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Edtech • Kids + Family • Professional Services
Burbank, California, USA
60 Employees

A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) is an expert in applied behavior analysis. The Behavior Analyst Credential Board awards this certification to BCBAs. Applied behavioral analysis (ABA) utilizes scientific and systematic methods to transform a person's behavior. They can work in schools, classrooms, hospitals, clinics, and non-profit organizations. They basically need to handle the patients who are facing autism, developmental impairments, and mental health difficulties. Atlas Behavior Service aims to help such patients with the right and proven method.

Valencia, California, USA
19 Employees

At Soapy Suds, we take pleasure in providing top-notch services at affordable costs. We provide the most affordable pricing for auto detailing valencia! Starting at $6, we now offer a drive-through vehicle wash. We also provide complimentary self-serve vacuuming with our rapid vehicle washes. Since we know, these are trying times; we want to ensure that you get the excellent prices in addition to a safe and healthy atmosphere. With our new self-serve car washes, we have maintained our reputation and confidence throughout the years and will continue to be your go-to company for vehicle maintenance. We prioritize staff and customer safety while also providing top-notch supplies to keep your car clean and well protected for years to come. Nothing compares to the sensation of a clean vehicle. Still, it's crucial to give your car that gentle attention and care often, which is why we advise regular washing to maintain the condition of your car's exterior and inside and ensure its market value remains as high as possible.

Agency • Digital Media
Fully Remote, USA
15 Employees

Donut Digital is a world-class, data-driven growth marketing agency that supercharges cutting-edge consumer and tech brands with performance-driven digital strategies on Google, YouTube, Meta, TikTok and more. We are AAPI-founded with founders from Honey, Paypal, Venmo and Dollar Shave Club, and a diverse team of uber-smart, talented and unique specialists across the U.S. Our mission is to drive transformative, lasting growth for brands while cultivating an employee-first work environment that reflects our core values: Ideas Over Egos, Lean & Mean, Fun & a Little Weird, Embrace Change, Stay Hungry Stay Humble and Ownership Mentality. Work: Caraway, Hu Kitchen, Ritual, Our Place, Thrive Market, Skinny Confidential, MUDWTR and more.

6 Employees

SkyView 1 is a high-growth fintech company on a mission to make wealth management better by putting banking products in the hands of the most comprehensive and independent financial advisors. Our team is building a platform that enables financial advisors to offer a high-interest, full-suite banking solution to their clients directly, elevating their overall level of service.

Mobile • Travel
Fully Remote, USA
2 Employees

At I Heart Travel, our mission is to get you out of the house and exploring your surroundings. We believe real-world experiences are the secret to a happy and healthy life.

Ventura, California, USA
50 Employees

Is selling your car on your mind? Price-wise, a well-kept vehicle will always stand out as the best option. The condition of your car's exterior, particularly the condition of its paint and bodywork, has a direct effect on its resale price. The interior and exterior detailing work done by our professionals are impeccable. Our car wash Ventura include washing, waxing, and paint repair. Our auto detailing services help extend the life of your vehicle's paint and clear coat by reducing the amount of wear and tear. Meticulously detailed cars can provide the impression of being brand new. What could be more satisfying than cruising around in a sleek automobile? Maintenance of your car's interior, including vacuuming and wiping down surfaces, should also be a frequent part of your routine. When time and convenience are of the essence, hiring a mobile auto detailing service is the way to go. Depending on how extensive your vehicle has to be detailed, our detailing procedure may take anything from a few hours to an entire day. It might take twice as long if you were to start on this task without any prior expertise. Hire our expert detailer to get the work done quickly and efficiently.

Internet of Things • Other
Fully Remote, USA
500 Employees

Magic is a modern outsourcing company that's passionate about helping high-growth businesses achieve exceptional results. We use technology and personal attention to connect businesses with our network of verified professionals who can handle a wide range of tasks, from customer service and sales to scheduling, even AI and more. Since 2015, we've successfully matched over 10,000 assistants with businesses. TL;DR: Magic is a remote team that can transform businesses!

