Olivia McClure

Olivia McClure is a staff writer for Built In's Brand Studio. Her writing career began as a student at Loyola University Chicago, where she contributed to the university's newspaper as a film critic. Prior to joining Built In, she wrote stories for various newspapers and magazines that covered a wide range of topics, including Americana and interior design. Besides writing, Olivia enjoys traveling, spending time with her adorable dog Guinness and discovering the greatest coffee shops in every city she visits. 


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Warner Bros. Discovery team members gathered for global town hall meeting
Feb 14, 2023
A powerful, cross-functional partnership between two experienced execs is marrying technology and creativity to reimagine the media powerhouse’s streaming potential.
little figures standing together celebrating success
Jan 31, 2023
For engineers from System1, Blackline and Ruggable, overcoming complex technical challenges have served as opportunities for individual and teamwide growth.
three business people racing each other while carrying briefcases
Jan 25, 2023
Leaders discuss how prioritizing innovation and empowerment boosts employees’ engagement and growth.
QuantumBlack team members standing together at conference
Dec 22, 2022
Three team members describe how diverse expertise and an empowering culture catalyze the creation of influential technology.
Million Dollar Baby Co. team members working on a project together
Aug 10, 2022
Three employees describe how the company encourages its people to connect, care for themselves and grow while pursuing sustainable innovation.
Illustration of someone putting coins in a rocket ship bank
Apr 13, 2022
Financial leaders from Jaanuu and Epirus describe the companies’ capital-fueled plans, including their goals for hiring, branding and technological transformation.
Illustration of a scum agile board
Apr 06, 2022
Employees from First Resonance, Anduril and FASHIONPHILE discuss the many ingredients that go into successful expansion, from revamping tool boxes to rethinking team roles.
Restaurant365 office
Mar 17, 2022
Three of the company’s leaders describe how they’re working to transform the restaurant industry with the help of passionate team members and thoughtful management.
AppSumo coworkers ziplining in Costa Rica
Mar 17, 2022
Three employees describe how the company’s culture makes room for side hustles and work-life balance, as well as what excites them the most about the organization’s future.
Celonis team members having a strategy meeting
Mar 17, 2022
Two former Google leaders are eager to take process mining technology to the next level. Find out why, and learn about the organization’s ambitious growth plans.
Illustrated people pushing square and circle shapes
Feb 15, 2022
An aero-mechanical designer at DASH Systems describes how the company boosts effectiveness while preventing burnout.
Red and blue gears used to portray an abstract global infinity computer technology concept
Feb 04, 2022
A senior director of technical operations describes how the company created its site reliability team, as well as its influence on the rest of the organization and the traits he seeks out in engineers.