic consultants double as subject matter experts in SEO, Paid Media, Analytics, Creative, CRO, Audience Research, and Market Intelligence. As a passionate agency with a ton of heart, we're committed to connecting people and businesses with innovative solutions.

Los Angeles, CA
30 Employees

Brand Knew is a creative collective and strategic advisory that partners with media companies, causes and consumer brands, towards meaningful audience and growth.

Agency • Digital Media • Social Media • Social Impact
Los Angeles, CA
30 Employees

Swell is an award winning independent creative and marketing agency built for social justice. Since 2012, Swell has led the policy, development, messaging and organizing for housing and services for the unhoused, enacted a minimum wage increase across California, ensured better union contracts for service workers and created permanent funding solutions for water quality and sustainability. We seek to tame complexity, inspire people, and provide meaningful ways that everyday people can problem work to solve vexing generational problems. Our Mission: To make the world a better place through creative marketing and strategic organizing. Our Vision: Move people to measurable actions. Who Works Here: People who find purpose in solving complex and critical social issues including homelessness, climate change, racial disparity, educational inequities, and immigration reform. We are truth tellers, policy peddlers, messaging magicians and cage rattlers and we like to work with other impatient optimists. Committed learners with a growth mindset. People with a desire to leave their mark, be held accountable, leave space for others, and stay hungry for more. People who take our work seriously, but don’t take themselves too seriously. Driven and creative problem solvers with high standards for excellence and impact. Folks with a passion for Swell’s vision and societal theory of change. Who We Work For: Organizations who aren’t afraid to rattle some cages and make real change. Or those who need a little convincing that pushing boundaries is the only way forward. We aren’t here to help sell cars or razors or cereal. We’re selling a better future for our children and theirs.

42 Employees

We're White Rabbit, a full service design agency dedicated to assisting Los Angeles businesses in transforming their brands into influential forces in sales and marketing. The key to our success lies in our team of leading international talent. We've attracted experienced creatives, developers, and designers with a keen sense of innovation and a deep passion for design to join our full-service enclave, and the results speak for themselves. With a diverse lineup of design professionals, our design agency can seamlessly take charge of our Los Angeles clients' branding journey. From crafting a unique logo to creating a sophisticated, user-friendly website that generates high quality leads. Every project gets a tailor-made team, ensuring that our clients have access to the most skilled individuals suited for their project, business, and objectives. Our data-driven processes and unparalleled access to a carefully vetted global talent pool enable us to provide a truly comprehensive design and branding experience for our LA clients.

Agency • Digital Media • eCommerce • Professional Services • Social Media
Costa Mesa, CA
35 Employees

adQuadrant helps DTC (direct-to-consumer) brands dream bigger. We are a trusted advisor that provides holistic, strategic omni-channel digital marketing solutions by partnering our clients to solve the biggest challenges in terms of customer acquisition and growth. Our efforts produce tangible results backed by measurable data. We have the strategic capabilities, quantitative chops, deep creative understanding, and world-class talent with the best tools to drive revenue and profits. We are not simply a vendor checking boxes — our seasoned team serves as an extension of the companies we work with, leading strategy and execution. Our goal is to be the go-to marketing consultants for solving the biggest challenges.

