Who needs Muscle Beach? 4 LA tech companies getting their workers fit

by John Siegel
June 22, 2016
Somewhere around midnight on New Year's Eve, Americans make a deal with themselves. This year is going to be different; that means a gym memberships, a charity to volunteer for and maybe even a juicer.
Problem is, no one really feels like working out, volunteering or juicing after a long day. As the weather continues to heat up, and trips to the beach are filled with envy, these four LA tech companies have created an environment where healthy living is as easy as coming in to work.
According to Corporate Communications Manager Alex Moore, Demand Media's fitness perks work hand-in-hand with the company's lifestyle-themed websites.
What fitness perks does Demand Media offer, and why?
The health of our employees is one of our top priorities, so these perks are a key part of our culture. Our on-site yoga classes and healthy meals also encourage bonding and team unity. Other perks include membership discounts to local gym, an in-house stretch room with exercise equipment, in-house showers for employees who bike or jog to work and a Cycling class for employees.
What inspired the company to offer fitness perks in addition to more traditional benefits?
The brands we own and operate naturally encourage a company culture based on health and wellness. LIVESTRONG.COM, eHow, and Leaf are all dedicated to helping audiences live their best possible lifestyle. We believe that in order to speak to this lifestyle authentically, our corporate culture should reflect the same values.
How have the fitness initiatives affected the company's environment?
Demand Media holds a world-class team comprised of highly motivated individuals, and our employees are always on the move. On any given day, you’ll find our experts creating healthy recipes for a Facebook Live audience in our Main Kitchen, filming a yoga tutorial in our stretch room, or sharing tips on the latest wellness trends. Team off-sites are also an opportunity to move. It’s not uncommon to find our team bonding and brainstorming by biking to the beach once a quarter.
Chief Administrative Officer & General Counsel Doug McPerson believes that active employees are engaged employees.
What fitness perks do OpenX offer, and why?
At OpenX we prioritize our employees' happiness, and a major part of that is creating a culture that promotes health and happiness. This means providing our employees with a range of healthy living perks such as:  
  • Complimentary healthy lunches three times a week
  • A plethora of healthy snack options 
  • Access to an onsite chiropractor and a masseuse
  • Weekly onsite yoga classes
  • Discounted gym memberships (Breakthru Fitness) 
  • Organized sports teams (OpenX FC, soccer team)
  • Game Room (Office-wide ping pong tournaments)
What inspired the company to offer fitness perks in addition to more traditional benefits?
We pride ourselves in giving employees the tools to maintain a happy and healthy life. Our programs get people to realize that stereotypical fitness isn't the only way to be well and be happy. By introducing benefits that address each aspect of a healthy lifestyle, we've empowered our employees to live happier and healthy lives both in the workplace and at home.
How have the fitness initiatives affected the company's environment?
Today, more than 80 percent of OpenX employees identify as happy with their benefits. Our investment in fitness and healthy living initiatives have made for a positive office environment filled with motivated colleagues.  
For Director of Wellness and Life Enrichment Kim Blanchard Brown, the perks offered by DAQRI have a much bigger goal than fostering a physically fit workplace.
What fitness perks does DAQRI offer, and why?
Our bodies are designed to move. When we do not honor this we become stagnant, sick and sore, our creativity slows and our full potential cannot be achieved. Fitness perks are offered as a part of a broader reaching wellness program that aims to empower staff to achieve results in their health, not just in their jobs. We strive to create an environment where our staff have access to fitness of both body and mind. Our approach is more holistic in nature; fitness activities alone will not affect the overall health of a company. Only when fitness is married with education and empowerment will you see a positive swing in the vibrancy and health of the staff. Fitness at DAQRI is not an add-on benefit, it is woven into the fabric of the culture and supported by all levels within the company. 
We have :
  • an onsite gym with personal trainers during all hours of operation
  • Twice weekly yoga classes
  • Communal Bike and treadmill desks
  • Basketballs, jump ropes and yoga mats available for any staff member for lunchtime activities
  • Lunchtime workout groups
  • Education for physical, mental and emotional fitness.
What inspired the company to offer fitness perks in addition to more traditional benefits?
The human element of any company is the most important factor for success. So moving beyond the typical offerings is about respecting our staff as people. Traditional offerings typically are not focussed on preventive actions or lifestyle choices that people can make on a daily basis. We recognize that our employees perform at their best in all aspects of their lives when they are healthy and happy. To encourage staff to reach their fullest potential we provide the right conditions for them to flourish.
How have the fitness initiatives affected the company's environment?
Since I started with DAQRI 18 months ago and started implementing changes in terms of activity classes, fitness facilities, increased activity and healthier food and beverage options, we have seen a consistent and very positive change in the company. Self reported improvements in health quality, energy levels, productivity, improved sleep and weight loss are commonplace now. The conversation in the office has changed completely and people now discuss workout sessions, healthy food and smoothie recipes, and very importantly, fun weekend activities they now have more energy to participate in. Staff success stories organically encourage coworkers to ask questions and serve as inspiration to those wishing to feel healthier. When you see your teammates losing weight, looking radiant and with boundless energy, we naturally want to be a part of that.



Docler Media's brand new office comes with a yoga studio, and according to University and Technical Recruiter Betty Zabezhinsky, time spent there is paying dividends.

What fitness perks does Docler Media offer, and why?

Docler Media takes our employees' health (both mind and body) seriously! We understand how stressful the work week can be so we offer yoga classes on-site at our very own yoga studio. We have a professional instructor come teach our Doclerites how to Zen out and de-stress before work. 
In addition to on-site yoga, we offer a discounted membership to Golds Gym just 3 blocks from the office! Organic fruit is provided twice a week in our beautiful new kitchen.
What inspired the company to offer fitness perks in addition to more traditional benefits?
We believe in healthy and happy employees. Making it easy for employees to have access to Yoga, the gym and fresh fruit is important. 
How have the fitness initiatives affected the company's environment?
Having a yoga studio on-site allows employees to bond. It has created an environment that allows us to relax before starting the work day. If employees need a quick nap during your lunch break, we have bean bag chairs and couches at the top of our curvy staircases.  

Some responses have been edited for length and clarity. Images courtesy of Facebook and featured companies.

What does fitness mean to you and your company? Let us know.

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