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Aerospace • Hardware • Professional Services • Robotics • Software • Defense • Manufacturing
Altadena, CA
420 Employees

Honeybee Robotics specializes in creating novel exploration systems for the most extreme environments and advanced motion control solutions for NASA, defense, and commercial programs. Our work has played a critical role in thousands of projects spanning from conceptual design studies to flight missions, including NASA's Artemis I Mission and the Roman Space Telescope. We look to "Touch Life" by supporting planetary science, including every NASA Mars rover since Spirit and Opportunity. We aim to "Mine the Sky" through the development of practical In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) solutions.

Aerospace • Artificial Intelligence • Hardware • Robotics • Software
Costa Mesa, CA
2,500 Employees

Anduril is working to solve some of the most important and complex national security challenges, enabling America and its allies to maintain global leadership now and into the future. We’re building the next generation of technology, like AI, autonomy and sensor fusion, that will aid and protect those who serve on the front lines.

Aerospace • Information Technology • Cybersecurity • Defense • Manufacturing
141,000 Employees

We’re engineers and technicians. Scientists and thinkers. Innovators and dreamers. Our teams work on advanced technologies that transform aerospace and make a global impact. We’re shaping an environment where everyone is included, respected and supported. We’ll go further together as we manufacture, service and sustain leading defense, space and security systems and commercial jetliners.

3D Printing • Aerospace • Robotics • Software
Long Beach, CA
1,000 Employees

We invented a new approach to design, build, and fly our own rockets, starting with Terran 1 – the world’s first entirely 3D printed rocket and Terran R our reusable next generation 3D printed rocket. Using our vertically integrated technology platform, leveraging additive manufacturing, artificial intelligence, and autonomous robotics to deliver superiority over traditional aerospace manufacturing methods, we’re disrupting 60 years of aerospace with our novelty approach to get to space, Mars, and beyond faster, more cost-effective, and more reliable. We believe in a future where interplanetary life fundamentally expands the possibilities for human experience. Our long-term vision is to upgrade humanity’s industrial base on Earth and on Mars.

Aerospace • Hardware • Software • Transportation • Automation
El Segundo, CA
86 Employees

Over a century after the Wright Brothers changed the course of aviation at Kitty Hawk, we are working to open up the skies to the masses. By combining technology and human ingenuity, we want to usher in the next great era of transportation. Skyryse wants to allow anyone, to fly anywhere, in any aircraft, safely and as a highly experienced pilot would. Powered by the Skyryse operating system, we automate flight controls and management to achieve unmatched safety and eliminate opportunities for human error in all flight stages, and in emergency situations. We want to make flying as ubiquitous as the road and as safe as the elevator.

Aerospace • Information Technology • Internet of Things • Software
Long Beach, CA
2,100 Employees

In December of 2020, Intelsat completed its acquisition of the Commercial Aviation business of Gogo, creating the world’s leading provider of inflight broadband connectivity to the commercial aviation industry. Our offerings bring worldwide inflight Wi-Fi services that make internet and video entertainment a regular part of flying. We are a diverse and mission-minded group of professionals all working together in extraordinary harmony. And that’s just the beginning. We connect the aviation industry and air travelers with innovative technology and applications, and we do it all in a high-energy, Metra and L-friendly environment that welcomes the next challenge. Be prepared to join a performance-obsessed team that is passionate about bringing the internet to every device, every flight, everywhere.

Aerospace • Artificial Intelligence • Cloud • Machine Learning • Cybersecurity
El Segundo, CA
4,800 Employees

The space enterprise has been transformed by rapid change and growth. New vehicles for national security space, a more rapid launch cadence, proliferated satellite constellations, the pursuit of interplanetary exploration, and thriving commercial ventures are changing the nature of the space industry. The Aerospace Corporation (Aerospace) is a leading architect for U.S. space programs, shaping efforts to outpace threats to our national security while cultivating the technologies needed to further this new era of space commercialization and exploration. Aerospace works across the space enterprise in service of the public interest. In addition to supporting the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community, our customers include NASA, NOAA, numerous federal agencies, and commercial space — all of whom benefit from our deep technical knowledge. We only pursue business related to the space mission and complementary fields, operating as the nation’s trusted partner to solve the toughest challenges and develop reliable and innovative technologies. Innovation in space occurs when people have the freedom to imagine and do. At Aerospace, we take pride in our readiness to solve some of the most complex challenges in the space enterprise.

Aerospace • Software
Los Angeles, CA
57 Employees

Hadrian - Manufacturing the Future Hadrian builds software-defined precision component factories for aerospace customers. After a successful customer beta phase, we are expanding to our second factory in Torrance and hiring the last members of our foundational team. We are looking for machinists with a passion to push the trade forward and engineers with the drive to augment manufacturing. >> https://jobs.lever.co/hadrian <<

Aerospace • Hardware • Machine Learning • Robotics • Software
Torrance, CA
240 Employees

Epirus is a high-growth technology company developing solid-state, software-defined directed energy systems that enable unprecedented counter-electronics effects and power management solutions to optimize power efficiency in defense and commercial applications. With a constant emphasis on innovation, we are redefining the future of power to bring tomorrow’s capabilities to life, today.   To deliver on our mission, we are always looking for problem solvers, changemakers and innovators to join our fast-growing team. People are the most important part of Epirus – and always come first. We don’t believe in the word impossible and are always asking “why not” as work to usher in a new paradigm of power efficiency. Our fast-growing team is agile, creative, and innovative. We support a culture of constant learning and sense of belonging among our team members and know that mentorship matters. We embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace and beyond.  Visit our website to learn more. www.epirusinc.com 

3D Printing • Aerospace • Hardware • Transportation • Design
Los Angeles, CA
80 Employees

Hermeus is a startup developing hypersonic aircraft to radically accelerate air travel. At Mach 5, more than twice the speed of the supersonic Concorde, passengers will be able to cross the Atlantic in 90 minutes. On the path to hypersonic passenger aircraft, Hermeus is partnering with government agencies including the US Air Force and NASA to develop a series of autonomous aircraft that derisk the technology and solve urgent national security challenges. These products provide the data and confidence necessary to certify, produce, operate, and maintain safe and comfortable commercial aircraft. Hypersonic aircraft have the potential to create trillions of dollars of new global economic growth per year, unlocking significant resources that can be utilized to solve the world’s greatest problems.

