Vonjour is curating the next phase of the BYOD movement

June 7, 2014


Santa Monica-based Vonjour is positioned at the center of all customer conversations; it is integrating the world of chat, email, text, voice and offline information and making the call center a reality for startups. By providing a hub to distill conversations and bring them together, enterprise software company Vonjour is giving a holistic view of what customers are saying and real time analysis of teams' responsiveness.

Set up a call center in five minutes

“Our strategy has been to take an enterprise product and make it accessible," said Daniel Tawfik, CEO and co-founder. With Vonjour, a business can set up a hardware-free Cisco level phone system (previously only for very sophisticated or large businesses) accessible on any device (mobile, tablet and web browser) in just five minutes.

Vonjour offers metrics on the distribution of calls, and how long they’re on the phone, giving businesses a high-level understanding of what’s going on. The software provides notifications such as a display on a smartphone when there’s a spike in calls.

Tawfik says the bring your own device (BYOD) movement is not just a simple transplant of making a business call on your smartphone, but giving business analytics on customer calls with one button from a smartphone. The software brings the sophistication of an enterprise solution with no hardware, cross-platform accessibility and a seamless user experience to the SMB, which would have been an inaccessible market.

Vonjour’s beta release

In February 2014, Vonjour released their beta product. The team gained some early traction and is doubling their growth every month. Currently they boast 1,200 business accounts and 5,500 users. Tawfik said the team was enthusiastic when they learned 322 businesses signed up in one weekend alone.

“This means the world to us, and leads us to believe were making people happy and want to share our solution,” said Tawfik.


Looking forward to 2014

For 2014, the mobile suite will become available, which is what Vonjour customers are asking for every day.

Vonjour is also in the middle of a round of funding, and is hoping to close it in the next six weeks. When they take on more funding – they’ll further differentiate their solution and integrate more layers, and customer support.

They also plan to grow their team to double its current size in coming months.

Getting started

Tawfik and his team hailed from Call Fire; a platform that powers text messaging and phone calls. They had many pain points, and saw a real need for an orchestration layer, one that would integrate voice, text and online channels into one holistic solution.

Vonjour got started with the idea that a next generation phone system should connect businesses to customers. The software intelligently connects you to your customers no matter where in the world they are.

Getting started, Daniel says the whole process was overwhelming. They were going from no one knowing you exist to getting a product out, and getting people to use it. They spent nine months building infrastructure and tech with no positive reinforcement to keep going.

“You have to persevere and keep your head down and know you’re working on something important,” Tawfik said.