Agency • eCommerce
Los Angeles, CA
63 Employees

WHO WE ARE Vendo is a 360° digital growth platform specializing in the world's largest online marketplaces Amazon and Walmart.com. We have 25+ years of retail experience, $25B+ in sales driven, 100+ active partners, and cover numerous international marketplaces. Vendo works directly with consumer retail brands to ensure success and drive sales through managing a wide variety of services, all of which complement one another in creating beautiful, cohesive brand stories for storefronts, product display pages, with Vendo driving operations to ensure your sales are maximized. • Blog: https://vendocommerce.com/blog/ • Case Studies: https://vendocommerce.com/case-studies/ • Podcasts: https://vendocommerce.com/podcasts-business-expertise/ • Client Testimonials: https://vendocommerce.com/testimonials/ WHAT WE DO Grow your sales. Protect your brand. Drive success. Build your brand on a strong foundation: accelerate your growth with collaborative strategy designed by cutting edge specialists. Our deep-rooted relationships in retail allow us to help create e-commerce strategy for brands that are looking to start from square one, build into a new marketplace channel or expand their presence into Brick & Mortar. We set your brand up to scale, providing the experience, expertise, and protection needed to reside on the right side of marketplace trends. Vendo is your partner for all things Amazon and Walmart.com. HOW WE DO IT *360 Digital Marketplace Management We provide you with a detailed roadmap of ideas and then execute them for you. Our goal is to help you maximize sales, and build your customer base – all while protecting your brand’s integrity. *Brand Protections and Channel Control Price control and brand representation are critical components of managing your digital presence. We work closely with you to enforce MAP pricing across marketplaces to ensure that rogue distributors and other 3P’s aren’t undercutting your pricing or misrepresenting your brand. *Sales Growth Optimization We ensure all aspects of your digital growth is done in accordance with marketplace standards and algorithms in order to maximize your odds of success. *Media Buying We strategically purchase media for you across the spectrum of marketplace and social media ecosystems, to drive sales and promote brand awareness. *Customer Service (Ratings & Reviews) *Content Creation YOUR ONE-STOP SHOP FOR ALL THINGS ECOMMERCE.

Agency • Digital Media • eCommerce • Social Media
Culver City, CA
55 Employees

Effective Spend is an Austin-based digital marketing agency founded in 2008, and we recently expanded into the LA market. Our services include PPC marketing, social media advertising, SEO, and digital public relations. We've built an A-team of digital marketers that care deeply about performing at the highest level. We're excellent at what we do and have a ton of fun doing it!

Agency • Digital Media • Marketing Tech
Fully Remote
20 Employees

CleverTask helps companies delegate their website, design, copywriting, and marketing tasks without needing to hire full-time employees, unreliable freelancers or expensive agencies.

Agency • Enterprise Web • Gaming • Marketing Tech • Music
Hollywood, CA
100 Employees

Agency • Social Media
136 Employees

J/PR is an international luxury PR, influencer relations and social media agency specializing in hospitality, travel, destination tourism and luxury lifestyle brands, established in 2005. J/PR has consistently risen to become one of the fastest growing agencies in the travel and hospitality spaces, with a global roster of clients including renowned brands such as Relais & Châteaux, Hilton Luxury Brands, Virgin Limited Edition, multiple Ritz-Carlton Hotels & Resorts properties, Visit Utah and Visit North Carolina in addition to a list of luxury hotels worldwide. J/PR stands apart for its creativity, poise and determination--methodically and continually growing its client base, even amidst the backdrop of a global pandemic that has deeply impacted the travel industry.

Agency • Marketing Tech
40 Employees

We bridge the gap between native advertising and consumer experiences through interactive technology. We design and build products for our corporate clients to connect with their patrons and grow their brand. We are always inventing new things for our clients to achieve their goals.

Agency • Software • Web3
Fully Remote
9 Employees

We are a hands-on digital agency that helps creative brands innovate and grow. We solve complicated problems with masterful uses of design and the latest technology. Wildebeest is an award-winning digital studio founded in 2014 for many of the world's most innovative brands. Our digital experts use decades of experience to identify, then solve unique business challenges in creative ways. Our project teams are comprised of Designers, Developers, Project Managers, Product Managers, and Strategists. Our capabilities include Digital Transformation Brand Building Design Thinking UX Strategy UX Research UX Design UI Design Startup Acceleration Custom Websites & Software

Agency • Digital Media • eCommerce • Consulting
165 Employees

We're a first-of-its kind digital marketing consultancy. We pride ourselves on leveraging the focus, commitment, and determination of our team to build creative-first solutions to complex problems and to give every brand we partner with the opportunity to soar.

El Segundo, CA
60 Employees

KPG Healthcare is a Nationwide Healthcare Staffing company focused on offering the best, most rewarding assignments while providing excellent compensation and benefits.