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Fintech • Payments • Retail • Business Intelligence • Financial Services
Los Angeles, CA
300 Employees

Sunbit is the preferred buy now, pay later technology of service providers and retailers fulfilling the needs of thousands of local communities. Sunbit eases the stress of buying everyday things by offering access to fast, fair and transparent payment options to people across the credit spectrum. Sunbit technology is offered in-store and online through more than 7,300 locations, including 1 in 4 auto dealership service centers, optical practices, dentist offices and specialty health care services. Payment options through Sunbit can be found at these establishments www.sunbit.com/shop-directory Loans are made by Transportation Alliance Bank, Inc., dba TAB Bank, which determines qualifications for and terms of credit.

Big Data • Information Technology • Productivity • Database • Business Intelligence
Santa Barbara, CA
140 Employees

HG is the "Holy Grail" of data-driven insights. We help you Go-To-Market with confidence through self-served, fact-based technology insights essential for accelerating growth. Refined from over 20 billion unique sources, our insights empower our clients to accurately size their markets, efficiently allocate their resources, prioritize accounts, target the right prospects, increase revenue, and act with confidence.

Artificial Intelligence • Healthtech • Information Technology • Other • Software • Business Intelligence
Fully Remote
398 Employees

A public company, founded over 25 years ago, Consensus is the global leader in digital cloud and fax technology. Focusing in the healthcare space, we use interoperability to unify multiple systems that wouldn’t otherwise talk to each other. With exciting new initiatives on the horizon, we are continuing our strategic expansion. Read on to learn why now is the ideal time to join the Consensus team. Consensus leverages technology heritage to move from simple digital documents to advanced healthcare standard HL7/FHIR for secure data transport as well as Natural Language Processing (NLP)/AI to convert unstructured to structured, analytics-ready documents helping users unveil information that is meaningful and actionable. Our interoperability suite of solutions offers a unified digital environment that optimizes workflows, provides real-time event notifications, on-demand patient query, direct secure messaging, universal APIs, NLP/AI, electronic signature and eFax HITRUST CSF® Certified digital cloud faxing. With more than 11 million users worldwide Consensus Cloud Solutions leads the industry in interoperability solutions that create operational efficiencies and enhance communications. Visit consensus.com Consensus Cloud Solutions is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive and equitable environment for all employees.

Cloud • Information Technology • Software • Business Intelligence
Fully Remote
600 Employees

Restaurant365 is a young SaaS company disrupting the restaurant industry! Our cloud-based platform provides a unique, centralized solution for accounting and back-office operations for restaurants. Restaurant365’s culture is focused on empowering team members to produce top-notch results while elevating their skills. We’re constantly evolving and improving to make sure we are and always will be “Best in Class” ... and we want that for you too! In 2019 Restaurant365 closed $88 million in Series C funding, bringing the total minority investment by Bessemer Venture Partners, ICONIQ Capital, and Tiger Global Management to $140 million, to support the company's vision of providing the best technology to the restaurant industry. As recently as June of 2021, Restaurant365 announced the acquisition of Compeat, a well-known provider of restaurant back office, workforce, and business intelligence software. Adding Compeat’s feature-rich products advances Restaurant365 further on the journey toward our goal of providing restaurant operators with a powerful tool that simplifies their lives and increases their profits. Serent Capital was added to our investor list as a result of this transaction. Our diverse portfolio of clients includes well-known nationwide franchises as well as your favorite local spot. From fine dining to fast-casual…R365 does it all!

Artificial Intelligence • Machine Learning • Software • Analytics • Business Intelligence
Los Angeles, CA
3,000 Employees

Since 2011, Celonis has helped thousands of the world’s largest and most esteemed companies yield immediate cash impact, radically improve customer experience, and reduce carbon emissions. Its Process Intelligence platform uses industry-leading process mining technology and AI to present companies with a living digital twin of their end-to-end processes. For the first time, everyone in an organization has a common language for how the business runs, visibility into where value is hiding, and the ability to capture it. Celonis is headquartered in Munich, Germany and New York City, USA with more than 20 offices worldwide.

