50 influential people in LA tech you should follow on Twitter

by John Siegel
May 26, 2016

Twitter can be a super useful tool, giving us access to news, global perspectives and thought leadership from the world's most notable individuals.

But it's also a great way to make friends and build community. You can meet like-minded people, learn about what companies are up to and even discover events, right from the comfort of your own screen.

Every year, we share a list of 50 people from LA's tech and startup community we think are worth following. This curated list is meant to give you a starting point for discovering great people to follow in our community — by no means is it exhaustive. (If we were to include everyone we love to follow... we'd be exhausted!)


So, without further ado, our 2016 list of 50 people in LA tech to follow on Twitter:

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Jonathan Badeen

Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Tinder 
Twitter bio: Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer at @Tinder. I invented the #SwipeRight. Dev, designer & geek who loves iOS, Cocoa, Objective-C, Disney, Pixar, & beef jerky.

Against all probability everybody at @tinder received a @tinder towel the very day before #towelday

— Jonathan Badeen (@badeen) May 24, 2016


Cody Peterson

Startup/VC attorney Gunderson Dettmer 
Twitter bio: Startup/VC attorney. @pomonacollege and @northwesternlaw. Interested in communities, tech, education, feminism, equality, sports, fitness, etc.

.@beteramenu launched on Product Hunt. Great idea, co-founded by my former coworker @TheEvanTran, an even better guy https://t.co/o6x9nbfkbw

— Cody Peterson (@codyrpeterson) May 10, 2016



Susan Jaget

CEO, Undisclosed 
Twitter bio: Startup junkie. Tech dork. Travel addict. Launched @MySpace. Mad Men by day BatMan by night Entrepreneur 24/7 CEO of life

I'm only as strong as my network. Don't be afraid to ask for what you need and provide value where you can #startup #entrepreneur

— Susan (@SusanJaget) May 16, 2016


Luz Rivas

Founder and Executive Director, DIY Girls 
Twitter bio: Engineer | educator | founder of @DIYGirls

What's This MIT Grad Doing Working at a Tire Factory in Compton?: https://t.co/BBit2xkuDB

— Luz Rivas (@LuzRivas) May 17, 2016



Espree Devora

Founder, We Are LA Tech 
Twitter bio'Your intuition is your oracle' | Creator of @WeAreLATech, uniting LA #startups | #2 #Podcast on iTunes N&N + host @womenintechshow | http://wearelatech.com 

"How Brands Can be on #Snapchat Immediately" by @EspreeDevora on @LinkedIn https://t.co/zgd1AkX5Ht feat. @sabasedighi & @dannyberk #startups

— ✎ Espree Devora (@EspreeDevora) May 20, 2016



Christopher Webb

CEO / Co-founder, ChowNow 
Twitter bio: Christopher Webb
CEO / Co-founder of ChowNow


Voice search on the iPhone:

"Hey Siri, open the Google app"

"OK Google, look up...."

— Christopher Webb (@ChrisChowNow) May 21, 2016



Jason Nazar

Co-Founder, Docstoc 
Twitter bio: Co-Founder, Docstoc (spare time writer for Forbes, WSJ, BI)

Thousands of Company Employee Ratings on https://t.co/vCyBCnGM7P thx @meganrosedickey @TechCrunch for the grt piece https://t.co/upHdmKubN4

— Jason Lawrence Nazar (@jasonnazar) May 23, 2016



Cameron Kashani

Cofounder and Partner, CoAccel 
Twitter bioGodmother of #SiliconBeach. Expert Speaker @statedept. 3x founder. Human Acceleration. I spread peace in the form of power. #singlemama #WEarethechange


"I filed for divorce, and I was fired from Company." Why did I write this?
ADDED Preface: I’m sharing my story in... https://t.co/ypvdHELVnb

— Cameron Kashani (@CamSKashani) April 20, 2016



Bill Gross

CEO & founder, Idealab 
Twitter bio: Founder of Technology Incubator Idealab and 100 companies in last 30 years. Tweeting while on my quest for learning in life and at conferences.

