Rising Star: Inside Metropolis’ Big Funding Announcement

Recent funding signals a steady upward trajectory for this Angelino tech company.

Written by Jenny Lyons-Cunha
Published on Jun. 29, 2022
Rising Star: Inside Metropolis’ Big Funding Announcement
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From the Griffith Observatory, nested on the south-facing slope of Mount Hollywood, starry-eyed Angelinos can drink in the neon hues of the Los Angeles skyline, the distant blue haze of the Pacific Ocean and the twinkle of constellations over Hollywood. But locals will tell you: It’s just as common to spot rising stars in the city’s streets as in its skies — and the LA tech scene is no exception. 

Among LA’s rising tech stars? Metropolis Technologies

The artificial intelligence and computer vision company recently affirmed its continued ascent by announcing a $167 million round of Series B funding, backed by 3L Capital and Assembly Ventures.   

The announcement comes on the heels of Metropolis’ recent $41 million Series A round, which funded its next-generation advanced computer vision platform, powered by proprietary machine learning systems. In the 15 months between funding rounds, the company reported seeing substantial membership growth and fruitful real estate partnerships. 

“All of us at Metropolis spend our waking moments — and more than a few of our sleeping ones — considering how to make the journey remarkable: for our real estate partners, for our members and for our employees,” co-founder and CEO Alex Israel shared in a recent press release. “We are knitting disconnected parts of the everyday journey into a remarkable experience: one commute, one morning coffee, one grocery run at a time.”

Israel was confident that the future is bright for the company, noting that the value of Metropolis’ technology is wide-reaching. “It’s worth saying the quiet part out loud: Parking is the first and most obvious use case for our technology, but not the last,” he said. 

Built in Los Angeles sat down with Metropolis co-founder and Chief of Staff Courtney Fukuda to learn more about how the company hopes to reshape the way people experience their cities — and their continued search for “good humans” to be a part of their growing team. 


Courtney Fukuda
Co-founder & Chief of Staff • Metropolis Technologies


Metropolis is an artificial intelligence company that develops advanced computer vision and machine learning technology designed to improve mobile commerce. Metropolis builds digital pipelines with the future of mobile commerce in mind. Reflecting on Metropolis’ mission of bringing urban mobility infrastructure online, co-founder and Chief of Staff Courtney Fukuda said, “Metropolis is connecting transportation, payments and local businesses for the first time — bringing the ease of digital transactions to the physical world.” 


Tell us more about your big announcement — the Series B funding round. 

We’re thrilled to announce our $167 million in Series B funding. Seamless, drive-in, drive-out experiences — the future of mobility-centric commerce — are coming to a city near you. 

Metropolis enables drive-in, drive-out experiences for people on the go — and creates new economic opportunities for the businesses that serve them along their journey. We’re excited to ramp up hiring across engineering, sales, growth and more. 



Responses have been edited for length and clarity. Images via Metropolis Technologies and Shutterstock.

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