Hello, we're Bringhub

Bringhub is the leading contextual commerce platform! Bringhub monetizes digital content for publishers and drives brand engagement for marketers. Our platform automates the data-driven display of contextually relevant products within editorial content.
3221 Hutchison Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90034
3221 Hutchison Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90034

Our funding history

  • $0.1M in Funding
    Investors: Kohfounders, Clark Landry, Malcolm CasSelle, Courno Investments, Barak Diskin, David Hay, Thomas Luan
  • $2M in Funding
    Investors: BAM Ventures, Bill Budinger Jr., Canyon Creek Capital, Capital Union Investments Hong Kong, Rachel Zoe
  • $1.4M in Funding
    Investors: Canyon Creek Capital
  • $1.3M in Funding
    Investors: Integrated Asset Management (Asia) Limited
  • $3.5M in Funding
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