UX Designer salary in Los Angeles

Average Base Salary in Los Angeles

Additional Cash Compensation
Total Compensation
Median: $91K
Min: $62K
Max: $160K

How Much Does a UX Designer Make in Los Angeles?

The average salary for a UX Designer in Los Angeles is $91,074. The average additional cash compensation for a UX Designer in Los Angeles is $5,383. The average total compensation for a UX Designer in Los Angeles is $96,457. UX Designer salaries are based on responses gathered by Built In Los Angeles from anonymous UX Designer employees in Los Angeles.

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UX Designer jobs in Los Angeles

User Experience Architect

Greater LA Area
2 days ago
The User Experience Lead, works to define intuitive user experiences for AAA's Auto Club digital properties, ensuring they provide a cohesive, simple and compelling experience as part of our members’ digital journeys with AAA. The best candidates will have several years of experience collaborating in cross-functional teams to define, design, develop, test, and launch digital experiences and design systems. They are strong communicators and collaborators, able to build bridges to effect change across the organization.

Principal UX Designer

Greater LA Area
5 days ago
Procore is looking for a Principal UX Designer, Revenue Product to transform the construction industry by driving richer collaboration across stakeholders on a construction project. In this role, you’ll lead the design vision across the entire product lifecycle and multiple product initiatives inspiring future-facing solutions that simplify complex business processes. As a Principal UX Designer and member of the Revenue Product leadership team, y

Instructional Designer - Customer Education

Greater LA Area
3 days ago
Who We Are AuditBoard is a high-growth SaaS company in the financial technology space that is transforming the way organizations manage critical risk, audit, and compliance initiatives. We believe in empowering enterprises to manage and control risk so that their businesses are able to thrive. Designed by former chief audit executives, our enterprise cloud platform is purpose-built to automate and streamline activities in ways that align with how

Lead User Experience Researcher

Santa Monica
2 days ago
Community powers direct relationships and one-on-one conversations between Leaders and their Members through text messaging at scale. Launched in 2019 and headquartered in Santa Monica, Calif., Community is breaking new ground in trusted marketing and communications channels by connecting Leaders--global pop culture stars, local community organizers, small business owners and brands--to their Members to drive conversations that convert into

Learning Experience Designer (Freelance)

Greater LA Area
2 weeks ago
The Experience Designer, under the guidance of the Lead Designer, has many responsibilities from researching topics, creating instructional design templates, and improving the learner experience. 

Head of UX

Greater LA Area
2 days ago
We are Supernatural! Recognized by TIME as one of the Best Inventions of 2020, Fast Company’s Best App, and covered in the New York Times! Supernatural is a next-generation fitness experience in VR (virtual reality) with real coaches, stunning natural environments, music from major record labels, and new workouts released every day. Available now on Oculus Quest and Quest 2.   Developed by a team of passionate world-class experience designers,

UX Copywriter (LA)

Santa Monica
2 weeks ago
Route is a one-click premium shopping experience for online ordering, and the only way to view all of your online orders, from any merchant, in one place. Online shoppers can insure and visually track everything they order online in one centralized app. E-commerce merchants from boutique brands to household names can add Route to their website empowering one-click solutions for their customers for shipping insurance, visual package tracking, and one-click claim handling. With offices in both Silicon Slopes, Utah (HQ) and Santa Monica, California, Route embodies a creative lifestyle partnered with innovative tech to build a one of a kind global brand. 

UX Researcher

El Segundo
1 day ago
Endpoint is looking for a UX Researcher to join our team of designers to work fluidly and collaboratively across the organization. You will contribute directly to our brand and product initiatives as well as our overall business strategy. You will play a role in shaping how we build research as a core competency across Endpoint, and define how we put users first when conducting research.

