28 Orange County Startups and Tech Companies to Keep in Mind

Written by Alyssa Schroer
Published on Jun. 27, 2023
28 Orange County Startups and Tech Companies to Keep in Mind
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For those who’ve never had the privilege of living in or even visiting Southern California, Orange County is often synonymous with beach towns, McMansions and multiple self-indulgent television series. But Orange County is, of course, much more than that.

Beyond the countless sought-after residential areas and stunning sea-side cities dotting the county’s coastline, there is a medley of startups serving as an important extension of Los Angeles’ tech scene. Irvine is specifically known for hosting many startups but there are many scattered throughout the county.

Best Places to Work in Orange County

  • Cie
  • iHerb
  • MobilityWare
  • SendGrid
  • Acorns
  • CrowdStrike
  • Better.com
  • Kareo
  • Mophie

Location: Irvine

Anduril brings Silicon Valley talent and funding to the defense sector, assembling a diverse team of experts in artificial intelligence, computer vision, sensor fusion, optics, and data analysis - including senior engineers from Oculus VR, Palantir, General Atomics, SpaceX, Tesla, and Google.



mobilityware orange county tech companies

Location: Irvine

Industry: Gaming

MobilityWare is a mobile gaming company creating a variety of popular card and puzzle games with over 600 million downloads, according to the company. Not only do they create well-known apps, but they were also one of the first mobile gaming companies, creating some of the original app store games like Solitaire. 


cloudvirga real estate company irvine

Location: Irvine

Real estate tech startup Cloudvirga started 2017 off with a bang, reeling in $15 million to help consumers take a bigger role in the mortgage process. Though the startup was founded in the middle of 2016, it has already raised more than $22 million and is in the process of developing more products to streamline the real estate world. 


weedmaps software company orange county

Location: Irvine

Industry: Consumer Web, Software

Weedmaps is the largest tech company focused on the legalized marijuana industry. The company, with over four million online visitors a month, provides backend services for dispensaries, doctors and delivery services.


kareo healthtech company orange county

Location: Irvine

Industry: Healthtech

Tebra is a platform supporting operations and providing solutions for independent health practices. From clinical support to marketing and analytics, Tebra has a solution for every part of the private practice.


veritone cloud company orange county

Location: Newport Beach

Industry: Cloud

Veritone has built a platform that processes unstructured audio and video data. Utilized by major names like Microsoft, ESPN and Taco Bell, Veritone uses AI that enables users to search, share and organize their media more effectively.


cie digital labs media company orange county
Cie Digital Labs

Location: Irvine

Industry: Digital Media

Cie Digital Labs acts as both a tech studio and incubator, working with brands around the globe to support innovation, solve challenges and develop new projects. 


bettercom orange county companies

Location: Irvine

Industry: Fintech, Real Estate

Better.com helps to streamline the real estate buying process with a slew of tools that automate painstaking processes. The company offers a mortgage process that takes as little as just 3 minutes for pre-approval. They also offer a network of real estate agents who can help a client with finding their dream home and optimal mortgage and insurance policies. SInce 2016, Better.com has funded more than $25 billion in loans.


whiskercloud orange county companies

Location: Newport Beach

Industry: Adtech, Software

WhiskerCloud offers a wide range of digital solutions for veterinary clinics. The team works closely with their animal-loving clients to build custom websites, implement digital forms, execute social media campaigns, integrate telemedicine into a vet’s routine and will even help with reputation management.


smartfinancial orange county companies

Location: Costa Mesa

Industry: Fintech, Insurance

SmartFinancial helps users to compare insurance quotes to ensure they make the optimal choice. Users seeking auto, home, life, health, medicare or commercial insurance quotes simply need to fill out a short questionnaire, and then the platform will generate and compare quotes from more than 200 insurance companies.


fightcamp orange county companies

Location: Costa Mesa

Industry: Fitness, Wearables

FightCamp employs world-class trainers and wearable technology to help you step up your workouts. The company’s boxing and plyometric workouts help to get your blood pumping, while the tech-enabled gear makes the sessions more interactive and data-driven.


adquadrant adtech company orange county

Location: Costa Mesa

Industry: Adtech

adQuadrant is a social media advertising agency serving multiple industries like e-commerce, finance, legal and insurance. adQuadrant’s services support entire digital campaigns, and the company has nearly $100M in digital ad buys for their clients.


viant irvine software company
photo via shutterstock

Location: Irvine

Viant's advertising platform enables marketers to plan, execute and measure their digital advertising campaigns. They leverage first-party data to help clients reach their targeted audiences across all marketing channels - mobile, desktop, TV, DOOH, audio and more.


iHerb orange county startups Los Angeles

Location: Pasadena + Irvine

Industry: Health + Wellness

With a goal of making the journey wellness more natural, iHerb offers natural goods including herbs, bath and beauty products, groceries and pet care items for a wide range of uses. iHerb ships throughout the United States and Asia, utilizing air-conditioned and regulated warehouses to keep products fresh from delivery to arrival.