Cloud • Fintech • Software • Business Intelligence • Consulting
Los Angeles, CA
3,000 Employees

Wipfli Digital offers more than digital solutions. We bring clarity. As part of Wipfli, we combine the sizable consulting and technology expertise of a top firm with a level of personal commitment and care that’s a true extension of our clients' teams. Our focus: Helping businesses thrive — today and into the future.

Fintech • Music • Payments • Software • Business Intelligence
Fully Remote
71 Employees

Founded in 2015 by CEO Milana Rabkin Lewis, Stem empowers artists & labels to thrive while retaining full control over their music careers. Widely-known for its comprehensive distribution offering, including artist-development services and data-driven insights, Stem arms artists with the tools & resources needed to flourish creatively & commercially. But Stem’s mission to revolutionize the way artists & labels monetize goes beyond distribution. Enter Tone, the latest innovation from Stem. Tone simplifies royalty processing for modern record labels and artists, whether they distribute with Stem or not. Its intuitive software, backed by a team of royalty experts, makes managing royalties effortless. Born from nearly a decade of experience, Tone promises transparent and timely payments for artists and their collaborators, ushering in a new era of financial clarity in the music industry. Having earned the trust of artists and labels like Fool's Gold Records, Brent Faiyaz, Soulection, LANY, Big Loud Records and many others, Stem is leading the way toward a brighter future for music professionals, offering transparency and control in a rapidly evolving music industry.

Artificial Intelligence • Big Data • Machine Learning • Business Intelligence
Burbank, CA

Applied Invention is a multi-disciplinary innovation company that partners with corporations to design and build new technologies to help them grow and adapt to rapidly changing environments.We are a group of experienced technologists that have especially strong skills in building complex systems that incorporate data analytics, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, machine learning, distributed sensors, robotics and data visualization. We work at the speed of a startup, with quality that comes from years of working together as a cohesive team. Our relationships with our partners, primarily Fortune 1000 companies, are confidential and encompass a broad range of industries including agriculture, transportation, manufacturing, information technology, energy, medical and healthcare. If you are a self-starter who shares our passion for solving problems that matter, for pushing the limits of what’s possible, and for asking hard questions, we want to meet you.

Enterprise Web • Software • Analytics • Business Intelligence
Manhattan Beach, CA
35 Employees

Arrow is enterprise software designed specifically to help with large transactions. Our tools were meant for industries where other CRMs are not adapted. While other CRMs might have a customer-centric approach (Customer Relationship Management, *duh!*), the Arrow platform relies on a relational database to allow for customers to have many transactions and products to be sold and bought multiple times, as a house, crane, or tractor might have more than one life but be bought and sold through the sale broker or dealership. Initially built for equipment dealers, we have broadened the scope of our product to cater to rentals, real estate, mortgage, as well as other service industries. Arrow is built by and for Salespeople first, but not only. We approach product design mobile-first and prioritize features that allow sales teams to do be as efficient in the field as they would be from their desk, but we've also developed a wide range of features to bridge gaps between teams. We help businesses streamline more complex sales processes from marketing to generating repeat business. Two of our main focuses are sales velocity and seamless communication, and we think those two go hand-in-hand. We allow reps to share products and communicate in an all-in-one chat, and with Arrow's Deal Mode, they have the freedom of taking the customer down the Sales Funnel in one system. Integrating those allows for better and easier performance management, lead and ROI tracking on campaigns that ran through Arrow, and product tagging, sharing rules, and inventory management. We strongly believe that if done well, the simplest things are the most powerful.

Other • Professional Services • Analytics • Business Intelligence • Consulting
Los Angeles, CA
26 Employees

Breakthrough Research is a boutique custom market research firm based in Los Angeles. We’re passionate about research and about helping our clients find and polish the insights that will help drive their businesses further. Our team engages clients across varied and diverse verticals, from Fortune 500 companies to rapidly emerging businesses.