.@Idealab company @UberMedia now can connect ad impressions to actual retail store visits: https://t.co/vmgg438Knw pic.twitter.com/JhKCZxLxwT

— Bill Gross (@Bill_Gross) May 20, 2016


Frank Addante

CEO & co-founder, The Rubicon Project 
Twitter bio: CEO/Founder/Chief Product Architect of @RubiconProject, Columnist for @Inc, Author of http://FounderBlog.com : follow me for entrepreneurial & management advice

True Leaders Are Not Heroes. True Leaders Create Heroes @Forbes : https://t.co/qQNWxXz28n

— FrankAddante (@FrankAddante) May 24, 2016



Lilian Coral

Follow @lcoral

Chief Data Officer, Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti
Twitter bio: Native of Colombia; product of Los Angeles; student of the world. CDO @lamayorsoffice. Advocate 4 social justice, travel, and the NYC Knicks! Tweets are my own.

#LAsBest what at theme! #BrighterFuturesLocallyGrown pic.twitter.com/s91Bg42zT6

— Lilian Coral (@lcoral) May 22, 2016



Brock Pierce

Investor, Bitcoin 
Twitter bio: Investor in Blockchain enabling technology companies!

India has never had more than 30m landlines and has roughly 540m cellular subscribers (350m smart phones).

— Ƀrock Pierce (@brockpierce) May 17, 2016



Peter Diamandis

CEO & chairman, X Prize Foundation
Twitter bio: @XPRIZE, @SingularityU, @PlanetaryRsrcs, @HumanLongevity, @BoldCapital & Author of Abundance & BOLD. Passionate about space, Abundance & Longevity.

Who said insurance was a necessary evil? Lemonade is named a Public Benefit Corporation, committed to social good. https://t.co/5XcxKDwI5G

— Peter Diamandis (@PeterDiamandis) May 18, 2016



Greg Cohn

CEO & co-founder, Burner 
Twitter bio: Co-founder & CEO of @burner.


The internet of things is for pranks https://t.co/jwJ3SpUkwq

— Greg Cohn (@gregcohn) May 23, 2016



Clark Landry

Managing Partner, Legacy Angel Ventures 
Twitter bio: entrepreneur, angel investor, aspiring VC

just searched for "increase text size in chrome". is this what "getting old" looks like?

— Clark Landry (@clandry) April 4, 2016



Meredith Perry

CEO & founder, uBeam 
Twitter bio: Founder & CEO @uBeam. Power-suckler on the teat of life. Uses a machete to cut through red tape. Instagram: @meredithperry

I might consider driving w a life-size doll in my passenger seat so that I can take the carpool lane. Otherwise I'm a very good citizen

— Meredith Perry (@meredithperry) March 5, 2016



Mark Suster

Partner, Upfront Ventures 
Twitter bio: 2x entrepreneur. Sold both companies (last to http://salesforce.com ). Now @UpfrontVC looking to invest in passionate entrepreneurs

1/ I don't think most in the market have fully appreciate the fact that @Medium isn't just a CMS, it's a "Social CMS" & 1st to pull this off

— Mark Suster (@msuster) May 23, 2016



Lauren Rinkey

Director, Global Brand Experiences/Adjunct Professor, Nike/USC Marshall School of Business 
Twitter bio: Global Director, Brand Experiences @Nike+ | Adjunct Professor @TheLeap1 @USC | All About Good Vibes + Eats + Music + Design + Travel + Innovation + Impact

More gold from @GaryVee: Reframing the Narrative on Entrepreneurship https://t.co/vOseP5PW31

— Lauren Rinkey (@LaurenRinkey) April 26, 2016



Ismail Elshareef

Vice President, Open Platform and Innovation, TicketMaster 
Twitter bio: At peace when surfing or on my bike. Love to travel. Engineer. Advisor. Speaker. Surfer. Cyclist. Open Platform at @Ticketmaster. Tweets are my own.

