Tengia Introduces Service to Bridge the Generation Gap & Redefine Retirement

October 7, 2016

Today, many Americans over 65 are choosing to work past the traditional retirement age for a myriad of reasons including the need to recover from the recession, a desire to pursue a more comfortable lifestyle or a drive to contribute further to society. Whether looking to pursue encore careers, continue work in their field of expertise with added flexibility or start a new business venture, Americans are redefining how we think of retirement.


This shift is the inspiration behind Los Angeles-based Tengias new platform designed specifically to connect Americans 65 and older with individuals and small businesses in need of skill-based services. The company announced this week that registration is open for early access to its platform.


“In many cases, people approaching the traditional retirement age are at the peak of their professional career, not on their way out,” said Deoné Sulgatti, founder and CEO of Tengia. “Tengia acknowledges and celebrates the experience one amasses over a lengthy career by providing an outlet that empowers professionals to share their knowledge with society while also earning supplemental income.”


Tengia provides an opportunity for the 65-plus population to continue working in the industries they know and love, giving older generations a sense of value and belonging. The company’s online platform offers flexible employment, where Tengia seekers can post jobs and hire experienced professionals across more than 50 skill-based industries including legal, tech and business. The platform aims to facilitate connections between seekers and professionals who are looking to provide on-demand service at competitive rates. Upon registration, professionals select their areas of expertise, availability and set the fees for their time.


By making the workforce more accessible to people over the age of 65, Tengia ultimately aims to bridge the generation gap between millennials who dominate the workforce today and those who wish to continue working past the traditional age of retirement.