Information Technology • Business Intelligence • App development
Los Angeles, CA
500 Employees

Appingine is the premium destination for cutting-edge app development in the USA. With a passion for commitment and innovation, Appingine transforms your ideas into robust web and mobile applications. Our skilled team of developers leverages their years of expertise to craft solutions that scale your business. From concept to deployment, Appingine is your trusted partner for turning your ideas into reality. Join the hands of experts at Appingine, and experience tailored success. Elevate your brand with Appingine - where ideas meet excellence. Appingine is a leading mobile app development company based in USA. We stand as a beacon of innovation and excellence in the digital era. With a commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions, Appingine specializes in crafting bespoke mobile applications that elevate businesses to new heights. We have an expert team of developers that seamlessly blends their expertise, credibility, and experience to craft a robust digital solution for your business. Try Appingine today, and transform your ideas into captivating, user-friendly mobile experiences that make you stand out in the world of technology!

AdTech • Digital Media • Marketing Tech • Social Media • Business Intelligence
Fully Remote
210 Employees

First Media is a leading social media publishing and marketing company, at the intersection of content and commerce and driving the shoppable content revolution, with more than 200 employees, 180 million fans, and 1.5 billion monthly views. First Media’s Performance Marketing division is one of the fastest-growing full-service Direct Response agencies. Our production team is a powerhouse of relatable video content for a modern-day opt-in viewer, specializing in new and iterative DR video ads that drive massive scale for our partners. We provide our clients with customized digital storytelling production in a packaged approach that is narrative, data-driven, and beautifully executed, all leveraged with the most innovative AI-driven algorithms and tools. With our triple-threat experts in digital publishing, adtech and performance, we’re uniquely positioned in today’s marketplace.

Automotive • Big Data • Information Technology • Internet of Things • Business Intelligence
Irvine, CA
415 Employees

With nearly 4 million connected vehicles today, Spireon is an exciting player in the growing Connected Car and Internet of Things (IoT) technology categories. We help people and businesses track and protect their most important assets with vehicle intelligence solutions that gather Big Data and provide the critical insights with easy-to-use dashboards and apps. We have a bold vision to connect 25 million vehicles by 2025. Our customers come first. We lead through innovation. We win as one. We act with integrity. We adhere to our brand promise – to make the complex simple, the future predictable, and our customers successful.

Big Data • Machine Learning • Analytics • Business Intelligence • Consulting
Fully Remote
10 Employees

Cloud • Enterprise Web • Social Impact • Software • Business Intelligence
Fully Remote
23 Employees

Instil is a new nonprofit platform built to unlock the potential of nonprofits to change the world. Through an intuitive, data-enabled platform, Instil is cultivating deeper, more meaningful community relationships to advance nonprofits’ positive impact on society.

Real Estate • Software • Transportation • Business Intelligence
Los Angeles, CA
5 Employees

At ParkPlace, our mission is to build and implement technologies to solve the decentralization and fragmentation of the parking industry. ParkPlace used its knowledge as former operators to build a one-stop-shop inventory management platform to sell as an enterprise SaaS solution to parking operators. By syncing all 3rd-party platforms, we provide our clients with an all-in-one dashboard where they can manage inventory and rates for all their locations. We solve quite a niche issue. Oftentimes it’s difficult for non-parking people to understand the nature of our value proposition. We’ve come to learn that the best explanation is as follows: imagine you own a restaurant with two revenue streams-- online and offline. As a profit-maximizing businessperson, you choose to sell on as many different online platforms (Postmates, UberEats, Caviar, Doordash, etc) as possible. Managing all of those channels at once is quite a challenge. You would have to balance a multitude of tedious tasks such as managing orders, updating menus, changing prices, handling customer complaints… you get the point. That same issue exists in the parking industry. Parking operators sell their spaces on online platforms (SpotHero, ParkWhiz, ParkMobile, Airport Parking Reservations, Cheap Airport Parking, and many more) and have trouble managing all platforms simultaneously. ParkPlace mitigates these issues by integrating all these systems into one.

