From airline tickets to Air Jordans: New LA platform has streamlined purchasing power

by Patrick Hechinger
July 14, 2015


What if you were reading this article and I mentioned the new pair of jeans I bought last week when, suddenly, out of the right side of your screen, a one-click purchase option for that exact brand of jeans appeared. Would you buy them?

Companies are willing to bet you will.

Pinterest rolled out a new one-click purchase feature last month and reports say that Google, Facebook, and Twitter are soon to follow. But one Culver City's Bringhub has been perfecting the idea since September and officially launched today on the LA fashion site The Zoe Report.

Bringhub was originally designed to be a local e-commerce website but they were quickly frustrated by their affiliate link technology that would send users off the site to make purchases. Upon fixing that problem, Bringhub realized their product was no longer the marketplace but, instead, a solution to allow publishers the ability to have their consumers or readers purchase directly on the site.

“We built this little cart that came in from the side of the screen and let you purchase items,” co-founder and COO Brian Marvin said. “We did it with small local LA brands and lo and behold it actually worked. We were like, shit, we might be on to something here. “

The platform was later developed to allow users to purchase multiple items on a single web page. Within a fashion article, users could buy anything mentioned in the post whether it be a pair of slacks from Barney’s or a shirt from JCrew.

Shortly thereafter, the site turned its attention towards travel. Now users can buy their plane ticket, hotel, and ticket to a concert all within a single third party webpage. With widespread applications across published content, it was clear the streamlined purchasing option had major potential.


The Huffington Post, Esquire, and Penguin Random House have all inquired about Bringhub and the aforementioned Pinterest even expressed interest in purchasing the company.

“It’s been a whirlwind,” Marvin said. “We have about a million products in stock and that’s without us doing any outreach. They have all contacted us”

Marvin believes the greatest potential for the platform lies in the vastly underutilized mobile-buying side of e-commerce. Normally websites have to open multiple tabs on a mobile device to make a purchase which can be off putting for the typical mobile user. With Bringhub, the user can stay on one page and make the purchase entirely within a sidebar.

“It’s just one of those things that is the right thing at the right time. Obviously we have to execute on our part but somebody is going to have a billion dollar company doing this.”

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