Dive into the World of Web Design With These 7 LA JavaScript Bootcamps & Classes

by Olivia McClure
November 25, 2019

As true techies know, JavaScript is every web developer’s best friend. While CSS and HTML used to rule the world of web design, JavaScript has undoubtedly taken its place as the king of front-end development. And the greatest part about JavaScript is that it’s extremely simple to execute, making it a feasible skill to learn for absolute beginners. However, the language’s simplicity also makes it easier for novices to mistakenly write unstructured code — something that can be solved with proper JavaScript training. 

Being the tech hub that it is, Los Angeles boasts many opportunities for local techies to brush up on their coding skills, or adopt new ones. For those in the Greater Los Angeles area looking for an immersive JavaScript training program, there are plenty of places to choose from. Offering in-depth, in-person training, these seven LA JavaScript bootcamps and classes will surely teach you all that this versatile language has to offer, so you can dive headfirst into the burgeoning world of web design. 


BeachCoders Academy javascript bootcamps classes los angeles
BeachCoders Academy

Location: Manhattan Beach, Greater Los Angeles Area

Course overview: BeachCoders Academy offers both a front-end web development course and an advanced full-stack web development course, which can be taken part-time for four weeks. The company’s front-end web development course, CodeWave, is designed to teach beginners coding and computer basics as well as how to functionally create and develop modern web content with code. The course covers a variety of topics, including HTML tags, page layout, responsive web design, JavaScript fundamentals and computational thinking, manipulating the DOM, programming paradigms and web development, jQuery and Node Basics. The full-stack web development course, CodeWave.JS, helps advance experienced web developers and teaches them how to fully develop modern web applications and web portals. Students learn advanced JavaScript, including arrow function and closure, as well as how to work with APIs, server side rendering, how to build a React application and how to use SQL.

Pricing: $2,277 for the CodeWave course and $2,477 for the CodeWave.JS course.


Certstaffix Training javascript bootcamps classes los angeles
Certstaffix Training

Location: Downtown LA

Course overview: Certstaffix Training provides a three-day, onsite JavaScript training course, as well as a JavaScript eLearning bundle for those who desire a self-paced, online option. The in-person training course teaches students how to use JavaScript effectively to make web pages more dynamic and functional and to reduce the number of round-trips to the server. Throughout the course, students will learn JavaScript syntax, how to work with variables, how to write flow control logic, how to modify HTML on the fly and how to handle and prevent errors. With the eLearning bundle, students have six months of access to JavaScript training, which covers the origins of JavaScript and its core language features.

Pricing: $1,740 for the three-day course and $350 for the eLearning bundle.


Codesmith javascript bootcamps classes los angeles

Location: Venice, Greater Los Angeles Area

Course overview: Codesmith’s 12-week, in-person software engineering immersive bootcamp aims to transform individuals into autonomous software engineers, giving them the skills necessary to build complex applications and logically tackle unfamiliar problems and technologies. Working in teams, students learn both front-end and back-end JavaScript development, while also covering computer science and machine learning concepts. Throughout the course, students will refine their technical communication, engineering tool kit and problem-solving skills.

Pricing: $18,800


Coding Dojo javascript bootcamps classes los angeles
Coding Dojo

Location: Hollywood

Course overview: Coding Dojo offers a four-month, in-person coding bootcamp with an emphasis on JavaScript. The course focuses on topics relating to web development, machine learning, data science, scientific computation and cloud infrastructure, covering technologies like Python, MySQL, Flax, Ajax, APIs and Django. Students are also taught MEAN, a user-friendly, full-stack JavaScript framework ideal for building dynamic websites and applications. During MEAN training, students cover a variety of technologies, including Express, Angular, Node.js, JS, NPM and Socket.IO. The course includes training in other technologies as well, including Java, .NET Core and Ruby on Rails.

Pricing: $11,995


Galvanize javascript bootcamps classes los angeles

Location: West Los Angeles

Course overview: Galvanize provides a 12-week, in-person software engineering immersive bootcamp geared towards those with an intermediate understanding of JavaScript. The program begins with a course in the fundamentals of computer science, such as basic and advanced data structures and JavaScript instantiation patterns, before diving into full-stack JavaScript. Some of the topics covered during this time include inheritance patterns, browser animation, frameworks and the MVC pattern, server side technologies, API and CSS frameworks and deployment and authentication. Students work together in teams that resemble industry standards to develop functional applications during the bootcamp, which concludes with practice interviews and negotiation tactics.

Pricing: $17,980


General Assembly javascript bootcamps classes los angeles
General Assembly

Location: Downtown LA + Santa Monica

Course overview: General Assembly offers a 10-week, part-time JavaScript development bootcamp and a 10-week, part-time front-end web development course at its LA locations. In the JavaScript development bootcamp, students learn how to code in JavaScript, including how to build a single-page web app that persists user data and connects to services like Twitter and Facebook via APIs. The bootcamp covers various aspects of JavaScript, such as working with JavaScript on the command line, functions, working with JSON-formatted data, prototypical inheritance and writing user data to Firebase. The front-end web development course teaches students how to leverage HTML, CSS and JavaScript through hands-on projects and real-world scenarios. Students will learn a variety of skills throughout the course, including how to apply tags to HTML documents to effectively section content, experimenting with CSS properties and values, select nested elements to apply styling, predict DOM output and changes by reading JavaScript code, apply conditionals to change the programs control flow in JavaScript and utilize jQuery docs to apply functions.

Pricing: $3,950 for both the bootcamp and course.


The Coding Boot Camp at UCLA Extension javascript bootcamps classes los angeles
The Coding Boot Camp at UCLA Extension

Location: Westwood

Course overview: The Coding Boot Camp at UCLA Extension is an intensive coding bootcamp that includes JavaScript, which can be taken part time for 24 weeks or full time for 12 weeks. The bootcamp teaches students the key skills for front-end and back-end development, boasting a curriculum that covers JavaScript, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Heroku, Bootstrap, Node.js, MongoDB, MySQL and more. During the program, students work together with their classmates to tackle demanding projects and receive hands-on training through experiential learning opportunities, using their new skills to build a portfolio of applications and projects in order to showcase their knowledge to potential employers. The program also offers career services like technical interview preparation, resume and social media support, portfolio reviews and soft skills training.

Pricing: $10,995


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