Need Some Inspiration? These LA Advertising Agencies Know How to Make An Impact

by Olivia McClure
October 2, 2019

If Los Angeles knows one thing, it’s the importance of exceptional advertising. In a city where entertainment is the largest export, it’s no surprise that nearly every street corner is overshadowed by massive billboards, showcasing the biggest names and brands in the world. 

With so much recognition comes great competition, meaning that advertisements need to be as big and memorable as possible to capture the attention of Los Angeles's trendy population. Naturally, the city boasts more than enough advertising agencies for businesses who want to take their promotional game to the next level. From producing high-action TV spots to setting up complex product launches, there isn't much that can't be done at these 18 advertising agencies in Los Angeles. 


AMP Agency advertising agencies Los Angeles
AMP Agency

Location: Playa Vista / Alsace

Focus: Retail, Gaming, Consumer Electronics, Travel, Beauty, Media

What they do: AMP Agency is a full-service digital marketing agency, which seeks to help its clients grow by connecting their brands with their customers. Their services include social media, strategy, mobile and web, SEO, analytics and programmatic media. 

Who they work with: Puma, Maybelline, Patagonia, Fandango, Dole and Starbucks.


Big Imagination Group advertising agencies Los Angeles
Big Imagination Group

Location: Arts District

Focus: Automotive, Wellness, Healthcare, Education, Entertainment, Food + Beverage

What they do: Big Imagination Group is a full-service marketing and social impact agency that seeks to help brands discover their purpose. When working with its legacy and challenger clients, the company utilizes television, radio, print, digital, web development, social media, experiential and more.  

Who they work with: Toyota, Cottage Children’s Hospital, Banyan Botanicals and National Civil Rights Museum.


BOND advertising agencies Los Angeles

Location: Hollywood

Focus: Media + Entertainment

What they do: Established in 2012, BOND is an entertainment advertising agency that serves clients within all sectors of the entertainment industry. The company works with TV shows and films from various production companies to establish advertising partnerships for print, digital, audio and visual.

Who they work with: Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey, Avengers Endgame, Queer Eye and Westworld.


Deutsch advertising agencies Los Angeles

Location: Playa Vista / Alsace

Focus: Retail, Food + Beverage, Gaming, Real Estate Tech, Automation, Wellness

What they do: Deutsch is a full-service marketing agency that specializes in brand development and creative strategy. When working with clients, the company provides a variety of services, including account management, analytics, experiential marketing, production and UX design. 

Who they work with: Reebok, Taco Bell, Budweiser, Nintendo, Zillow and ACUVUE.


HelpGood advertising agencies Los Angeles

Location: Hollywood

Focus: Non-profits, NGOs, Foundations, Universities, Social Enterprises, Corporate Social Responsibility Teams

What they do: HelpGood is an advertising agency that focuses on social good. The company specializes in research, content audits and strategy across branding, content, marketing and media. 

Who they work with: Love Has No Labels, Keep America Beautiful, Planned Parenthood NYC and


Kobe Digital advertising agencies Los Angeles
Kobe Digital

Location: Hollywood

Focus: Health Tech, Automotive Services, Source and Supply Companies

What they do: Kobe Digital is a programmatic marketing agency that designs, builds and manages campaigns for its clients. Their services include search engine marketing, email marketing, social media, web design and development and programmatic marketing. 

Who they work with: Fox Rent A Car, Laser Vein Centers, American Paper and Provisions, and A-Noohi Meat Co. 


Jai Prakash Marketing Agency advertising agencies Los Angeles
Jai Prakash Marketing Agency

Location: Wilshire Center

Focus: Manufacturing, Retail, E-commerce, Healthtech, Food + Beverage

What they do: Jai Prakash Marketing Agency is a digital marketing and advertising agency that works within a wide variety of industries. The company focuses primarily on Pay Per Click Management (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but offers other services such as Social Marketing, Analytics and Strategy. 

Who they work with: Metal industries, clothing stores, e-commerce stores, medical clinics and restaurants.


Mirror Digital advertising agencies Los Angeles
Mirror Digital

Location: Culver City

Focus: Retail, Automotive, Advertising, Entertainment

What they do: Mirror Digital is an advertising agency that seeks to connect people to the nation’s growing multicultural market. Their services include custom social media influencer programs, native advertising, programmatic and data solutions and branded content marketing. 

Who they work with: Macy’s, General Motors, Walton Issacscon and Viacom.


9thWonder advertising agencies Los Angeles

Location: Playa Vista / Alsace

Focus: Transportation, Software, Retail, Food + Beverage, Tech, Entertainment, Healthcare, Hospitality

What they do: 9thWonder is a strategic marketing, media and ideas agency that specializes in brand development and design. During the branding process, the company works on strategy, PR and social media promotion, website development and consumer engagement. 