Look who came to visit us at @Ticketmaster! Yeah, that's how we roll ;) #kittens #love #kittylove pic.twitter.com/dQwTUhNKMk

— Ismail Elshareef (@ielshareef) May 24, 2016



Loren Rochelle

Co-founder, Nom. 
Twitter bio: Co-Founder @thisisnomdotco. Forbes #30under30. Good Scotch and Donuts are the way to my heart. *Thoughts expressed here are my own.

I just backed Secret Sauce: The Ultimate Growth Hacking & Marketing Guide on @Kickstarter https://t.co/UpLFSgR0Yx cc: @vincentdignan <3

— Loren Rochelle (@lorenrochelle) May 10, 2016


Kyle Hill

CEO, HomeHero 
Twitter bio: CEO at @HomeHero and previously @Flowtab. Board at @PomonaCollege. Forbes 30/30 in Healthcare. Bona fide aesthete and triathlete. #GoBucks

Just two years ago a drunk driver in Austin plowed down a group of people at SXSW and now they're rejecting ridesharing? Interesting move.

— Kyle Hill (@kaleazy) May 8, 2016



Justin Choi

CEO & FounderNativo & Cie Games
Twitter bioFounder and CEO: Nativo - Cofounder: Cie Games, Cie Digital Labs

The future of ride-share: "I have Uber, Gett, Juno, Lyft..." and his personal phone is a Blackberry. pic.twitter.com/NsuAjB0VrK

— Justin Choi (@JustinCie) May 17, 2016



Amanda MacNaughton

Co-Founder/Head of Product Marketing, PromoJam (formerly)/Deluxe Corporation 
Twitter bio: Co-Founder of @PromoJam Social Marketing Platform, Head of Product Marketing at @deluxecorp

Twitter Falls Behind in Terms of Mobile Engagement | Statista https://t.co/isPi0xabvR via @StatistaCharts

— Amanda MacNaughton (@AmandaMalia) April 7, 2016



Jaclyn Johnson

Founder, Create Cultivate 
Twitter bio: Founder of creatively-driven marketing, influencer + events agency @NosubjectLA & Brains behind @CreateCultivate! #forbes30u30

6 genius, goal-crushing tips from super successful female entrepreneurs via @WellandGoodNYC https://t.co/8mKq2CIidR

— Jaclyn Johnson (@JaclynRJohnson) May 5, 2016



Tony Knopp

Founder & CEO, InviteManager (formerly TicketManager) 
Twitter bio: Founder & CEO - @InviteManager via @aegworldwide - @stubhub - @ebay Contributor: @USAToday, @Forbes, @Yahoo!, @INC, @Entrepreneur. Mental Health Supporter

Very unlikely I have any common interests with Coachella lambo guy https://t.co/chFSW03tOW

— Tony Knopp (@tonyknopp) April 20, 2016



Richard Rosenblatt

CEO & founder, WhipClip & Demand Media 
Twitter bio: Internet entrepreneur. Let's talk business, social, and whatever is interesting; Now, I'm all about whipclip https://itunes.apple.com/US/app/id926084959?mt=8 …

I love Twitter but trump must stop tweeting. Twitter, Trump's Trusty Weapon, Could Backfirehttps://t.co/xKUDVjp20Z

— Richard Rosenblatt (@demandrichard) May 18, 2016



Jim Andelman

Managing partner & co-founder, Rincon Venture Partners 
Twitter bio: Co-founder Rincon Venture Partners / decent skier / crappy climber

Glad we're on our third fund. Getting frm "Starter Fund" to the next, bigger one has definitely gotten tougher https://t.co/jUjMP6USZQ

— Jim Andelman (@jimandelman) May 24, 2016



Howard Marks

Co-founder & angel investor, Activision & Startengine 
Twitter bio: Co-founder @Activision ($35B market cap) & Founder of @startenginela. An Equity #crowdfunding platform based in LA. Investor in 60+ startups. Tweet at me.

