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Fitness • Mobile • Professional Services • Software
Hermosa Beach, CA
15 Employees

Building and scaling digital platforms, tools, and experiences for the global health and fitness industry.

Fitness • Healthtech
200 Employees

Equinox Group is a high growth collective of the world’s most influential, experiential, and differentiated lifestyle brands that includes Equinox Fitness Clubs, Blink Fitness, Pure Yoga, SoulCycle, Equinox Hotels and Equinox Media. Equinox was built on the notion that fitness can empower a life well-lived and foster a strong community of high-performance individuals. Throughout its 30-year history, Equinox continues to lead and disrupt the category it singularly defined, operating over 100 full-service fitness clubs globally across major U.S. cities including New York, Los Angeles, Miami and San Francisco as well as London, Toronto and Vancouver, each featuring bespoke design in an unparalleled luxury environment. Grounded in the core tenets of Movement, Nutrition and Regeneration and backed by a Health Advisory Board of industry-leading experts across these disciplines, Equinox provides a holistic lifestyle experience for its members with best-in-class offerings inclusive of signature Group Fitness classes, Personal Training, Pilates, Spa, apparel at The Shop, travel, and more. In everything we do, we create the possibility for people to maximize the potential within themselves. We sweat the details. Our highly collaborative teams sweat the details to help each other deliver the Equinox experience that enables our members to achieve results. At Equinox, we are looking for people who match our experience: to go further and want more. We aren’t just a company; we are a community vested in each other’s success. If you are a high performing individual who is passionate about winning and inspiring others, then we are excited to discuss career opportunities with you. Discover how you can dream big, work hard, and find your success with us. To learn more please visit, https://careers.equinox.com

Los Angeles, CA
151 Employees

We are pioneering a new field of study called human light interaction. We seek to better understand human interactions with light and create novel technologies that better serve those needs. We believe that light can do more. Inspired by discontent with existing market solutions, our brands employ science to create technologies that deliver meaningful benefits across the diverse interactions humans have with artificial light every day.

Fitness • Gaming • Hardware • Software
Long Beach, CA
550 Employees

Zwift is the app that enables millions of people to ride or run in virtual worlds with a community that motivates at every mile. We are on a mission to make more people, more active, more often. Known for connecting cyclists and runners around the world while mixing the intensity of training with the immersive and engaging play of gaming.

Los Angeles, CA
61 Employees

Your partner for vitality, longevity, and personalized health. First of its kind, Next Health is a Health Optimization and Longevity Center. Our Members and Guests are empowered to live healthier, longer. It is our mission is to empower you to achieve optimal vitality & longevity through our personalized, data-driven approach to health optimization. We take health to the next level! Next Health has a 4 step approach to help you optimize your health. Step 1) Measure your data: Collecting and analyzing your biomarkers is the first step in a data-driven approach to successfully optimizing your health. Step 2) Medical guidance: Your in-depth results review with a licensed provider empowers you to understand your current status of health and what you can focus on to optimize. Step 3) Become a Member: Consistency is key in any lifestyle. You may start your personalized plan by accessing our wellness technology and medical services at the best value in our premium and vibrant locations that offers everything you need. Step 4) Track your progress: Get real results by staying on a data-driven and personalized plan guided by medical experts.

Fitness • Transportation
Santa Monica, CA

CycleHop owns and operates bike share systems in 15 cities. Markets served are municipal, campus, and hospitality. The equipment in use is primarily Smart-Bike technology. CycleHop also has rights to outdoor media assets associated with the bike share systems.

Los Angeles, CA

Peakers'​ mission is to boost individual performance through a radically different approach, based on "Artificial Intelligence coaching"​ and the use of "Positive Controlled Traumas"​ (e.g. reaching your body limits during a long running session). "Positive Controlled Traumas"​ are the most effective tool to develop non-cognitive skills. Since adul

Fitness • Software • Sports
Los Angeles, CA
120 Employees

Glofox offers best-in-class software for building fitness empires. Since 2014, we have been shaping the future of the fitness industry, enabling fitness entrepreneurs to build successful, growing businesses and improving worldwide health and wellbeing. We're backed by tier 1 VCs, have 1000s of customers in 50 countries, and are scaling fast!

Fitness • Food • Healthtech
Bell, CA
500 Employees

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Over the past 20 years, RSG Group has grown to become the world’s innovative leader within the fitness and lifestyle sector. Our portfolio has grown to 17 brands encompassing the areas of art, fashion, design, and lifestyle, on top of our core company focus: fitness. With over 6 million members, we are Europe’s largest fitness operator with nearly 1,000 fitness clubs and 41,000 employees across 48 countries. With global headquarters in Berlin and continuous expansion across Europe, we are now thrilled to be expanding across North America.

Fitness • Software • Sports
31 Employees

Arbox develops a CRM platform for the fitness industry. Our mission is to help gym and studio owners transform from fitness experts to business experts, by allowing them to simultaneously grow their businesses while focusing on doing what they do best – build a community of fitness lovers and making their members feel healthy and happy.

Agency • Fitness • Sports • Consulting • eSports
Los Angeles, CA
8 Employees

Sports get lumped into a catch-all category leading to mixed and misplaced messaging. Your daughter high-stepping it on the pitch might not care that Prime Time did it first at Texas Stadium. We feel that. We understand the nuances of sport and help our clients meet today’s customer with a product and story built for them wherever they are — at home, in the stands, or on the field of play. Learn more at www.androbin.co.

Fitness • Mobile
Santa Monica, CA

YOUR TRAINER, ON DEMAND $69. No Contracts. No Tips. No Hassle. A workout when you want it. Yoga, Boxing, Dance, Training, Pilates and more.

Fitness • Healthtech
Fredericksburg, VA
11 Employees

Travel Health Consult and its team developed world’s first pre-automated online travel health, medicine & vaccinations advice software for our clients in the USA who are planning to travel abroad. Our software will provide you a full checklist of all required travel vaccinations and medicines by country within 5 min.

Events • Fitness
Los Angeles, CA

Fitness • Sports
Los Angeles, CA
2 Employees

Cross Court is a competitive, high-energy workout based on team-based sports. We host basketball sessions geared to help athletes of all abilities shed sweat and stress with a fast-paced one-hour workout. Cross Court connects teammates via an innovative mobile web experience, and crafts the ultimate vibe with passionate emcees and referees,

Fitness • Healthtech • Kids + Family
Longmont , CO
10 Employees

Our therapeutic style is empathetic, empowering, and individualized in order to meet the unique needs of each person, help reduce judgements, and discover the skills that best fit personal goals. we understand that each person may benefit from a different style of therapy, ranging from DBT to Animal Assisted Therapy, and work with each client to re

eCommerce • Fitness • Healthtech
Fully Remote
4 Employees

All the benefits of fasting, none of the hunger. Temper provides one on one metabolic coaching and a first of its kind novel supplement to aid in blocking hunger pains associated with intermittent fasting.

eCommerce • Fitness • Sports • Wearables
Fully Remote
250 Employees

Outdoor products have got you covered for your next adventure trip, whether it’s planned to go camping in the woods, hiking in the wild, kayaking in the bay area, or on an exciting fishing trip. We are here to provide you all you want, from proper gear to adequate equipment to keep you safe, warm, and happy!

Fitness • Healthtech