UX Researcher

1 week ago
ClickUp is a San Diego based company looking for a passionate UX Researcher to join our mission and redefine how people work. We’re passionate about saving people time in every aspect of their lives - so they can focus on what they love most. Our app is the first of its kind that works for everyone from families to Fortune 500 companies. You should love the challenge of designing complex and powerful user interfaces that also are simple and

Product Designer (UX/UI)

3 weeks ago
UpKeep is revolutionizing the way businesses maintain, manage, and repair their facilities and equipment. We’re a Series B SaaS startup with 100 remote team members around the world. We’ve raised $50M in venture capital funding and recently surpassed 10,000 customers! UpKeep quickly became the #1 cloud-based maintenance and asset management software application by constantly innovating and always putting our customers first. We celebrate our

UI/UX Designer - REMOTE

Greater LA Area
2 days ago
**Must currently live in the United States** Friendbuy is reinventing the oldest marketing channel ever known: word-of-mouth.  While technology has completely transformed the commerce landscape, the process of discovering new brands from your friends has largely remained the same since the dawn of retail.  By using technology to modernize this natural consumer behavior, Friendbuy has given marketers a powerful new tool to drive customer

UI/UX Designer (Contract)

1 week ago
We are developing a new web-based application, a subset of our flagship, and we are looking for a Talented Contract Product designer who has an outstanding balance between UX & UI to own the end-to-end process. You are passionate about designing great and challenging products, and you feel comfortable with user research, visual UI design, and designing complex flows, but most importantly, you know how design can impact user behavior and metrics.

UX Designer Salary ranges

The most common UX Designer salary in Los Angeles is between $90k - $100k.

Average UX Designer Salary by Company Size

People with the job title UX Designer make the most at companies with 201-500 employees, earning $104,182 on average.

UX Designer Salary by gender

The average UX Designer salary for women is $83,306 and the average UX Designer salary for men is $99,765.

UX Designer Salary by Years of Experience

The average salary for a UX Designer with 7+ years of experience is $120,625. The average salary for <1 year of experience is $74,500.

Average Design + UX salaries in Los Angeles

Job Title Average Salary Salary Range
Visual Designer $73,286
Min: $50K
Max: $125K
UI Designer $80,171
Min: $64K
Max: $113K
UX Designer $91,074
Min: $62K
Max: $160K
UX Researcher $99,667
Min: $90K
Max: $119K
Art Director $100,681
Min: $50K
Max: $170K
Product Designer $109,837
Min: $60K
Max: $235K
Senior UI Designer $116,071
Min: $80K
Max: $167K
Senior UX Designer $125,581
Min: $80K
Max: $180K
Design Director $153,532
Min: $85K
Max: $250K
Creative Director $184,838
Min: $110K
Max: $315K
CCO (Chief Creative Officer) $206,500
Min: $183K
Max: $230K

Skills that affect UX Designer salaries in Los Angeles

19% have this skill
19% have this skill
Usability Testing
18% have this skill
User Flows
18% have this skill
Responsive Design
18% have this skill
Product Design
18% have this skill

Recent UX Designer salaries in Los Angeles

Yearly Salary
A Associate Designer reported a yearly salary of $70,000 with +$15,000 in additional cash compensation
1-3 Years of Experience
501-1,000 Employees
Los Angeles
Yearly Salary
A Contracting UX Designer reported a yearly salary of $105,000
1-3 Years of Experience
201-500 Employees
Los Angeles
Yearly Salary
A UX Designer reported a yearly salary of $70,000
1-3 Years of Experience
51-200 Employees
Los Angeles
Yearly Salary
A UX Designer reported a yearly salary of $70,000
1-3 Years of Experience
51-200 Employees
Los Angeles
1-5 Reports
Yearly Salary
A Designer (UX) reported a yearly salary of $89,000
3-5 Years of Experience
51-200 Employees
Los Angeles
Yearly Salary
A UX Designer reported a yearly salary of $130,000
5-7 Years of Experience
11-50 Employees
Los Angeles
Yearly Salary
A UX Manager reported a yearly salary of $160,000
7+ Years of Experience
201-500 Employees
Los Angeles
1-5 Reports
Yearly Salary
A UX Designer reported a yearly salary of $75,000
1-3 Years of Experience
51-200 Employees
Los Angeles
1-5 Reports
Yearly Salary
A UX Designer reported a yearly salary of $70,000
1-3 Years of Experience
201-500 Employees
Los Angeles
Yearly Salary
A UX Designer reported a yearly salary of $84,000 with +$13,000 in additional cash compensation
1-3 Years of Experience
201-500 Employees
Los Angeles
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