I just published “Dude, where is my Startup ?” https://t.co/Vaud1CSxxJ

— Howard Marks (@howardmarks) May 24, 2016



Kerry Bennett

Head of Marketing, Upfront Ventures 
Twitter bio: Head of Marketing, @upfrontvc. Formerly: @DogVacay, @HauteLook. I never don't believe in brand building.

Game changing products for a real problem https://t.co/kZvxKmvktT

— Kerry Bennett (@KerryKB) May 19, 2016



Matt Joseph

CEO, Locent 
Twitter bio: Founder of Locent. Learning by doing.

Don't complain about having your idea 'stolen'. Someone thought of it before you and execution is all that matters anyway. Go get customers.

— Matt Joseph (@_mattjoseph) May 13, 2016



Lucy Guo

Product Designer, Snapchat
Twitter bio: Product Designer @Snapchat. Formerly @Quora @Facebook @EndlessMobile. CMU dropout.

The doorman at one of LA's most exclusive clubs recognizes me. Now I have free bottle service to myself along with bodyguards... #socialite?

— Lucy Guo (@lucy_guo) May 19, 2016



Mike Williams

Founder, YoRoomie/Thinkbox.io
Twitter bio: Building @Thinkboxmakes (makers of @studiotimeio @yoroomieapp @joinseedly). Past CEO @CodeityHQ (acquired 2015).

Taking funding is entering into a performance contract

— Mike Williams (@Yoroomie) April 26, 2016



Nanxi Liu

CEO, Enplug 
Twitter bio: CEO @Enplug, modern digital signage software. Founder of Nanoly Bioscience. Forbes 30 Under 30.

My driver in #Milan: "I want #Obama as our president! Our president gets nothing done!" #Italy #Perspective #GrassIsAlwaysGreener

— Nanxi Liu (@nanxi_liu) May 19, 2016



Tara Roth

President, Goldhirsh Foundation 
Twitter bio: President @GoldhirshFdn @LA2050 founding team member @GOOD San Francisco Native/Proud Angeleno

Although #knowledgeecon is the future, only 1/4 schools offer comp sci & only 1/5 comp sci college grads are women https://t.co/OlzXz6RbYC

— Tara Roth (@taranellroth) May 20, 2016



Greg Bettinelli

Partner, Upfront Ventures
Twitter bio: #LongLA. Partner @UpfrontVC. Advisor FreemanSpogli. Co-founder MuckerLab. Former CMO @HauteLook (now @Nordstrom), @eBay, @StubHub @LiveNation.

I have played a lot of golf in my life and have never received a decent inside stock tip.

— Greg Bettinelli (@gregbettinelli) May 20, 2016



Natalie Diver

CEO, Boss Babe 
Twitter bio: Explorer | Creator | Entrepreneur... Founder of @omgdetox / CEO at @teambossbabe / Blogger at theKonfidential ❤️ British & Living in Los Angeles.

Thanks snapchat for your new face swap with an image feature. I'm about to lose all my friends cos I can't stop pretending to be an Olsen.

— Natalie Diver (@NatalieDiver) April 28, 2016



Eric Willis

Co-Founder, Chatmunk 
Twitter bio: founder @chatmunk #1 ranked hunter & mod at Product Hunt.


I just published “How Unbundling Twitter and Launching Topic-Based Communities Will Win.” https://t.co/TTQNaVKmJC

— Eric Willis (@erictwillis) February 17, 2016



Michael Heyward

CEO & co-founder, Whisper 
Twitter bio: CEO @whisper / Co-Founder @yourvoiceorg

Epic experience @sequoia basecamp this weekend. Thank you @roelofbotha @jimgoetz @schreier @Alfred_Lin pic.twitter.com/35Ia9oH4uU

— Michael Heyward (@michaelheywire) May 15, 2016



Jonathan Zweig

Founder, Ad Colony/AppOnboard 
Twitter bio: Founder of Inc 500 @AdColony - Sold to @Opera now launching @AppOnboardInc in Private Beta

UCLA scientists explore using virtual reality for diagnoses, surgeries | Daily Bruin #VR #UCLA @vrlosangeles https://t.co/cyig7Qpu6D

— AdColony Founder (@bruinengineer) April 2, 2016



Garrett Reim

Tech Reporter, Los Angeles Business Journal 
Twitter bio: Tech Reporter for the Los Angeles Business Journal (@LABJnews) Send pitches to: [email protected] Views are my own.

