At These 23 LA Web Design Agencies, Creativity is King

by Olivia McClure
January 20, 2020

For any type of business, building a strong website is key to securing a good first impression. Websites enable businesses to tell their stories as vividly and uniquely as possible, offering a wide range of possibilities when it comes to creative expression. Indeed, it is through searching a business’s website that one discovers whether or not they believe that business is professional, noteworthy and even trustworthy. And in Los Angeles, where creativity is king, the struggle to attract and retain customers is even greater. 

Because it can be difficult to create an award-winning website on one's own, many businesses turn to web design agencies backed by expert strategists and talented artists, who have the ingenuity and knowledge to build an outstanding site. Regardless of size or services, these 23 web design agencies in Los Angeles take online presence to the next level.

Top Web Design Agencies in Los Angeles

  • Californly
  • Endertech
  • Gilt Design Group
  • Los Angeles Design Studio
  • Newthink
  • SPINX Digital
  • Sunlight Media


BRADIENT web design agencies Los Angeles

Location: Financial District

Focus: Luxury Retail, Architecture / Design, Construction, Travel Tech

What they do: BRADIENT is a full-service digital design agency that specializes in web design and development and works with both large and small companies. Backed by creative talent and programming expertise, the company focuses heavily on e-commerce design and development, digital online marketing, corporate brand identity and print media design. BRADIENT has extensive knowledge of various programming languages, including Shopify, Solidus, Amazon Web Services and React. 

Who they work: SARA WEINSTOCK, M.R. Walls, MEGAVI, Mario Romano and Tripmory.


Californly web design agencies Los Angeles

Location: Venice, Greater Los Angeles Area

Focus: Food + Beverage, Health + Fitness, Retail, Electronics, Eco Tech

What they do: Californly is a web design and software development agency that works with small and medium-sized businesses to establish relationships and build solutions. Their services include UX / UI design, developing the right tools for crafting competitive products and helping entrepreneurs build lean prototypes to test and validate ideas at scale. 

Who they work with: DISHES, FitSpot, Outer Banks Service Directory, Ryan Ritchards, Yobe and 34 North.


Digital Vertex web design agencies Los Angeles
Digital Vertex

Location: Mar Vista

Focus: Cannabis, Arts + Entertainment, Food + Beverage, Retail, Healthcare, Real Estate, Beauty + Skincare

What they do: Established in 2004, Digital Vertex is a family-run web development and marketing firm dedicated to helping client companies grow and promote their businesses. In addition to web and mobile app development, the company offers high-quality SEO consultation services, as well as two organic growth methods specifically designed for Instagram. In the "Method 1" plan, Digital Vertex finds people who are genuinely interested in what their client posts, while "Method 2" uses the company’s "Go Viral" program, through which a client’s posts will receive engagement from large influencer accounts in their 50+ million follower network. 

Who they work with: Mile High Cure, Masters of Illusion, Peake Law Firm, Common Stock Food and Musician Casting.


eMagidLA web design agencies Los Angeles

Location: Century City / Rancho Park

Focus: Automotive, Food + Beverage, Travel, Consumer Goods, Real Estate, Retail, Healthcare

What they do: An all-in-one web design and development company, eMagidLA offers various services to client companies from a wide range of industries. Their services include web design, web development, graphic design, SEO and social media marketing. The company also offers e-commerce web design and development, offering assistance with open source platforms, such as Open Cart and Magento, as well as remote backup services.

Who they work with: Cargear, FeedMI, Enigma Life, GoKesher, Metro Apt NYC, KeepAmerica and Gaynor Wellness.


Endertech web design agencies Los Angeles

Location: Torrance, Greater Los Angeles Area

Focus: Educational Institutions, Government Organizations, Start-ups, Professional Services, Fashion + Retail, Tech

What they do: Endertech is a web and software development and design company that works with companies from a variety of industries. The company specializes in all areas of web development, from UI / UX design and software programming to e-commerce consulting and cloud security. Endertech employs a variety of software, including Magento, Drupal, Apache, JavaScript and Linux. 

Who they work with: Pepsi Bottling Group, Doyle New York, University of Bristol - United Kingdom and Whole You.


424 Web web design agencies Los Angeles
424 Web

Location: Park La Brea

Focus: Retail, Subscription Services, Home Tech, Music + Entertainment

What they do: 424 Web is a web design and development agency that seeks to provide its clients with innovative, creative and flexible solutions. Their services are defined by branding and strategic planning, web and mobile design / development and social media ad campaigns. 

Who they work with: Anarchy Street, Ubi Ind, Box of Dread, Daily Doses, Metro AV Design and Musiq Locker.


Gilt Design Group web design agencies Los Angeles
Gilt Design Group

Location: Sawtelle / West Los Angeles

Focus: Health + Fitness, Media, Retail, Beauty + Skincare, Horticulture, Food + Beverage

What they do: Gilt Design Group is a boutique web, graphic design and marketing agency that caters to small and medium-sized businesses, bloggers and boutique shops. Specializing in stylish branding, chic web designs and e-commerce solutions, the company offers a variety of services, including logo development, re-branding, app design, email campaigns, collateral, editorial design and media kits. 