Location: Newport Beach

Industry: Events

Protecht was created to disrupt the live events industry by abolishing the status-quo “no refunds.” Protecht’s technology and consumer-facing insurance products are helping provide platforms and organizers with CONTROL in order to improve their brands, drive additional revenue, improve the checkout flow and enhance fan engagement.


bonfire studios gaming company orange county
Bonfire Studios

Location: Costa Mesa

Industry: Gaming

Bonfire is a gaming studio founded by Rob Pardo, the chief creative officer and lead designer for “World of Warcraft.” A relatively young company, Bonfire is currently building a rock-solid team and prototyping multiple game ideas.


sendgrid software company orange county

Location: Orange

Industry: Software

SendGrid offers cloud email solutions to companies of all sizes. The platform enables easy integration and customizable campaigns, driving more customer engagement and helping businesses reach their goals.


acorns fintech company orange county

Location: Irvine

Industry: Fintech

Acorns is a mobile savings and investing platform. The app links to a user’s bank account, collecting spare change from purchases and investing it. The app boasts extended features like recurring investments and requires no minimums or trade fees. 


blizzard entertainment gaming company orange county
Blizzard Entertainment

Location: Irvine

Industry: Gaming

Blizzard is a leading entertainment software publisher and developer. Founded in 1994, Blizzard is responsible for “World of Warcraft,” one of the most successful PC games and continues to create high-quality games today.


crowdstrike cybersecurity company orange county

Location: Irvine

Industry: AI, Security

CrowdStrike provides SaaS security solutions to the public and healthcare sectors. Their cloud-based system unifies endpoint detection, threat management and next-gen antivirus, all within its Falcon platform.


ephesoft software company orange county

Location: Irvine

Industry: Software, Cloud

Ephesoft creates document and data capture software for a variety of industries ranging from banking to education. The platform solves problems for multiple departments in companies of all sizes. Whether organizing documents or digitizing invoices, Ephesoft saves money while increasing efficiency.


growthhackers software company orange county

Location: Costa Mesa

Industry: Software

GrowthHackers is a platform and community for marketers to share and learn about new growth tactics, skills and techniques. From large corporations to early-stage startups, the platform offers solutions for marketing teams of all sizes.


homelife media media company orange county
HomeLife Media

Location: Anaheim

Industry: Digital Media

HomeLife is a media company that boasts seven websites and 16 million monthly visitors across their portfolio. With brands like iHeartDogs and iHeartCats, HomeLife provides animal-specific forums, blogs, information and even products.


mavenlink software company orange county

Location: Irvine

Industry: Software

Mavenlink is a management platform connecting projects, profits and people within businesses and organizations. Companies like BuzzFeed, Salesforce and Acquia all use Mavenlink for increased transparency and collaboration on projects.


mediazilla software company orange county

Location: Redondo Beach

Industry: Software

MediaZilla offers solutions to make content delivery easier for video professionals. Their platform enables video creators to export their projects in multiple formats including USB, offline formats, DVD or Blu-ray, making products easily deliverable to clients and sharing on social sites simple.


mophie ecommerce company orange county

Location: Tustin

Industry: E-commerce, Software

Mophie is a power accessory company, creating charging solutions for various operating systems including iOS and Android. From charging cases that power phones all day to car adapters that ensure you never lose your aux cord privileges, Mophie’s products make sure your devices are always ready to go.


phunware mobile company orange county

Location: Newport Beach

Industry: Mobile

Phunware provides support to companies during the entire mobile application lifecycle. From strategizing and building to promotion and engagement, their solutions ensure a smooth and successful app experience.


happy money fintech company orange county
Happy Money

Location: Costa Mesa

Industry: Fintech

Happy Money creates financial products that meet at the intersection of finance and human psychology. Their products focus on the people, not just the numbers, offering simple loan programs, a mobile saving app and financial advice for more informed decision making.

Images via companies or social media. This article was originally published in 2018.

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