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Zwift develops fun! We build immersive digital worlds with massive, multiplayer, video game technology that transforms indoor workouts from lonely, solo, monotonous experiences into social, global, and fun adventures. It's not a game - your real world effort propels you through our digital landscape. We pedal hard, but we enjoy our coffee breaks.

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Long Beach, CA
Long Beach, CA
  • Compelling product, low overhead, high morale, no-nonsense leadership, and a block from the ocean - are you kidding me? People ride/test at work and we have showers on-site. Awesome!
    Will Botti
    Sr. Engineer
  • Zwift is great because everyone knows what they're doing, communicates, and GSD. Add in an actually competitive salary and benefits, and this is one of the best workplaces out there.
    Jason King
    Community Support Lead
Jobs at Zwift1 open job
Developer + Engineer
Developer + Engineer
Long Beach, CA

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Our funding history

  • $27M in Funding
    Investors: Novator, Samchully Co., Waypoint Capital, Max Levchin, Shasta Ventures