17 Tech Companies Building Business in Santa Barbara

Written by Anthony Corbo
Published on May. 22, 2024
17 Tech Companies Building Business in Santa Barbara

Experiencing Santa Barbara means many things to different people — sandy shores, bustling shopping streets and beautiful weather year round. But what most people fail to notice is just how vibrant the city's tech scene truly is. Diverse companies tackling many of the largest modern challenges can be found throughout the shoreline city's vibrant ecosystem, from those rewriting the common laws of produce to telehealth innovators and many more. What Santa Barbara lacks in cool temperatures it more than makes up in innovation.

When looking for the best of what the city has to offer the tech industry and society at large, these are the Santa Barbara tech companies you won't want to miss.

Tech Companies in Santa Barbara To Know

  • Apeel Sciences
  • Procore Technologies
  • WellHealth
  • BioIQ
  • Invoca
  • Seek Thermal
  • Sonos
  • Zoom Video Communications


Founded: 2013

Focus: Mobile gaming

What they do: Jackpocket offers a mobile app for lottery players. Users select their game and numbers, and once they’ve placed their order, Jackpocket fulfills it through a licensed lottery retailer. Players who win $600 or less get their money through their Jackpocket account, but the company arranges for players who win bigger prizes to receive a secure ticket delivery.


Founded: 2002

Focus: Construction

What they do: Procore Technologies offers a management platform for companies and contractors working in the construction industry. Site owners are given easy access and heightened visibility to project information and productivity, while general and specialty contractors can stay on schedule and budget more easily with real-time access to crucial decision-making information. Overall, Procore Technologies’ project management, resource management and financial management tools allow construction sites to run more efficiently.


Founded: 2015

Focus: Healthcare

What they do: With much of the world able to stay connected through their phone or computer screens, Well Health is making telehealth more accessible and convenient for healthcare providers. The platform helps to reduce no-shows by up to 75 percent, eliminate routine phone calls and reduce stress on staff members with powerful tools like appointment reminders, patient education, recalls, lab results and more.


Founded: 2008

Focus: Call monitoring

What they do: Invoca is making the conversations their consumers are having around their products easier to access, unlocking insights and delivering better overall products. The AI-powered call-tracking and analytics platform makes it easy to drive conversions and build audiences through closed-loop attribution, conversational analytics and powerful integrations.


Founded: 2005

Focus: Software, E-commerce

What they do: FastSpring brings the best in e-commerce capabilities to the software industry, making it easier for consumers to discover products and put them into use. The platform helps to provide a world-class, compliant shopping experience while minimizing fraudulent transactions and providing a simple way for customers to download their product.    


Founded: 2012

Focus: Food science

What they do: Apeel Sciences is taking a hugely innovative approach to tackling the mounting global food waste crisis by developing the building blocks of plants rather than devoting more resources and energy to developing farmland. By engineering a revolutionary, edible outer layer in produce, Apeel Sciences is able to keep oxygen outside and moisture inside to offset the oxidation process and keep food fresh and safe to eat for longer periods of time.


Founded: 2010

Focus: Business intelligence

What they do: HG Insights helps growing businesses receive actionable insights from market data and scale targets accordingly. For preparing a go-to-market strategy, businesses can use the HG Platform 2.0 to access market intelligence, solution intent records and guidance on solution relevance from the planning to execution stage. HG Insights also integrates with LinkedIn and Salesforce to produce targeted messaging and prioritize leads.


Founded: 2005

Focus: Healthcare

What they do: BioIQ is making strides in transforming the way that health measurement and testing works, using software to connect people to the proper facilities and practitioners. Data-driven engagement solutions allow healthcare providers to use advanced analytics to personalize individual experiences and drive action at the right times, catching health issues early without inciting fear.  


Founded: 2006

Focus: Insurance

What they do: Carpe Data provides advanced analytics solutions to businesses working in the insurance industry. The platform focuses on two distinct categories, providing commercial data-as-a-service and claims activities. Their focus on claims improves the accuracy of coverage underwriting for small and mid-size commercial companies and searches web and social data to find actionable claimant insights in a scalable manner.


Founded: 2012

Focus: Digital media

What they do: Cielo24 is utilizing artificial intelligence to provide video media solutions that vastly improve user experience and data gathering abilities. The platform helps organizations embed videos with captions and transcripts, video intelligence, video search to boost discovery and engagement across social media, through search and more. 


Founded: 1999

Focus: Relationship management

What they do: Impact provides a cloud-based solution for managing all aspects of partnerships between organizations and professionals. Business partners, influencers and affiliates alike can manage engagements, contracts, payments, tracking, protections and optimizations, taking the hassle out of collaborations and creating faster timelines to growth.


Founded: 2007

Focus: IT management

What they do: When working with IT infrastructure on any scale, it’s crucial to have proper monitoring in place to stay on top of potential issues and scale accordingly. LogicMonitor has the solution for both lightweight and heavy-hitting workloads — a scalable, cloud-based platform dedicated to monitoring, modeling and securing entire IT stacks from cloud environments and containers to websites, servers and remote workforces.


Founded: 2012

Focus: Thermal scanning

What they do: Seek Thermal is bringing thermal scanning capabilities to the industries that need them most, including firefighting, law enforcement, outdoors/sporting and commercial trades. The company’s handheld, high-resolution thermal imaging cameras provide thorough heat tracking and on-device analysis to provide crucial data that tells what the eyes aren’t able to see.


Founded: 2012

Focus: Fulfillment

What they do: ShipHawk offers a software solution that allows warehouses and high-volume shippers to increase capabilities without the need for a higher headcount. The data-driven platform provides an all-in-one solution to maintaining productivity and managing all elements of fulfillment, supporting multiple online stores to keep data and shipping information well-organized.


Founded: 2002

Focus: Home Audio

What they do: Sonos is a consumer home audio system that allows users to seamlessly play audio between devices, allowing easy transitions when shifting environments. Perfect for music, TV audio and more, Sonos offers brilliant sound, wide-ranging bass, superb panning and an easy-to-use setup that takes the hassle out of the home audio experience.


Founded: 1982

Focus: Property management

What they do: Yardi focuses on the most pressing needs of the real estate and property management industries, offering a robust platform that can help agents and managers to organize entire processes. The platform comes loaded with management tools for maintaining properties, marketing, leasing, procurement and additional real estate needs, making it simpler to oversee even multiple properties at a time.


Founded: 2011

Focus: Video Communications

What they do: Zoom Video Communications has emerged as a major force in video communications, offering a user friendly platform for maintaining communication across entire organizations. Meeting, webinar, conference room, phone and chat capabilities allow  teams and individuals to easily stay connected in any situation so processes do not become disrupted in even the most critical of circumstances.

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