Weekly Refresh: Canoo Shows Off New Car, Several LA Tech Fundings, and More

New funding went to companies working in fintech, marketing and e-commerce.

Written by Gordon Gottsegen
Published on Sep. 30, 2019
Weekly Refresh: Canoo Shows Off New Car, Several LA Tech Fundings, and More

Engage:BDR raised $26.25M in funding. The company acts as an advertising liaison, working with advertisers to help display their ads, and with content owners to help them get paid for displaying them. The new funding will go toward the company’s NetZero program, which pays publishers the same day they send an invoice. [Built In LA]

Canoo unveiled its first electric vehicle. The company believes that cars in the future will be electric, autonomous and shared — and their car embodies all three of these principles. It’s fully electric and battery powered. It has the necessary radars and sensors to be self-driving with a software upgrade, and it will be available through a subscription-only model when it releases to the public in 2021. [Built In LA]

ForwardLine Financial raised $20 million. ForwardLine is a company that provides loans to small businesses. It started in 2003 and since then has lent over half a billion dollars to more than 15,000 companies. The company will put the new funding toward the origination of more loans. [Press release]

GoodRx launched GoodRx Care. The service lets patients talk to medical professionals and receive advice, diagnosis and treatment of routine health conditions online. Individuals can use GoodRx care regardless if they have insurance or not and most consultations cost $20. [Press release]

NTWRK raised $3 million. This new funding is part of its $10 million Series A. NTWRK is an e-commerce app geared towards streetwear and collectables. Foot Locker led this current funding round, but previous investors include Live Nation, Warner Brothers Entertainment and Drake. [Press release]

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