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Top Los Angeles, CA Natural Language Processing Companies (21)

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Artificial Intelligence • Big Data • Information Technology • Natural Language Processing • Cybersecurity
Los Angeles, CA
70 Employees

SHEIN Technology is a U.S. technology company. Founded in 2012, SHEIN is a leading global online retailer with operations in Guangzhou, Los Angeles and Singapore, along with other key markets. SHEIN reaches consumers across more than 150 countries and regions around the world. We place a premium on choice, delivering more than 6,000 new fashion, beauty and lifestyle products daily with more than 600,000 items available. Our mission is to help people express their individuality through the latest trends that are accessible and affordable. To learn more about SHEIN, follow us at shein.com, instagram.com/sheinofficial and youtube.com/shein

Artificial Intelligence • Machine Learning • Natural Language Processing • Sales • Software
Culver City , CA
8 Employees

Whippy is the powerful, all-in-one SMS and email platform, designed to elevate business productivity and customer engagement with automation and AI-driven technology. Key products include Team Inbox, Campaigns, Automations, AI Integration, Sequences, Flows, and Reviews. Whippy streamlines communication, seamlessly replacing multiple tools, and empowers businesses to maximize efficiency and growth.

Artificial Intelligence • Gaming • Machine Learning • Natural Language Processing
Fully Remote
19 Employees

Spiketrap is the conversation company powering instant audience understanding for creators, platforms, and brands. Its proprietary Clair AI extracts the signal from the noise, automatically identifying conversations as they arise and providing clients with clear, actionable insight into what moves their audiences. Whether monitoring a brand, product, or nuanced concept, Spiketrap’s knowledge graph-powered technology captures digital conversation, its impact, and true audience sentiment. Its always-on measurement, convenient API, and intuitive dashboard democratizes data and accelerates speed to insight.

Artificial Intelligence • Machine Learning • Natural Language Processing • Software
El Segundo, CA
15 Employees

InferLink is a company that builds other companies. We work, in parallel, on federally-funded research in artificial intelligence and data science, and on commercializing that research through spin-out companies. If you are interested in working on deep and interesting problems and being part of the cutting edge, please contact us.

Artificial Intelligence • Big Data • Machine Learning • Natural Language Processing • Software
100 Employees

Hardware • Music • Natural Language Processing • Software
West Hollywood , CA
15 Employees

Artificial Intelligence • Machine Learning • Natural Language Processing
Pacific Palisades, CA
155 Employees

Founded in 2013 in Harvard Square, Kensho is one of the world’s leading providers of artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions to some of Wall Street’s premier financial institutions, as well as the National Security community.

Artificial Intelligence • Big Data • Healthtech • Machine Learning • Natural Language Processing
Pasadena, CA
58 Employees

Deep 6 AI is a fast-growing tech startup in Pasadena, California whose mission is to defeat disease with data. We are looking for talented team members who want to help shape our groundbreaking artificial intelligence platform. Our software helps doctors and researchers find patients for clinical trials, getting life-saving cures to people who need them, faster.

Edtech • Natural Language Processing • Software
Santa Monica, CA
17 Employees

Toucan is a new, immersive way to learn while you go about your daily life. Learning a new language is challenging, fun, and rewarding. It also takes time, practice, and dedication - finding a few extra minutes in the day can feel impossible. At Toucan, we know creating a new habit is one of the most difficult things to do. Our Founding team has a deep understanding and appreciation for human habits, behavior, and the science of learning. Our free browser extension helps you learn without having to put aside time to create a new habit. Toucan works by immersing you in the language while you’re browsing the web. What’s even better is that you’ll see those words in the context of sentences - helping your brain connect the word to its useful meaning. We created Toucan to help people make more use of their time, without missing out on the fun and satisfaction of learning a new language. We hope you enjoy learning with Toucan as much as we do! The Toucan Team

Events • Natural Language Processing • Professional Services
Los Angeles, CA
20 Employees

We are a leading provider of investment research and language services to the global business and investment community.

Agency • Edtech • Machine Learning • Natural Language Processing • eSports • Web3 • Generative AI
17 Employees

Artificial Intelligence • Machine Learning • Natural Language Processing • Software
Los Angeles, CA
20 Employees

Gridspace is a collaboration between SRI Speech Labs, the lab behind Siri, and a multidisciplinary team of Stanford engineers. The company's software makes complex interactions easy to understand by making them searchable, accessible and organized. The company's mission is to clarify and elevate business communication.

Artificial Intelligence • Machine Learning • Natural Language Processing • Software
Manhattan Beach, CA
16 Employees

Touchstone Analytics is a software consultancy with a focus on data strategy and machine learning solutions. We enable companies to leverage data science and machine learning to take their business to the next level. We are data scientists who unveil business insights to help business leaders make data-driven decision and maximize growth.

Artificial Intelligence • Machine Learning • Natural Language Processing • Travel
Los Angeles, CA
9 Employees

Baarb provides the leading AI-based search assistant solutions designed specifically for the travel industry to help global brands surface hyper-relevant results and increase conversion on text and voice devices. We’re taking the friction out of finding the perfect results so the most innovative companies will rely on us to make travel a dream!

Artificial Intelligence • Healthtech • Natural Language Processing • Virtual Reality
Pasadena, CA
14 Employees

Artificial Intelligence • Natural Language Processing • Software
Venice, CA
6 Employees

Here at TitanX, we are certain that the path to a bright and sustainable future is to build intelligent technologies that increase the quality of life and decrease the cost of living for everyone. Serve is a startup pioneering a new era of human computer communication by building conversational experiences people love, using our proprietary Natural Language Understanding Architecture. We are launching our first product in the real estate investment space in a few months that helps real estate investors qualify their leads with speed and efficiency so they can focus on buying more houses. We will use this space to springboard us to solving customer service in multiple industries that suffer the most from a high volume of traffic like banking, airlines, credit cards, insurance and telecommunication.

Kids + Family • Natural Language Processing • Professional Services • Real Estate • Design
kent, WA
100 Employees

Machine Learning • Natural Language Processing • Software
Los Angeles, CA
16 Employees

Leveraging adaptable technologies, modern engineering practices, and consumer-grade design, DeepCurrent provides intuitive solutions for the toughest challenges facing modern enterprises today.

Artificial Intelligence • Machine Learning • Natural Language Processing • Software
Venice, CA
12 Employees

Avata has developed AI solutions for clients across multiple industries, including pharma, construction, security, and finance. Our AI solutions encompass everything from customized algorithms feeding clients’ existing pipelines to unique end-to-end applications. We love exciting, new challenges.

Edtech • Natural Language Processing • Robotics
Los Angeles, CA
290 Employees

DMAI explores the dark matter of intelligence — the 95% invisible, e.g., functionality, physics, intent, causality, and human utility, through top-down inference and reasoning, to make sense of the visible 5% in sensory inputs. Our vision is to lift humanity by developing cognitive AI assistants and platforms in education and health.