Global Eagle Buys Satellite Communications Firm for $550M https://t.co/jAaswbtIC2 via @LABJTech

— Garrett Reim (@garrettreim) May 11, 2016



Jim Gilliam

CEO & founder, NationBuilder 

Twitter bio: @NationBuilder Founder and CEO, author of The Internet is My Religion.


It's true...data is useless if you don't have something interesting to say. https://t.co/XChuT4j5LJ

— Jim Gilliam (@jgilliam) May 12, 2016



Kathryn Cicoletti

Founder, Ms. Cheat Sheet 
Twitter bio: Mostly hanging out at @mscheatsheet. I act like I'm chill but I'm not. snapchat oh god: kcicoletti

Old Havana. No idea if these are coming through pic.twitter.com/E3XlOwUKu8

— Kathryn Cicoletti (@kcicoletti) May 23, 2016



George Mitsopoulos

COO, Broadvoice 
Twitter bio: Chief Operating Officer @Broadvoice | @IKANO | @DSLExtreme | @PhonePower | Snapchat: gmitsopoulos

Silicon Valley CEO shares why he prefers hiring @SantaClaraUniv students versus @Stanford studentshttps://t.co/K14LnyFKDD

— George Mitsopoulos (@gmitsopoulos) May 22, 2016



Reagan Sirengo

Managing Partner/UX Designer, Userbrite/Edmunds 
Twitter bio: Managing Partner at Userbrite LLC and UX Designer at http://Edmunds.com . We make digital experiences worth experiencing

Well said

— Reagan Sirengo (@ReaganSirengo) April 7, 2016



George Strompolos

CEO & founder, Fullscreen 
Twitter bio: CEO/Founder of @Fullscreen. Purveyor of youth culture. Fond of curious people. I care about fonts. Good friend IRL.

This is cool, but I swear some people read too many startup blogs etc. and have no connection to reality https://t.co/zIWHS50wd0

— George Strompolos (@gstrompolos) May 19, 2016



Brian Mullins

CEO & founder, DAQRI 
Twitter bio: Founder and CEO of DAQRI, where everyday I work alongside the most awesome team of people changing the way we interact with technology.

Had fun presenting #augmentedreality at #NSW16! Plus @ZachNelson, I think that helmet really suits you. #DAQRI https://t.co/m4bEqzXqEJ

— Brian Mullins (@mrlaserbeam) May 17, 2016


Jonathan Eppers

CEO, RadPad 

Twitter bio: CEO @RadPad. I like to cook too.

Don't stop. Don't even think about stopping until you get there, and don't give much thought to where 'there' is.

— Jonathan Eppers (@jonathaneppers) May 4, 2016


Marc Hemeon

CEO & Founder, Design Inc. 

Twitter bio: CEO & Founder of @designinc



@zachinglis we are tackling a different way for creatives to thrive with @designinc - i think resentment causes burnout, not long hours.

— Marc Hemeon (@hemeon) May 24, 2016


Corinne Crockett

Director of Marketing, Thrive Market 
Twitter bioDir. of Marketing, @THRIVEmkt. Instructor @GA, @SMWLA. @EllevateLA BOD. @UCLA alum.

We're on CBS This Morning!! Thrive Market aims to make natural products more affordable https://t.co/By3R2eNxPV @thrivemkt #letsthrive

— Corinne Crockett (@corinnecrockett) May 11, 2016


Ryan Prust

Partner, rhubarb studios 

Twitter bio: partner @_rhubarbstudios. hockey coach @LAjrKings. man bun connoisseur.


Check out Pershing Square Renew and add your feedback. I just took the SWA | Morphosis survey! https://t.co/PMG4DHXFvJ

— Prust, Ryan (@PrustRyan) May 5, 2016

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