Built In LA’s Featured Companies of the Month

From eco-friendly motorcycles to national security in space, these companies are growing and innovating.

Written by Dana Cassell
Published on Mar. 22, 2024
Built In LA’s Featured Companies of the Month
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Spring is the season of newness. Whether it’s a Holi celebration marking the triumph of good over evil, sprouts finally emerging in the garden or the turning of the calendar on Lunar New Year, this is the time of year when change and growth take center stage.

If your spring growth includes a professional change, these LA tech companies are ready to incorporate you into their innovative and collaborative work. Built In LA curated this list of our featured companies of the month, highlighting some of the most interesting tech jobs in the industry.

At The Aerospace Corporation, engineers are using their skills to help the federal government get ahead of security threats – in space. Atticus’ online legal platform eases the process of applying for disability insurance for thousands of clients. The AI technology at Veritone is transforming multiple industries through new partnerships. And Ryvid is building advanced, eco-friendly electric motorcycles.

Looking for new growth this spring season? These companies might just be the place for a change.


What they do: The Aerospace Corporation is a California nonprofit that operates a federally funded research and development center providing guidance and advice to military, civil, and commercial customers to ensure the success of complex, technology-based programs. 


The Perks

  • Highly diverse management team
  • Adoption benefits
  • Mentorship program
  • Charitable contribution matching


National Security…In Space: Aerospace’s work includes designing and testing space technology in order to outpace national security threats. That involves some interesting product development plans. “This vehicle’s design was interesting because it’s a spacecraft that will be the centerpiece of hacking exercises. Normally, we design a system, analyze how it could fail, then mitigate those things. Here we were developing a system that is designed to fail to a certain extent and then recover,” Senior Project Engineer Aaron Myrick told Built In last year.



What They Do: Companies use Veritone’s artificial intelligence technology and solutions to build enterprise apps and services. Their operating system augments the human workforce by transforming use-case concepts into applications and solutions. Founded in 2014 by brothers Chad and Ryan Steelberg, the company is on a mission to democratize AI and build a safer, more vibrant, transparent and empowered society.


The Perks

  • 401(k) matching program
  • Family medical leave
  • Onsite gym
  • Paid volunteer time


New Partnerships: In March, Veritone announced a new partnership with Dalet, a technology and service provider for media-rich organizations. The project integrates Veritone’s human-centered AI solutions with Dalet’s media workflow ecosystem, enabling media-centric companies to monetize their digital media archives. “Veritone and Dalet share a commitment to unlocking the true potential of digital content and we’re pleased to offer the content monetization capabilities of DMH to complete Dalet’s end-to-end platform and provide endless revenue opportunities to their customer base,” said Senior Vice President Sean King.



What They Do: Atticus is an online law firm where anyone can turn for rapid, expert help answering legal questions for free. They diagnose clients’ needs, explain their options and help them find and hire the right lawyer or nonprofit to move forward. They also operate as a broker for lawyers, sending them pre-vetted clients who want to hire them and take a percentage of what they earn from successful cases. 


The Perks

  • Company equity program
  • Mental health benefits
  • Continuing education stipend
  • Tuition reimbursement


Now Hiring: Atticus, a certified B corporation, public interest law firm that helps eligible persons receive federal disability benefits, is currently hiring for several positions. In addition to attorneys and client experience associates, the company is looking for both front end and back end software engineers, marketing professionals and product managers.



What They Do: Ryvid is an EV mobility company that creates advanced, sustainable electric motorcycles with unique design features and cutting-edge technology.


The Perks

  • Floating holidays
  • 401(k) matching
  • Vision and dental insurance
  • Generous PTO


Culture of Collaboration: Ryvid is a dynamic start-up, and every team member’s contribution has an impact. “What sets us apart is our emphasis on product quality and inclusivity for our people. Everyone’s ideas and perspectives are valued, fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration,” Vice President Jhoanna San Agustin told Built In in December.



Responses have been edited for length and clarity. Images provided by Shutterstock and listed companies.

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