6 LA-based startups that take the dread out of moving

by John Siegel
June 10, 2016

Few things in life are more miserable than the process of moving. For many — including myself — a move is never quite finished, as the sheer effort required financially, physically and logistically is enough to make you want to set-up your bed and not worry about anything else for a few months. 

Thankfully, a few LA-based tech companies are dedicated to making the process a little less hellish.

RadPad is perhaps the perfect rental marketplace available, accommodating users with a wide variety of needs. At its core, RadPad helps users find an apartment, apply and pay their rent. It also lets landlords list long and short term apartments and homes, qualify applicants and accept rent payments. 
No amount of beer and pizza will ever make a morning and afternoon of lugging furniture upstairs worth it, especially if you're merely helping out. Whether you're moving a few boxes or looking to move a couch, Trekk connects users with local movers seamlessly. It's also great for the LA transplant that doesn't have enough able-bodied connections for a move.
Founded by Steelhouse President and CEO Mark Douglas and Lindsey Holland of the recently released 50 LA women startup founders you should knowHomeMe is an app that takes the pain out of applying for an apartment. Users just download the app and input their yearly income, and every apartment that gets listed is one you're they're qualified for. Currently the app is serving locations in Texas, but the LA-based company will let Los Angelenos get their turn soon.
Whether you want to ditch your roommates, move closer to work or just need a change, rent in LA makes things pretty difficult. Thankfully, there's Domuso. Domuso allows renters to finance their move upon signing a new lease, spreading out this large expense over more affordable monthly installments.
Ideally, every move starts a month or two before the big day. How often that happens is another situation, but it's important to know that the resources are available. One way of making the move a little less stressful is Clutter, a company that all picks up, stores and returns items to you when you need them.  
Life in tech sometimes means long hours, but it also comes with plenty of opportunity. Should that opportunity come in a different country, the logistical nightmare that is moving becomes a sort of primordial beast. Thankfully there's Venice-based GoodMigrations, a service that connects users with international movers near them. Users can read customer reviews, get free quotes and book a mover. Plus the site comes with a comprehensive international moving guide that teaches consumers how move to a different country without coming down with any stress-related illness. 
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