8 LA Cleantech Companies Worth Knowing

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November 12, 2023Updated: December 12, 2023

A new crop of startups is bringing fresh opportunity to LA. Though many will go on to experience success in any of a number of industries, the mission to positively affect the environment seems to be inspiring veterans and rookies alike. Here are several clean tech companies helping to make the community a better place.

Top LA Cleantech Companies to Know

  • Inspire
  • Enervee
  • Terbine
  • EV Connect
  • Chai Energy
  • Green Commuter


inspire clean tech company los angeles

Inspire is an energy provider making it easier for homeowners to integrate clean energy into their everyday lives. The service charges a flat monthly fee for clean, wind energy and includes device packs for a smarter home. The company also has a mobile app so users can control their devices from anywhere.


enervee clean tech company los angeles

Enervee provides consumers with the energy efficiencies of a number of consumer electronics and household appliances. While the service is as useful for consumers just trying to save a few bucks, the Venice-based company offers the impact of a given product's CO2 emissions, as well. The data collected by Enervee is used by a number of government organizations to track consumer trends and to incentivize citizens to get out there and buy a new refrigerator.   


terbine clean tech company los angeles

A few short years ago, the term "Internet of Things" took its turn in a long line of tech buzzwords to know. Terbine uses IoT collected from industries spanning the globe to collect information on things like ocean salinity, carbon emissions and crop density, creating a marketplace where collecting and analyzing data is simple and effective. A few months ago, the company was honored at the 2015/2016 IoT Awards for technical innovation. 



EV connect clean tech company los angeles
EV Connect

As the electric car market diversifies to offer cars that people can really get excited about, the problem then becomes a lack of charging stations. For many companies, offering electric vehicle charging platforms is no longer an option, and that's where EV Connect comes in. The company's industry leading cloud platform provides enterprise charging solutions, not only making it easier for companies to offer charging stations for their employees, but also allows them a way to manage and operate the stations in a cost-effective manner.



la cleantech incubator clean tech company los angeles
LA CleanTech Incubator

There aren't many organizations doing more for the LA tech scene AND clean tech startups than the LA CleanTech Incubator. Because the LA area is billed as the largest green economy in the country, the city's primary economic growth strategy is pretty simple: drive innovation to clean technologies. Because the next few entries have come out of LACI, it makes sense to take a moment to recognize the work the incubator is doing for the community, whether that be fostering clean tech startups from their offices in DTLA, or partnering with local colleges to provide incubator services at an earlier-stage level.


chai energy clean tech company los angeles
Chai Energy

With the temperatures projected to rise as the summer continues, energy costs are soaring. Chai Energy hopes to curb that. With a simple-to-use app, the company aims to help users cut back on energy costs, spread awareness of alternative forms of energy and even help users find if they're eligible for rebates and incentives. Ultimately, Chai Energy hopes all the seemingly small changes their app helps users make will lead to a world where sustainable energy is no longer considered futuristic. 


green commuter clean tech company los angeles
Green Commuter

Green Commuter is the first all-electric vanpool provider in the state of California. But if you think that means it's just an electric ride-sharing app, you're wrong. The company offers vanpooling as well as car sharing, but it also offers fleet replacement, something that should entice a number of companies in the LA area. The company's goals are simple: streamline a person, group or company's transportation needs, and do so by utilizing vehicles with zero emissions.


VENA clean tech company los angeles

VENA focuses on atmospheric water generation technology. As the planet's population continues to grow, access to water is fast becoming a major threat. Founded by MIT grad John Walsh, the technology hinges on the solar thermal heat creating an air draft, which draws air below ground. Because temperatures below ground are much cooler, the air being drawn into the earth comes to a dew point, triggering condensation which is gathered by the devices. While a little unsightly, VENA is working on something that could eventually save millions of lives.

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