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Top Los Angeles, CA Virtual Reality Companies (90)

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Artificial Intelligence • Cloud • Machine Learning • Mobile • Software • Virtual Reality • App development
Santa Monica, California, USA
6,100 Employees

Snap Inc. is a technology company. We believe the camera presents the greatest opportunity to improve the way people live and communicate. We contribute to human progress by empowering people to express themselves, live in the moment, learn about the world, and have fun together.

Gaming • Virtual Reality

Lucid Sight, Inc is a Los Angeles based software company founded by serial entrepreneurs Randy Saaf and Octavio Herrera and experienced developer Fazri Zubair. Lucid Sight develops VR games and applications for the next generation of Virtual Reality & Mixed Reality devices (Gear VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, HoloLens and Playstation VR).

Gaming • Virtual Reality

icClarity 3D computer vision applications span the range from Security & Surveillance to Automotive, Gaming, Webcams.

Virtual Reality
140 Employees

Magnopus is a content-focused technology company founded by a team of Oscar-winning artists, designers, and engineers from games, films, and other unusual places. We’re passionate about creating rich experiences across the physical and digital worlds in ways people haven’t experienced yet. Because we’re building the future, we endeavor to create a diverse, creative workplace where people from many perspectives collaborate across disciplines to create amazing things together. We invest in our employee's progression with ongoing education and mentorship opportunities through their guilds, and support their happiness and productivity through generous health care, time off, and other benefits.

Artificial Intelligence • Machine Learning • Software • Virtual Reality • Analytics
Fully Remote, USA
97 Employees

Virtualitics, Inc., the Intelligent Exploration company, harnesses the power of AI- and machine learning-guided data exploration to transform organizations. Data exploration is the foundation of today’s AI initiatives, but traditional methods are shallow and incomplete and leave companies with a narrow and biased understanding of their data. Virtualitics changes this, enabling data teams to quickly and thoroughly explore all of their data by using AI and machine learning to automatically discover patterns and meaning in their data. Rich 3D visuals and VR experiences enhance understanding so teams and stakeholders move forward strategically with a strong foundation that guides smarter business decisions and AI initiatives. The company’s patented technology is based on over 10 years of research at the California Institute of Technology and tested, proven, and depended on by the Federal Government and large enterprises. For more information about Virtualitics, visit virtualitics.com.

Virtual Reality

Here Be Dragons - fka Vrse.works - is a virtual creative agency, a specialized and focused Virtual Reality production studio that supports the world's leading creative innovators in spherical filmmaking. The Here Be Dragons collective utilizes custom built tools and technology to craft and curate original immersive experiences.

Healthtech • Virtual Reality

AppliedVR is committed to transforming patient lives through the power of pixels. We aspire to revolutionize pain management by enabling patients to have access to safer, more engaging, and effective digital tools that reduce suffering around pain.

Virtual Reality

We're creating simple tools that enable anyone to create powerful camera effects on mobile, and an app that provides an endless content playground for users.

Social Media • Virtual Reality

How do you build the most compelling augmented reality platform? We believe it starts by empowering people with the ability to create their own AR content. We believe it grows by giving people a profound, magic-like connection to their physical world. We believe it flourishes by connecting people through shareable AR experiences. At Neon that’s exactly what we’re doing. Our mobile app allows users to create and geo-anchor 3D AR text anywhere in the world. These "neons" can be saved to a user's profile or sent to others as a message. Neons are then visible to followers at anchored locations where they can be captured and shared with others. Visit our site to test the beta. Out on the iOS app store in the fall.

Virtual Reality

SpherePlay helps business, enterprise, advertisers, education, professionals, and individuals go beyond traditional video/photo media by providing the "under the hood" media player software technology to deliver high definition spherical video playback experiences and immersive 360° HD live streams to any audience.

Virtual Reality

We enhance the way people interact with machines to work, learn, play and socialize.

Marketing Tech • Virtual Reality
1,500 Employees

Framestore is known for its groundbreaking visual imagery for feature films, commercials, TV and digital platforms. Based in London, New York, LA and Montréal.

Virtual Reality

With headquarters in Silicon Valley and a major presence in LA, Jaunt is developing the hardware, software, tools, and applications to enable cinematic VR and put the power of virtual reality in the hands of today’s best content creators.

Gaming • Virtual Reality

Otherworld creates new and enthralling experiences. We specialize in Virtual Reality, interactive media, and immersive storytelling. We create worlds for virtual reality and digital media with the primary goal of delivering impactful and compelling moments.

Gaming • Music • Virtual Reality
Los Angeles, California, USA
52 Employees

Wave is defining the future of virtual entertainment. Our company sits at the intersection of music, gaming, and entertainment. We know that today’s music audience wants to be part of the experience. Our goal is to create a first-of-its-kind virtual experience for the next generation of concert-goers.

Social Media • Virtual Reality
2 Employees

We are building a premium location-based social networking platform singularly focused on connecting our users to their friends and their surroundings. AtlasMate seamlessly connects its users via always-on personalized maps that enable true social synchrony. The maps will evolve with users – personalized with user generated content and indexed with searchable identifiers to continuously keep track of where your friends have been, where they currently are, and inspire where they will go next. As we scale, AtlasMate will enable new and fun ways to interact with augmented reality and utilize blockchain technologies. Our maps will act as a digital extension of your social life allowing you to maintain existing relationships and foster new ones.

Digital Media • Information Technology • Virtual Reality

Today, FuseFX’s three locations have more than 30 television shows in production simultaneously, while also servicing various commercial and feature film projects. The company has provided visual effects for all the major studios on such productions as American Horror Story, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Criminal Minds, & more

Digital Media • Gaming • Music • Sports • Virtual Reality
Los Angeles, California, USA
250 Employees

Cosm is a global technology company with a 75-year history pioneering the immersive reality space. We build end-to-end immersive experiences and develop technology that enables people to experience entertainment like never before. Cosm works across three primary markets—Sports and Entertainment, Science and Education, and Parks and Attractions—while pushing the boundaries of design, technology, and service. Our technology is used by the world’s biggest entertainment brands to create mind-blowing immersive experiences for millions of guests.

Agency • Beauty • Virtual Reality
Fully Remote, USA
76 Employees

Having lived more than twenty years in Surrey, Harp Sidhu has developed a lifestyle around building strong relationships and being an advocate for those making a change. Harp Sidhu is truly dedicated to providing exceptional and comprehensive real estate services to her clients. She is smart, funny, skilled, experienced, and thorough. Most importantly, she has the highest integrity and works tirelessly to help her clients. Buyers who work with Harp often get homes they wouldn’t otherwise and sellers who work with her get the most of their homes. What’s more, Harp prides herself on making the process as stress-free and fun as possible both.

Healthtech • Virtual Reality

Embodied Labs is an experiential education design company that specializes in creating and implementing empathy-based, patient-centered health curriculum.