New app Tape takes on Hollywood 80 seconds at a time

by Patrick Hechinger
May 19, 2015


There’s a new way to channel your directorial aspirations — no matter how small they are.

Launching out of North Hollywood today, Tape combines simple video editing with a new social media platform. The app allows you to combine up to 8 clips from your personal library or from your friends to create an 80 second video.

Much like Vine, the app allows you to explore Staff Picks and popular clips within the Tape community. But the real convenience on the social side of the app is the user’s ability to request clips from their friends.

For instance, if you are creating a Tape of your buddy’s bachelor party, you can request videos from the other groomsmen via the app. After editing them together, you can apply filters, music, and effects before posting the video to Facebook or Twitter.

“Apps like Vine, YouTube and Instagram are all singular experiences,” said CEO Garret Alan Jiroux. “Tape allows you to collaborate with friends or, on a larger scale, brands to collaborate with their fans.”

Jiroux believes the 80 second maximum is a perfect middle ground between short form and long form video, but is open to expanding the time limit based on customer feedback.

Jiroux and his LA-based friends came up with the idea when on a trip to New York. “We believe that LA is the perfect place to launch an app that lets people generate video content,” said Jiroux. “There are so many struggling actors who are eager for an easy way to create their own content.”

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