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QA Manager salary in Los Angeles

Average Base Salary in Los Angeles

Additional Cash Compensation
Total Compensation
Median: $137K
Min: $118K
Max: $155K

How Much Does a QA Manager Make in Los Angeles?

The average salary for a QA Manager in Los Angeles is $137,000. The average additional cash compensation for a QA Manager in Los Angeles is $15,000. The average total compensation for a QA Manager in Los Angeles is $152,000. QA Manager salaries are based on responses gathered by Built In Los Angeles from anonymous QA Manager employees in Los Angeles.

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QA Manager jobs in Los Angeles

Sr Manager, Training & QA

Greater LA Area
1 week ago
Build and develop a world class training and QA program for Tinder Trust & Safety (T&S) and Community work groups. Evaluate current training curricula and current Learning Management System. If needed make proposals for new future tool(s) to support future growth.  Design, develop and deploy e-learning and in-class courses, including soft skills and product training for internal/external support teams, to ensure that new hires and current employees learn new skills, quickly develop the knowledge and ability to settle in and become experts at what they do. Measure effectiveness of training programs and provide continuous feedback to Tinder Community Leaders regarding training trends, course material feedback, and additional training needs. Recruit, lead and develop a team of internal trainers managing their goals, performance and outcomes. Coordinate with outsourced training staff to ensure strong alignment with internal standards. Take a data driven approach to understanding performance issues. Take action to improve the quality and effectiveness of training and coaching across the T&S and Communities ecosystem. Lead calibration sessions with multiple vendors.

QA Test Manager

Greater LA Area
1 week ago
Manage QA Analyst(s) across multiple projects and different business areas. Responsible for maintaining and monitoring QA processes. Responsible for defining and enforcing best QA practices . Review of Test Plans, Test cases, Schedules, and Test strategies on different projects. Drive and support the Product, DevOps and Engineering teams in developing test processes around releases, sprints, user stories and feature development. Coordinate documentation, planning activities, backlog management and communication strategies per project. Collaborate with Development, Product and Release management teams on deploying changes to the QA Environment as needed. Participate in improving delivery and test processes. Purpose new ideas on how to improve customer satisfaction and quality of product/feature.

QA Manager, Snap Labs

Greater LA Area
1 week ago
We’re looking for a Quality Assurance (QA) Engineering Manager to join us! In this role, you will be tasked with managing and building a team of great QA engineers. You will apply creative testing methodologies that straddle both hardware and software development. You will strategically organize your QA team to offer the best coverage while also maintaining close relationships with your Software and Hardware Engineers, Product Managers, Program Managers, Release Engineers, Customer Support, and Tools teams. Your drive and passion for delivering high quality experiences to our millions of customers motivates you and your team to continuously listen and deliver great experiences to our customers.

QA Manager Salary ranges

Average QA Manager Salary by Company Size

People with the job title QA Manager make the most at companies with 51-200 employees, earning $147,500 on average.

QA Manager Salary by gender

The average QA Manager salary for women is $155,000 and the average QA Manager salary for men is $129,000.

QA Manager Salary by Years of Experience

The average salary for a QA Manager with 7+ years of experience is $143,333.

Average Dev + Engineer salaries in Los Angeles

Job Title Average Salary Salary Range
QA Analyst $69,882
Min: $49K
Max: $92K
Salesforce Developer $91,933
Min: $76K
Max: $114K
Junior Software Engineer $92,000
Min: $92K
Max: $92K
Software Test Engineer $95,037
Min: $55K
Max: $140K
Automation Engineer $97,172
Min: $73K
Max: $145K
Front End Developer $98,225
Min: $55K
Max: $180K
QA Engineer $103,375
Min: $68K
Max: $185K
Security Engineer $115,711
Min: $85K
Max: $185K
Sales Engineer $117,638
Min: $77K
Max: $166K
DevOps Engineer $120,955
Min: $45K
Max: $180K
iOS Developer $124,032
Min: $80K
Max: $170K
Data Engineer $124,954
Min: $72K
Max: $234K
Software Engineer $125,892
Min: $75K
Max: $225K
Android Developer $127,395
Min: $90K
Max: $200K
Hardware Engineer $131,000
Min: $131K
Max: $131K
Game Developer $135,000
Min: $135K
Max: $135K
Site Reliability Engineer $136,000
Min: $130K
Max: $142K
Systems Engineer $136,000
Min: $136K
Max: $136K
QA Manager $137,000
Min: $118K
Max: $155K
Machine Learning Engineer $137,000
Min: $137K
Max: $137K
Data Architect $138,600
Min: $100K
Max: $240K
Database Administrator $142,000
Min: $142K
Max: $142K
Lead Software Engineer $150,000
Min: $137K
Max: $160K
Senior Software Engineer $154,078
Min: $105K
Max: $225K
Principal Software Engineer $163,837
Min: $130K
Max: $222K
Engineering Manager $163,967
Min: $124K
Max: $256K
Data Engineering Manager $182,000
Min: $182K
Max: $182K
Director of Software Engineering $193,816
Min: $135K
Max: $265K
Vice President of Engineering $197,000
Min: $140K
Max: $265K
CTO (Chief Technology Officer) $243,969
Min: $120K
Max: $575K

Skills that affect QA Manager salaries in Los Angeles

1% have this skill
1% have this skill
0% have this skill
Amazon Web Services
0% have this skill
0% have this skill
0% have this skill

Recent QA Manager salaries in Los Angeles

Yearly Salary
A QA Manager reported a yearly salary of $155,000 with +$25,000 in additional cash compensation
7+ Years of Experience
51-200 Employees
Los Angeles
5-10 Reports
Yearly Salary
A QA Lead reported a yearly salary of $135,000
7+ Years of Experience
Prefer not to say
11-50 Employees
Los Angeles
Yearly Salary
A Sr. Director, Quality Assurance reported a yearly salary of $140,000 with +$5,000 in additional cash compensation
7+ Years of Experience
51-200 Employees
Los Angeles
1-5 Reports
Yearly Salary
A QA Manager reported a yearly salary of $118,000
5-7 Years of Experience
500+ Employees
Los Angeles
Salaries//Dev + Engineer//QA Manager