Aerospace • Hardware • Software
Santa Barbara, California, USA
85 Employees

Umbra builds next-generation space systems that observe the Earth in unprecedented fidelity. Our mission: Deliver global omniscience. To stay ahead of climate change, geopolitical risk, and other major crises and issues, we need a global understanding of what is changing, where, and how fast. Umbra provides easy access to the highest quality commercial satellite data available, which is an indispensable tool for the growing number of organizations monitoring the Earth. We empower our customers to create the solutions that inform, inspire, and address our planet’s most pressing needs. We’re helping to create a brand new industry that has never meaningfully existed before.

AdTech • Digital Media • Marketing Tech • News + Entertainment
Los Angeles, California, USA
550 Employees

Atmosphere is the world’s #1 streaming service for businesses, offering 65+ channels of engaging, audio-optional TV. From news, sports and nature to viral videos, art and more, Atmosphere delivers fresh programming designed to elevate any business space. Our company was built from the ground up to create unparalleled value for advertisers and next-level entertainment for companies around the globe.

Pasadena, California, USA
5 Employees

As a leading medical diagnostic supplier that offers blood glucose meters online, OKRA Care is highly committed to providing hospital-grade test kits to help patients manage diabetes effectively and affordably. We are one of the best diabetic supply companies in the USA today. Our direct-shipping model is the reason why we cost 20% less than many other glucometer brands. Check out our OKRA Starter Kit and our OKRA Refill Kit now, and you will understand why we are recognized for providing healthcare essentials at cost-effective prices. OKRA Care wants to give everyone greater access to the health tools they need so join us on the journey of celebrating better health management! Visit okra.care to buy your blood sugar test kit, bluetooth glucose meter, OKRA Care diabetic test strips, and other OKRA Care online diabetic supplies you need.

Automotive • Events • Retail • Transportation • Manufacturing
Hawaiian Gardens, California, USA
44 Employees

At our core, we are passionate and enthusiastic about designing and engineering high-quality EV micro mobility products that redefine and disrupt the EV mobility industry. We've revolutionized our product-making approach, allowing accessibility for a wide range of people by simplifying our process, without compromising design. We also believe that affordability shouldn't compromise quality or design and our commitment to providing value ensures that our customers get the best of both worlds!

Professional Services • Design
Dallas, Texas, USA

5alogo is the USA based company and the trusted company who provided Logo Design, Logo Illustration and Logo Animation services in USA and all over the world. 5alogo has creative and professional experienced team designing like Logo Design, Brochure and Banner. So, get in the competitive race with a captivating Design within your budget.

Automotive • Professional Services
Burbank, California, USA
60 Employees

Pazi Performance the leading collision center in LA will assist you in repairing dents and dings on your automobile and utilize original components to mend any broken ones. We will also explain everything to you as plainly as we can and bill you properly. Only and most qualified expert technicians work in our professional car body shops. When our qualified specialist works on your automobile, you can be confident that you are getting high-quality service. In addition to working on several automobiles each week and gaining knowledge of various models and vehicles, our skilled auto collision repair technicians have confirmed professional training and certifications. We often use highly sophisticated equipment and cutting-edge technology to fix your car, which is another excellent incentive to choose us.

Enterprise Web • Software • Analytics • Business Intelligence
Manhattan Beach, California, USA
35 Employees

Arrow is enterprise software designed specifically to help with large transactions. Our tools were meant for industries where other CRMs are not adapted. While other CRMs might have a customer-centric approach (Customer Relationship Management, *duh!*), the Arrow platform relies on a relational database to allow for customers to have many transactions and products to be sold and bought multiple times, as a house, crane, or tractor might have more than one life but be bought and sold through the sale broker or dealership. Initially built for equipment dealers, we have broadened the scope of our product to cater to rentals, real estate, mortgage, as well as other service industries. Arrow is built by and for Salespeople first, but not only. We approach product design mobile-first and prioritize features that allow sales teams to do be as efficient in the field as they would be from their desk, but we've also developed a wide range of features to bridge gaps between teams. We help businesses streamline more complex sales processes from marketing to generating repeat business. Two of our main focuses are sales velocity and seamless communication, and we think those two go hand-in-hand. We allow reps to share products and communicate in an all-in-one chat, and with Arrow's Deal Mode, they have the freedom of taking the customer down the Sales Funnel in one system. Integrating those allows for better and easier performance management, lead and ROI tracking on campaigns that ran through Arrow, and product tagging, sharing rules, and inventory management. We strongly believe that if done well, the simplest things are the most powerful.