Who they work with: Adobe, Air Canada, Anthropologie, Apple, Bacardi and Google.


One Eighteen advertising agencies Los Angeles
One Eighteen

Location: Sawtelle

Focus: Luxury Residences, Hospitality, Home Services, Food + Beverage, Automotive

What they do: One Eighteen is a full-service advertising agency that combines in-house services with a network of expert resources. Their services include consumer and market research, collateral, campaign concepts, community and influencer management and database set-up and management. 

Who they work with: West Elm, Shakespeare Vodka, One Coast Residences, Audi Pacific and The Riviera Palm Springs.


Revolve Agency advertising agencies Los Angeles
Revolve Agency

Location: Sawtelle

Focus: Media + Entertainment

What they do: Revolve Agency is an entertainment advertising agency that aims to deliver high-end campaign work from top to bottom. The company offers a wide range of services for its clients, including film trailers, original content, digital displays, social campaigns, virtual reality, mobile apps and motion graphics. 

Who they work with: Walt Disney Pictures, Lionsgate, FX, The CW, NBC, and NFL Network.


R/GA advertising agencies Los Angeles

Location: Playa Vista

Focus: Corporations, Retail, Food + Beverage, Telecommunications, Media, Consumer Goods

What they do: With 18 offices around the world, R/GA works with a variety of companies as they undergo digital transformation. The company’s services are defined by business, brand, technology and consumer behavior insights, as well as the desire to advance companies’ storytelling through the use of emerging technologies. 

Who they work with: Google, Nike, McDonald’s, Samsung, YouTube and Unilever.


Sensis advertising agencies Los Angeles

Location: Downtown / Skid Row

Focus: Education, Energy, Healthcare, Healthtech, Food + Beverage, Entertainment, Media, Transportation

What they do: Sensis is an advertising agency that focuses on the intersection of cultures and their effect on consumers. The company incorporates a variety of advertising strategies, including broadcast, print, branding, allocation modeling, PR and ethnographic research. 

Who they work with: AltaMed, recycLA, Cal State LA, Sempra Energy, Tadin Tea & Herb Co.


Something Massive advertising agencies Los Angeles
Something Massive

Location: Hollywood

Focus: Transportation, Food + Drink, Media, Healthtech, Retail

What they do: Something Massive is an advertising agency that focuses on the intersection of cultures and brands. Besides offering traditional advertising services such as product launch strategy, 360 campaign rollout, design and photography and PR coordination, the company has its own in-house content studio, where they produce both real-time and large-scale content for clients. 

Who they work with: Singapore Airlines, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, KIND, Regal Cinemas and Sony Pictures.


Team One advertising agencies Los Angeles
Team One

Location: Playa Vista

Focus: Travel Technology, Automotive, Food + Beverage, Luxury Hospitality

What they do: Team One is an advertising agency that works with brands targeting affluent customers. The company incorporates design, PR and strategy, as well as immersive technologies, such as augmented reality and experiential marketing.

Who they work with: Lexus, Ritz-Carlton, Indian Motorcycle, St. Regis and JW Marriott.


The Many advertising agencies Los Angeles
The Many

Location: Sawtelle 

Focus: Entertainment, Tourism, Travel Tech, Media, Social Fundraising, Food + Beverage

What they do: The Many is a full-service advertising agency that combines brand building with modern media culture. Their work encompasses a wide range of services, including global brand TV campaigns, CSR movements and TV production. 

Who they work with: Discover Los Angeles, TripAdvisor, Coca-Cola Freestyle, Narcos and PayPal.


The Miller Group advertising agencies Los Angeles
The Miller Group

Location: Pacific Palisades

Focus: Financial Services, Food + CPG, Hospitality, Non-profits

What they do: The Miller Group is a digital advertising and marketing agency that focuses on building brands. Their services include brand revitalization, strategy, research, video production, new product launches and lead generation. 

Who they work with: Centra Credit Union, Chin Chin, simplehuman, Goodwill and Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA).


VIBE Digital Group advertising agencies Los Angeles
VIBE Digital Group

Location: Downtown / Skid Row

Focus: Entertainment, Tech, Security, Investment, Education

What they do: VIBE Digital Group is an advertising and marketing agency focusing on digital strategy and creative services. Their services include local marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and social media marketing, as well as Amazon Ads and Google Shopping campaigns. 

Who they work with: Swagtron, Procom, Viotek, LDRventures and Beat Lab Academy.


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