Santa Monica, CA
21 Employees

We see a future where space is the gateway to a more resilient and sustainable Earth.​ Outpost is creating the world's first commercial reusable satellites that will come back to earth after mission completion and then get refurbished for the next mission, reducing future space debris and contributing to the long term sustainability of human life in space while making the cost of a satellite mission up to 80% cheaper and 100% cleaner. We enable precision Earth Return of satellites and orbital payloads. We believe that our future in space must be built with sustainability at its core and that efficient, precise Earth Return is essential for the development of new industries in space and the improvement of life on Earth. Outpost allows companies to iterate on technical developments in space and ensure mission success. If you believe that the advancement into space will create a better planet Earth for all living beings and have the background to support it, then we want to hear from you.

Hawthorne, CA
15 Employees

Welcome to the next generation of flight. Surf Air Mobility is reinventing flying through the power of electrification, changing everything you've come to expect from aviation. Green flying is a new era of air travel expansion made possible with new technologies that reduce emissions and cost. There's a 910,000,000+ ton carbon problem waiting to be solved. By starting with electrifying smaller existing aircraft, we can take a significant step toward decarbonizing air travel. Green flying redefines our radius of local possibility. As aircraft become cheaper to operate with electrification, we can catalyze new routes that change the paradigm of how we move. A new kind of point-to-point air travel can replace busy highways and large crowded airports.

Aerospace • Hardware • Software • Biotech
El Segundo, CA
50 Employees

Varda Space Industries was founded in 2020 with the goal of manufacturing products in space to benefit life on Earth. Co-founders Will Bruey and Delian Asparouhov imagined a world where space could be leveraged not only for storytelling and awe, but for its economic benefits. Varda was created as a platform for in-space manufacturing, with a range of real-life, on-Earth use cases. Today, we are accelerating innovation in space through our microgravity manufacturing platform, with applications including pharmaceuticals, hypersonic testing, and fiber optics. Varda is headquartered in El Segundo, California and has received venture funding from investors including Khosla Ventures, Lux Capital, Founders Fund, Caffeinated Capital, General Catalyst, and Also Capital.

Long Beach, CA
30 Employees

Vast is developing artificial gravity space stations to expand humanity across the solar system. Vast’s mission is to enable large populations of humans to live and work in space, permanently. Our solar system has the resources and room for humanity to thrive and expand without destroying Earth’s biosphere. Unlocking these resources requires in-space infrastructure and industry at an unprecedented scale. We are building a world-class team to engineer the human experience in space.

Aerospace • Hardware • Internet of Things • Software
Hawthorne, CA
7,000 Employees

SpaceX was founded under the belief that a future where humanity is out exploring the stars is fundamentally more exciting than one where we are not. Today SpaceX is actively developing the technologies to make this possible, with the ultimate goal of enabling human life on Mars.

Aerospace • Artificial Intelligence • Hardware • Machine Learning
Santa Monica, CA
17 Employees

Lucid Circuit develops energy-efficient signal processing and machine learning platforms for aerospace applications. Our line of radiation-tolerant processors for reliable high-performance cognitive devices significantly improves onboard processing capabilities.

El Segundo, CA
300 Employees

ABL Space Systems was founded in 2017 by veterans of SpaceX and Morgan Stanley to develop low-cost launch vehicles for the small satellite industry. ​ As we gear up for our first RS1 launch in Alaska, ABL recently raised a total of $370M from T. Rowe Price Associates, Fidelity Management and private investors in an extended Series B round that value the company at $2.4B. ​ Key clients include NASA, Lockheed Martin, the U.S. Space Force and Amazon. ​ We’re building a launch system we are proud of – no gimmicks or over-design, just reliable, rapid, deployable launches. We’re an ambitious team with big goals and, together, we’re determined to prove that reaching space can be simple, efficient, and routine. ​ When launch day arrives, we want you by our side.​

Aerospace • Greentech • Transportation • Energy
Santa Barbara, CA
9 Employees

As a disruptive innovator, H2 Clipper functions at the intersection of Aerospace + Energy + Infrastructure + Manufacturing + Transportation Services. We are building technologies that serve the emerging hydrogen industry - specifically focusing on low-cost, readily scalable technology for long-distance transport and "last mile” distribution of hydrogen, as well as filling an open-space in the long-distance freight market that is 7-10X faster than rail or truck, and 20% the cost of traditional air freight - all with zero carbon. H2 Clipper has focused on long-distance zero-carbon transport of freight and hydrogen. Our unique value proposition is the ability to transport payloads of more than one hundred tons over long distances (250 - 6000+ miles), as well as to provide "last mile" distribution of hydrogen (0 - 250 miles) - in each case, based on patented technologies that are faster, safer, cheaper and easier to scale, and substantially less costly than other alternatives.

Los Angeles, CA
4,000 Employees

3D Printing • Aerospace • eCommerce • Internet of Things
Pasadena, CA
15 Employees