7 LA-based apps for recent grads

May 19, 2016

Whether you were born and raised in the area or are new to LA, the city's expansive (and expensive) presence can present challenges for recent grads transitioning into a life of bills, commuting and a 9-to-5 job. Here are eight apps created in Los Angeles that will come in handy:

Third day of a hangover? It might actually be the flu. The problem is: no one wants to navigate LA traffic with the flu. Heal brings a pediatrician or family doctor to your residence for a flat $99 fee.


A mobile marketplace for millennial renters, RadPad aims to take the pain out of finding and leasing an apartment. The LA-based company allows users to apply for leases easily, and to pay for all transactions (including rent) via a debit or credit card.


Given the amount of time Los Angelenos spend commuting, the odds of being stranded on the side of the road are pretty high. HONK's aim is simple: they provide a simple app where users can indicate their situation, and the wait time for help is usually just 15-30 minutes. 


Looking to make a little extra cash on the side? toot is an on-demand tutoring service that allows recent grads to offer their services to students in a cashless, easy-to-manage system. 


There's always a degree of unknown when heading to a bar on a given night, and Roo's goal is to eliminate that. Users review a bar in real time so that potential customers can judge via their phone whether it's worth a trip.


When it comes to fitness, motivation can be an issue for anyone. Fit's app fights that, connecting like-minded individuals to exercise together. Whether it be yoga in the park or a pick-up basketball game, Fit brings together people who want to work out.


Santa Monica-based Wash.io is the on-demand laundry and dry cleaning service that we've all been dreaming of. Users specify a date, time and purpose of the pick-up (dry cleaning or bulk laundry), and a Wash.io driver comes and picks it up. 


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