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Cannabis • eCommerce • Marketing Tech • Transportation
Commerce, California, USA
104 Employees

Our mission is to educate the world about the healing power of natural, safe, and effective cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. The pharmaceutical industry has been sadly misleading the public for years and as a result, we now have a huge health crisis. Cheef Botanicals will strive to spread the truth about natural alternatives, and educate people about the risks and costly side effects of many pharmaceutical drugs. We believe that consuming natural occurring superfoods will help lower the risk of certain illnesses and promote overall health and wellness. We want to stop the homeostatic imbalances caused by modern-day medication and bring back the stability, balance, and equilibrium that your body was meant to have. Cheef Botanicals will continue to provide access to useful education, research and share with you real customer experiences through forums, social media, and news articles.

Cannabis • eCommerce

WoahStork is a technology platform that simplifies and consolidates cannabis transactions. WoahStork allows for any participating dispensary to utilize an advanced software bundle, which allows qualifying patients the ability to place and pay for orders online. These orders can be complemented by the end-user with software that allows for the creat

Cannabis • Consumer Web • Digital Media
17 Employees

Grade is a social marketplace that connects cannabis enthusiasts with legal cannabis brands in Africa. We are the go-to destination for product discovery, videos, strains, education, culture and community for cannabis enthusiasts on the continent. We've helped more than 5,000 patients connect with cannabis brands.


Kana Global is a startup acquiring valuable licenses in emerging markets to provide cannabis that enhances health and wellness in communities throughout the United States.

Cannabis • Consumer Web • eCommerce • Software
Irvine, California, USA
700 Employees

WM Technology, Inc.’s (Nasdaq: MAPS) mission is to power a transparent and inclusive global cannabis economy. Now in its second decade, WM Technology has been a driving force behind much of the legislative change we’ve seen in the past 10 years. Founded in 2008, WM Technology, is a leading technology and software infrastructure provider to the cannabis industry, comprising a B2C platform, Weedmaps, and B2B software, WM Business. The cloud-based SaaS solutions from WM Business provide an end-to-end operating system for cannabis retailers. WM Business’ tools support compliance with the complex, disparate, and constantly evolving regulations applicable to the cannabis industry. Through its website and mobile apps, WM Technology provides consumers with the latest information about cannabis retailers, brands, and products, facilitating product discovery and driving engagement with our retail and brand customers. WM Technology holds a strong belief in the power of cannabis and the importance of enabling safe, legal access to consumers worldwide. Since inception, WM Technology has worked tirelessly, not only to become the most comprehensive platform for consumers, but to build the software solutions that power businesses compliantly in the space, to advocate for legalization, social equity, and licensing in many jurisdictions, and to facilitate further learning through partnering with subject matter experts on providing detailed, accurate information about the plant. Headquartered in Irvine, California, WM Technology supports remote work for all eligible employees. Visit us at www.weedmaps.com. 5/23/2022: Notice to prospective Weedmaps job applicants: Our team has been made aware of incidents involving LinkedIn, Telegram, and Facebook accounts impersonating Weedmaps recruiters. These individuals are attempting to use our company name to solicit payment from prospective candidates interested in applying for jobs at our company. Our team is actively working to combat these attempts, but in the meantime, please be mindful of the following: Our recruiters will always communicate with candidates through an @weedmaps.com email address. CORRECT: [email protected] INCORRECT: [email protected] Our recruiters will NEVER ask for or attempt to solicit payment from applicants in order to apply, interview, or work for Weedmaps. If you are interested in a role at Weedmaps, please apply through our established channels or contact our team: [email protected]

Cannabis • Social Media

The easiest way to find buddies & bud. Cultivated with care by Thinkbox.io

Cannabis • Cloud • eCommerce

WebJoint is an all-in-one software that helps cannabis business owners manage their patients, finances, employees, inventory, and website.

Beauty • Cannabis • eCommerce • Food
5 Employees

Chu Ultra is a biohacking wellness startup based out of Culver City. We make nootropic supplements, CBD oils, and CBD teas.

Cannabis • eCommerce • Retail

Formerly known as hmbldt, dosist is a health and wellness company dedicated to providing safe, targeted and effective cannabis-based solutions to millions of people. dosist helps patients receive the therapeutic benefits of the cannabis plant while mitigating the risk of intoxication.

Cannabis • eCommerce • Enterprise Web • Software
Los Angeles, California, USA
106 Employees

LeafLink is the cannabis industry's standard wholesale ordering platform and the largest B2B marketplace connecting licensed cannabis brands and retailers across the country. We continue to expand our footprint as we launch our thriving new ventures, LeafLink Financial and LeafLink Logistics. Check us out on BuiltinNY to learn more!

AdTech • Cannabis

Vana is the leading compliant marketing platform for cannabis and CBD. Vana reaches over 200 million unique consumers per month and offers compliant advertising and marketing solutions for brands and retailers across the cannabis and CBD industry.


FLOWER CO's mission is to provide our members with quality cannabis products & exceptional customer service at the most competitive prices. In order to achieve our mission, we keep these pillars in mind: Obey the law & its intention. Be relentlessly devoted to our customers. Invest in our employee’s long-term futures. Treat our farmers with respect

Los Angeles, California, USA
65 Employees

The best dispensary in LA these days has a wide selection of products and provides a wide range of consumption techniques to find the right fit for you. A selection of goods to pick from benefits the dispensary and the customer since many individuals are not satisfied with simply smoking a joint. There are not many professions with a more intriguing and distinctive title than "budtender," but the term is nothing without the expertise to back it up. Most customers at a dispensary are curious and have varying degrees of marijuana expertise. The employees must be well informed on all aspects of the business, including the many strains available, the effects they produce, and the distinctions among edibles, flowers, oils, and other forms of cannabis. If you have never bought marijuana before, you probably have no idea what the going rate is for different kinds.

Big Data • Cannabis • eCommerce

DATABUDZ is the world's first data science consultancy for the cannabis industry. We are a team of data scientists and marijuana industry experts. From the creators of mmjprice.com, we understand your business and your data.

Cannabis • Hardware
Los Angeles, California, USA
155 Employees

Puffco was founded with one simple mission: To bring the world the best possible portable vaporizer. Using the most advanced technology around and our knowledge of what our community wants, we did just that. The Puffco Peak is our flagship product, and the industry’s best portable essential oil vaporizer.

Cannabis • Social Impact
6 Employees

Feeling good. Doing good. Say hello to Goodness – the conscious cannabis company. We dedicate 50% of our profits to help visionary non-profits tackle big problems with innovative solutions.

Cannabis • Digital Media • News + Entertainment

MERRY JANE is a media platform at the crossroads of pop culture, business, politics, health, and the new generation of normalized, sophisticated cannabis culture for all.

Cannabis • eCommerce • Transportation

Lately, apps are making the news. SpeedWeed is different. Apps merely find customers and take orders. The app still relies on retail outlets for product and delivery. SpeedWeed IS the retail outlet - supervising every part of the transaction from the plant DNA through the sale. SpeedWeed has been the leader in safe, legal, cannabis delivery in LA f

Cannabis • Fitness • Food • Retail

Sentia Wellness' mission is to be the leading global provider of pure, tested, and effective hemp derived CBD consumer products while positively impacting the lives of our customers, employees and shareholders.

Cannabis • Consumer Web • eCommerce
18 Employees

The days of one-size-fits-all weed are over. In its place is the right high for every situation. We are a group of passionate industry insiders and experts. Through blind trials and our proprietary scoring methodology, we test and review legal cannabis products to find you the best products for every situation.