Who they work with: DC Fitness, Veritas Media, Summit & Co., Reichert Landscapes and Persian Cat Crew.


Gorilla Design Lab web design agencies Los Angeles
Gorilla Design Lab

Location: Downtown Los Angeles

Focus: Food + Beverage, Health + Beauty, Advertising, Consumer Products

What they do: Founded in 2015, Gorilla Design Lab is a full-service online marketing company that focuses on web design and development. They assign each of their clients a Digital Marketing Manager, who works with each business one-on-one throughout the brand revitalization process. Gorilla Design also offers SEO, social media marketing, content creation, photography and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) / Google AdWords services. 

Who they work with: G Lash & Brow, Ten-Raku, Truck Wraps LA, Jin Jja Roo and Elago.


Jingged Web Design web design agencies Los Angeles
Jingged Web Design

Location: Hollywood

Focus: Law, Healthcare, Film Production, Talent Management, Real Estate, Dating Apps

What they do: Jingged Web Design is a boutique web design and development agency that works with clients nationwide to find the best direction and solutions. The company specializes in creating high conversion websites, while focusing on web branding services, mobile app development, digital marketing and SEO techniques. 

Who they work with: Mermaids Dating, Parris Lawyers, Yes Health, Film Pro Addicts and Dyer Management.


Los Angeles Design Studio web design agencies Los Angeles
Los Angeles Design Studio

Location: Little Tokyo

Focus: Insurance, Aviation, Automotive, Solar Tech, Architecture, Non-profits, Government Organizations 

What they do: Los Angeles Design Studio is a web design agency that specializes in custom HTML, WordPress, e-commerce and custom web applications. In addition to providing fundamental web design and development services, the company offers video production, photography, graphic design, mobile web design, SEO and parallax scrolling. 

Who they work with: Nexo Insurance Agency, Clay Lacy Aviation, Suntrek Solar Company and Johnson Fain Architectural Firm.


Megazend web design agencies Los Angeles

Location: Monterey Park, Greater Los Angeles Area

Focus: Retail, Health + Beauty, Food + Beverage, Horticulture

What they do: Megazend is a web design company that specializes in all aspects of Magento, including theme integration, custom themes and responsive websites. The company’s focus is on e-commerce website design, which is intended to be fully compatible with every device. Their Magento themes cover a wide range of topics, from weddings and fashion to sports and entertainment. 

Who they work with: Dazzle Spirea, The Wicker Express, Fedon and Perfect Medical.


Newthink web design agencies Los Angeles

Location: Atwater Village

Focus: Retail, Beauty Products, Healthcare, Video Production, Photography

What they do: Established in 2004, Newthink is a web design company that focuses on e-commerce design and development, working with both small start-ups and large companies. As part of the web design process, the company provides services in digital marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and editorial development. Newthink offers assistance with a variety of e-commerce platforms, including Magento and Shopify. 

Who they work with: Ellis Brooklyn, Alison Levine, K&K Photography, Rebecca Minkoff and Blaine Bowen Jewelry.


Off the Lip web design agencies Los Angeles
Off the Lip

Location: El Segundo, Greater Los Angeles Area

Focus: Insurance + Finance, Healthcare, Education, Sales, Real Estate

What they do: Off the Lip is a team of product managers, producers, web developers and consultants dedicated to creating premium branded websites, working with clients throughout the Greater Los Angeles area. The company offers a variety of web design services, including template, custom and e-commerce web design, landing pages and sales funnels, as well as SEO. 

Who they work with: Beach Lending, LLC, Camarillo Dental Arts, STEM to STEAM Education, Anchor Collection and Mazzacco Home and Property.


SMDesign Studio web design agencies Los Angeles
SMDesign Studio

Location: Culver City, Greater Los Angeles Area

Focus: Bio Tech, Automotive, Cannabis, Retail, Consulting 

What they do: SMDesign Studio is a design and user-focused digital agency that focuses on helping clients produce engaging experiences, maximize sales and build meaningful connections. Besides offering extensive services in web design, the company also specializes in Magento design and digital marketing practices, which includes content, search and social.

Who they work with: BIORAY, AOBChem, iEquus, CABest CBD, ShoeRa and Piccadilly.


SPINX Digital web design agencies Los Angeles
SPINX Digital

Location: University Park

Focus: Law, Beauty + Health, Tech, Broadcasting Networks, Aviation, Food + Beverage, Electronics

What they do: SPINX Digital is a web design company with an emphasis on innovation and digital marketing. Their services include user research, usability testing, brand development and integration, site architecture planning, wireframing, campaign microsites and smartphone apps. For medium and large-sized businesses, SPINX offers a variety of enterprise-level content management systems, including Kentico, Drupal, Sitefinity, DNN and WordPress.

