Interested in App Development? Look No Further Than These 9 iOS Bootcamps in Los Angeles

by Olivia McClure
October 21, 2019

People often say there’s an app for everything, and that doesn’t seem too far from the truth. While mobile apps were once primarily used by large companies and organizations, it’s becoming more common for smaller businesses to invest in mobile development for the sake of keeping up with their fast-paced, mobile-friendly consumers. So now, it’s often not only important for businesses to have a phenomenal website, but an outstanding mobile app as well. 

Apps can certainly be advantageous for businesses, allowing for speedy communication and on-the-go access. Yet, the idea of entering into the app world can be intimidating for many people. Within the Greater Los Angeles Area, there are plenty of iOS bootcamps designed to help people tackle this challenge head on, providing the programming and design skills necessary to create fully realized apps ready to be used by consumers. Whether you’re looking for immersive, in-person training or a flexible, online program, these nine iOS bootcamps in Los Angeles will offer an edge above the tech competition — one app at a time. 


General Assembly iOS bootcamps Los Angeles
General Assembly

Location: Downtown Los Angeles

Course overview: General Assembly offers a five day iOS mobile development bootcamp at its LA campus. The course begins with understanding the basics of the C and Objective-C programming language and object-oriented programming before diving into the Xcode interactive development environment. During the course, learners will build out a dating app, which involves Facebook and API integration, design patterns, Cocoa Touch libraries and frameworks, practice debugging and troubleshooting and learn how to layout and implement a project. Those who take the course are not expected or required to have prior coding knowledge. 

Cost: $5,000



Location: Online

Course overview: BrainStation offers a one week, online iOS development course that instructs learners on how to create a fully realized app. Throughout the course, learners will be taught the fundamentals of Swift, including object-oriented programming concepts, as well as how to storyboard an app and create rich user interface layouts with interactive components. Using Xcode and iOS Simulator, students will choose to end the program by creating a fully realized app ready to be deployed on an iOS device or by taking part in a larger class project. Overall, students will walk away with the knowledge of the basics used by all object-oriented programming languages, interactive app components and app development principles, including Swift UIKit and Swift libraries. 

Cost: $2,900


Coding Dojo iOS bootcamps Los Angeles
COding Dojo

Location: Burbank, Greater Los Angeles Area

Course overview: Coding Dojo offers an online mobile development bootcamp geared towards beginners and intermediate learners that is specifically tailored to iOS Swift, which works with Apple, Linux and Android platforms. In addition to Swift, those who take the course will be taught Xcode, JSON Data in Swift, OSX and APIs, as well as front-end development, OOP, frameworks and libraries, core data and CRUD operations. 

Cost: $9,995 for a part-time course; $14,995 for a full-time course


INVASIVECODE iOS bootcamps Los Angeles

Location: Playa Vista

Course overview: INVASIVECODE offers an advanced, five day iOS training bootcamp at its LA location. Class sizes are small, enabling each developer to work alongside a senior iOS developer and take part in Xcode labs and technical iOS tutorials in Swift and Objective-C. Throughout the course, learners will focus on Apple development tools, UIKit, Foundation and Quartz, unit testing and performance analysis, rendering and core animation, signal and imaging processing and more. 


Nucamp iOS bootcamps Los Angeles

Location: Downtown Los Angeles

Course overview: Nucamp offers both a beginners’ web development bootcamp, as well as advanced front end and full stack web and mobile development bootcamps. During the four week beginners’ web development course, learners will be introduced to HTML, JavaScript, CSS and Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code. In the 17-week front end development course, students will be taught Bootstrap, web development with React and React Native, Visual Studio Code and packaging and compiling with GitHub. The 22-week full stack development course includes the same material as the front end course with the addition of NodeJS, MongoDB and web application architecture. 

Cost: $320 for the beginners’ course; $1,260 for the front end development course and $1,620 for the full stack development course


OpenClassrooms iOS bootcamps Los Angeles

Location: Online

Course overview: OpenClassrooms provides a 12-month, online iOS developer training program. Students will learn a variety of skills, such as how to create iPhone  iPad applications using Swift and Xcode, architect and implement UI, animations and interactions, use local data storage, integrate applications with remote resources, produce functional and technical documentation for each project and design technical architecture using UML designs. Throughout the course, learners are overseen by an individual mentor and take part in 11 hands-on projects. 

Cost: $300/month


Make School iOS bootcamps Los Angeles
Make School

Location: Online

Course overview: Make School offers three separate online iOS development courses that are intended for beginners and advanced learners. In the beginners’ Intro to CS course, learners are introduced to Xcode, variables, functions, conditionals and loops, as well as artificial intelligence, fractals and sorting. In the Build iOS Games course, learners replicate popular apps, particularly Flappy Bird, Game of Life, Timberman and Angry Birds, learning how to use Git for version control and Apple’s SpriteKit game engine for game physics, as well as how to ship an app to the App Store. Likewise, the Build iOS Apps course enables learners to clone popular apps, including Tip Calculator, Notes and Instagram, while also teaching how to use Git for version control and how to ship an app to the App Store. 

Cost: Free


Pluralsight iOS bootcamps Los Angeles

Location: Online

Course overview: Pluralsight provides an online iOS development training course focused on Swift. Functioning from the POV of an Objective-C developer, this course teaches learners how to use Swift 1.2 and Xcode 6.4 to build apps, as well as authentication and keychain access. Students will also learn how to get data back from a JSON-based HTTP endpoint and how to use that data in table and collection views. The course is entirely self-paced, and a free 10-day trial is available. 

Cost: $35/month for a monthly subscription; $299/yr for an annual subscription; $449/yr for a premium subscription


Treehouse ios bootcamps Los Angeles

Location: Online

Course overview: Treehouse is an affordable online technology education platform that offers a catalogue of iOS development training courses geared towards beginner, intermediate and advanced learners. Each course teaches how to use the language, tools and frameworks required to build interactive apps on the iOS platform. The courses cover a wide range of topics, including how to build a weather app, an introduction to core data, how to build an iTunes search app and API design guidelines in Swift. Those who are serious about their iOS training can opt for the Techdegree path, which grants learners access to real-world projects and network-building opportunities. 

Pricing: $25/month for basic; $49/month for pro; $199/month for Techdegree


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