Food • Information Technology • Mobile • Software • Business Intelligence
Pasadena, CA
100 Employees

Kitchen United is a GV-backed startup, providing restaurant brands the resources and technology to optimize their off-premise dining operations. We are continuing to scale and enter new markets, now is an amazing opportunity to join the team! Our consumers are excited about the ability to mix and match their favorite menu items from different brands in a single order. For the restaurants we partner with, we provide a value-driven, low-risk way to enter into new markets, grow revenue through off-premise dining, and expand delivery areas by removing barriers such as capital or technology expertise. Kitchen United is a new-to-the-world multi-unit concept that meets at the intersection of three food megatrends: localization, delivery, and artisanal production. Kitchen United provides the commercial kitchen infrastructure to enable big restaurant brands and small private ones to get closer to their customers by expanding at low risk. We support all types of restaurants to optimize their footprint for off-premise dining options. We offer restaurants a top-tier food production facility combined with insights and ideas on how to properly expand into the food delivery business. For high-volume commissary businesses, KU offers commercial kitchen space, business intelligence, and resources to succeed with minimal risk and capital outlay. Our Values Kitchen United values people—including team members, restaurant partners and each customer we serve. We’re invested in your future, which means caring for your health and wellness as well as supporting your career goals. We strive to build a diverse team whose unique backgrounds and experiences make us stronger as a whole to successfully support our business and our customers. Our Beliefs The Kitchen United team believes in relentless innovation and in disrupting the status quo to find better solutions. We think two steps ahead, anticipating challenges and refining our processes for maximum efficiency. We remain adaptable and flexible, quickly shifting to meet the changing needs of our employees, partners, and customers. Our Teams From kitchen center team members to corporate leaders, line cooks to account executives, we are all united with a common purpose: to create great experiences for our customers. We work together to empower restaurants to reach a broader market and bring more food choices to more diners in more communities.

Information Technology • Internet of Things • Professional Services • Software • Business Intelligence
California, CA
26 Employees

Website Development Services  Our in-house team of experts leverages cutting-edge technologies and platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Laravel, Magento, the Core PHP programming language, and WooCommerce to support your business aims and ambitions. As an acclaimed web development business with over 7 years of expertise, our professionals are dedicated to providing creative web development solutions ranging from brand research to conceptualization, user experience/user interface design, and overall marketing strategy. We offer our customers custom web applications dependent on their business needs so possibly we assemble a custom web application starting with no outside help.. Website Development Company is one of the best Android Mobile App Development Company in India based at UK. At Website Development Company we give the best UI for portable applications.

Aerospace • Big Data • Internet of Things • Analytics • Business Intelligence
Denver, CO
8 Employees

Urban Sky is revolutionizing the earth observation industry. We're a new venture-backed stealth startup that's pioneering an entirely new category of high-altitude vehicle we call the 'Microballoon.' Our small, reusable high-altitude balloons will capture the highest resolution, freshest, lowest cost broad area earth observation data in the world.

Artificial Intelligence • Fintech • Business Intelligence
San Jose, CA
1,200 Employees

CIS Established in 2003, Cyber InfraStructure INC . Ltd. or CIS is a leading IT and consulting company in Central India, USA and UK. Since 2003, CIS has been providing highly optimized technology solutions and services for SMEs and large scale enterprises across the world. CIS has worked with 2100+ clients in more than 100 countries. Their expertise and experience ranges across a wide range of industry domains like education, finance, travel and hospitality, retail and e-commerce, manufacturing, gaming, media and entertainment, logistics, hi-tech, telecommunication, health care, and many more.