Who they work with: Amazon, NBC, Physicians Formula, Wet ‘n’ Wild and Quinn Emanuel Trial Lawyers


Starke Marketing web design agencies Los Angeles
Starke Marketing

Location: Pasadena, Greater Los Angeles Area

Focus: Investment + Banking, Tourism, Real Estate, Luxury Entertainment, Healthcare, Educational Institutions

What they do: Starke Marketing is a digital marketing agency that specializes in web design and development. In addition to creating conversion-defined websites for clients, the company also focuses on quality content creation, demographic targeting, video production, logo design, client acquisition techniques and SEO. 

Who they work with: Noble Gold Investments, Beverly Hills Wine Tours, Rebel Ventures, James Tran Real Estate Services and University of Southern California. 


Sunlight Media web design agencies Los Angeles
Sunlight Media

Location: Financial District

Focus: Educational Institutions, Arts + Entertainment, Real Estate

What they do: Established in 2011, Sunlight Media is a web development and digital marketing agency that offers affordable online solutions to local businesses, corporate companies and state and local government agencies. The company’s services include e-commerce web design and development, mobile app development, product photography and logo design. Sunlight boasts knowledge of a variety of content management systems, including WordPress, Joomla and Magento.

Who they work with: Los Angeles Hospitality Training Academy, Dr. Phil, Atlantic Records, University of Southern California and Skyline Development.


TRIXMEDIA web design agencies Los Angeles

Location: Beverly Hills

Focus: Luxury Retail, Food + Beverage, Hospitality, Healthcare, Home Goods, Law

What they do: TRIXMEDIA is a full-service digital agency that offers dynamic marketing strategies for various types of products and services. The company is focused on delivering quality branding techniques and marketing tools that fit each client’s budget with the intention of business growth. TRIXMEDIA’s services are defined by branding, graphic design, web design and online advertising. 

Who they work with: Coca-Cola, Hilton, Davyd Whaley, Appleton Dental Plan, Polomac, Eat Your Choco and Jimmy’s Gallery of Fine Rugs.


Use All Five web design agencies Los Angeles
Use All Five

Location: Marina Del Rey, Greater Los Angeles Area

Focus: Retail, Education Institutions, Museums, Tech, Apps, Health + Fitness

What they do: Founded in 2006, Use All Five is a design and technology studio backed by a team of designers, developers and strategists. With the goal to help brands achieve greater impact through strategy, design and technology, the company offers a wide range of services, including qualitative / quantitative research, persona development, experience design, integrated campaigns, rapid prototyping and native application development. 

Who they work with: Bonobos, Vote Smart Justice, Google, The Main Museum, Headspace, UCLA and Art of Sport.


Vrrb web design agencies Los Angeles

Location: Hollywood

Focus: App Development, Beauty + Skincare, Electric Services, Virtual Reality / Immersive Experiences, Health + Wellness

What they do: Vrrb is a digital agency that focuses heavily on web design and development, working with clients from a diverse range of industries. In addition to providing basic design, development and marketing services, such as custom illustration, video production and email marketing, the company offers virtual reality services, including mixed reality and VR streaming. Vrrb’s unique web-based service portal, Vrrb Concierge, allows clients to easily communicate new requests. 

Who they work with: Sideline, Overmorrow, Bot1, Feit Electric, Unmarked Skincare, Specular Theory and Westchester Holistic Healing.


Weberous web design agencies Los Angeles

Location: Brentwood

Focus: Non-profits, Retail, Travel Products, Health + Fitness, Tech, Telecommunications

What they do: Weberous is a web design and development agency that works with a wide range of clients from various industries. The company sets out to reinvent or refurbish brands to create longer engagements with their target markets, building websites that optimize function and performance, while combining PR and social media with SEO-driven content to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy. 

Who they work with: xPrize / Disney, 2 People 1 Life, Feature, G-RO, FitRx, PALS Laser and AireSpring.


Wanted for Nothing web design agencies Los Angeles
Wanted for Nothing

Location: West Hollywood

Focus: Health + Wellness, E-commerce, Live Streaming, Startups

What they do: Wanted for Nothing is a web design agency that specializes in e-commerce web design and development and works with a variety of clients, ranging from startups to corporations. Their services include UI / UX design, holistic branding and animation. 

Who they work with: Sporteluxe, ILEC, Quantumsponsor, TelMD and MBC.


WebWorks web design agencies Los Angeles

Location: North Hollywood

Focus: Tech, Acting + Modeling, Pharmaceuticals, Fitness, Real Estate, Film Production, Automotive, Event Planning

What they do: WebWorks is a web design and development agency that specializes in building fully responsive websites for clients, particularly within the e-commerce sector. The company works with clients by digging deep into their audience’s behaviors, motivations and buying decisions, while implementing SEO optimized content, online marketing and better traffic conversion. 

Who they work with: Soraa Laser, MugShot Management, Amgen DataLake, Well Balanced Boot Camp and Aliana Events.


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