Marietta, Georgia, USA
50 Employees

When you cannot be there, our home health care specialists can. Home health care might ease your anxiety if you care remotely for a loved one. At 4 Seasons Care, trained and skilled personnel may evaluate safety hazards and make simple home modifications, such as laying a rug on a slick surface or suggesting ambulatory help. Nurses who are closely monitored, qualified, licensed, and informed about cutting-edge medical equipment may provide us with Home Care Professionals medical treatment at home. Your loved one's complicated medical demands may be handled thanks to our home health care services. Are the people you care about receiving the nourishment you need to be healthy? Those who have just been released from a hospital or nursing home, those with chronic diseases, and adults 65 and older are likely nutritionally at risk.

Aerospace • Hardware • Software
Marina del Rey, California, USA
3 Employees

Stell helps engineers & buyers at new space companies spend more time building and less time managing spreadsheets/PDFs. We empower the supply chain and build solutions that work for machine shops & suppliers. Our platform is digitizing the relationship between aerospace companies and their suppliers with a living Specification workflow.  Requirements + deliverables are enshrined and searchable, enabling on-time and on-quality parts. Built by aerospace veterans with deep supplier quality engineering expertise, we want to fix the most prevalent issues in the aerospace & defense supply chain.

Torrance, California, USA
55 Employees

SHO Companies is an international manufacturing and distribution company that focuses on the development, growth and marketing of premium brands and products. SHO Products’ distribution network consists of 5,000 + Retail Partners and Wholesale Sub-Distros, and reaches the end consumer market through various e-commerce channels. We have industry-leading brands such as Rosin Tech Labs, Focus V, Dab Nation, and Master Minded Distribution. Rosin Tech Labs has consistently placed in the top at Emerald Cup, taking first place last year and paving the way for small batch solventless companies. Focus V pushed the envelope in 2022 with the release of the Carta 2, making it one of the most used e-rigs on the market. Dab Nation serves as a hub for all cannabis consumers in the LA area to get all their heady pieces, shoot content, and take part in our community events. We are superior in cannabis tech and product development, with a large market share of the hash demographic customer base.

Travel • Hospitality

The mission of the Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board (Los Angeles Tourism) is to improve the quality of life for all Angelenos through the economic and community benefits of tourism. Representing over 1,000 local tourism-related businesses, Los Angeles Tourism is a non-profit organization responsible for promoting the City of Angels as one of the world’s premier travel destinations. Through its global brand marketing and sales efforts, Los Angeles Tourism works to inspire visitors to immerse themselves in the kinds of unscripted moments and meaningful experiences that can only happen in LA.

Financial Services

Couponzatps.com is the ultimate destination for online deals, coupons, and discount codes. This platform makes it easy and rewarding to discover and share the best bargains. Shoppers can effortlessly find the latest and verified promo codes using Couponzatps's advanced search technology. Get the best deals faster and save more with Couponzatps.com.

Real Estate
Los Angeles, California, USA
100 Employees

Pezzini Luxury Homes is a company that specializes in the representation of the most exceptional properties in the region, utilizing innovative technologies and exceptional skill. Discover our selection of homes for sale in Los Angeles, where we provide unparalleled dedication and expertise to assist you in locating the ideal residence for you. We provide the highest level of privacy, security, timeliness, and efficiency. We have a comprehensive comprehension of the regional marketplace and the mindset of home buyers and sellers as a result of our years of full-time experience. Our proficiency includes the most popular regions, such as Hollywood Hills homes for sale. We are cognizant of the distinctive requirements of each client, guaranteeing a successful and seamless transaction. At Pezzini Luxury Homes, we are dedicated to delivering unparalleled service and locating the ideal property for you. Experience the difference that our professional, personalized approach can make in your real estate journey by discovering affordable homes for sale with us today.