The SaaS behind the scenes: FilmTracks role in the entertainment ecosystem

Written by Patrick Hechinger
Published on Oct. 15, 2015
The SaaS behind the scenes: FilmTracks role in the entertainment ecosystem
One of the consistent themes in the companies we cover in LA is an underlying relationship to the content creation and storytelling industry in the city. 
This connection stems from Los Angeles’ world-renown film and television industry, but what about the companies behind the scenes in Hollywood? These are SaaS companies, like the recently-funded FilmTrack, that have revolutionized the industry but have remained out of the spotlight. 
Beginning with the initial submission of a movie or television script, FilmTrack's software protects the entire lifecycle of the IP, all the way to the production and final distribution of the product. Media companies can use the platform to obtain and store production agreements and contracts, distribution licensing information as well as any material assets associated with the content.
The Studio City-based content and rights management platform has raised $40 million in the past three years and FilmTrack CEO Jason Kassin said they plan on utilizing that capital for overseas growth and acquisitions.
For Kassin, the company is a combination of his two lifelong interests: computers and film. In the 1970’s, he was the first kid on his block with a computer and began coding at the age of 12. He went on to get a theater degree from Vassar before taking a shot at acting, directing, and the music industry. 
“Originally when I was an actor and a writer in LA, while other actors would wait tables and park cars to make money on the side, I was writing software,” said Kassin. “I had good success as a writer, sold a couple screenplays, made some dough and used the money to fund Filmtrack.”
To create FilmTrack in 1997, Kassin teamed up with his brother Stephen (now president of the company) who he said instilled a sense of business discipline in the company. 
Twelve years ago, the company shifted from a client server platform to a web-based platform and SaaS solution. It was a move that Jason believes was well ahead of the curve, but he admitted another advantage has played an even larger role.
“Being an LA-based company gives us an enormous advantage over other competitors because we are in Studio City — the heart of where film and television is made and where the deals are conducted. We’re part of the fabric in the community here and are big boosters for Studio City in general. We are also, I feel, an anchor in Studio City’s new technology corridor that is developing along Ventura Blvd as folks find the need for more space that’s not as available in Hollywood.”
With 80 employees in LA, the company now occupies a whole floor of Studio City’s largest office building.
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