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Azubu is a global entertainment network focused on eSports, providing unparalleled gaming, viewing, and interactive experiences for both broadcasters and the community. Coming together to watch the biggest names and tournaments, users across the globe engage in the highest definition eSports content. Created for and driven by the community, Azubu delivers a “lean-in” experience for viewers to interact with their favorite games, players, and organizations, while empowering broadcasters with unique toolsets, superior streaming technology, and more.


An independent game development studio formed by the talented developers that led the creation and production of some of the best selling video games in the world. Reload is developing content to entertain an ever expanding audience for emerging Virtual Reality and existing game platforms.

eCommerce • Gaming

<p>Fantasy World revolutionizes the online Casual Gaming Industry by introducing, new versions of Celebrity endorsed fantasy games, while utilizing the successful traits of traditional fantasy sports. Fans play fantasy games with their favorite celebrities and athletes as well as eqach other. Fans play for prizes, signed memorabilia, and even a chance to meet the celebrity/athlete. Celebrities will directly monetize their social network activities</p>


<p>GameDay is a mobile application that solves game discovery by delivering users a new casual game each day. Users can play the daily game from directly within the GameDay app, and will also accrue points that they may spend within the GameDay ecosystem on real-world offers and rewards. GameDay's push, programmed approach makes game discovery entertaining and relevant for casual game consumers without the time for - or interest in - active discovery.</p>

eCommerce • Gaming

We have developed a sophisticated igaming platform that enables casino operators to embed (free-to-play) social games into their websites and reward users with incentives redeemable at land-based casinos. These deployments will be linked together, creating a virtual casino network that will convert to online gambling (once legalized).

Gaming • Software
11 Employees

<p>EvoTech International, Inc. is a high-tech startup that specializes in multi-platform software development, social networking applications, and mobile games. The goal of the company is to push the next generation of innovators to develop communicative technologies that solve problems and keep people entertained!&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>We created a game called MyLeague. It is a fresh and unique approach to wrapping our brains around the science of attraction. Our data will shed light on existing research in the fields of sociology, psychology, and social dynamics.&nbsp;We are currently beta-tesing it for iOS. We plan on releasing the public very soon!&nbsp;</p>

Gaming • Mobile
10 Employees

<p>Legacy Interactive® is a seasoned developer and publisher of innovative educational simulations and apps since 1998. We bring together a unique expertise in gaming and teaching, resulting in enriching and award-winning products for students and professionals that are smart, fun, and challenging. Legacy’s products have been published by educational publishers such as Mosby, Lipincott, Elsevier, and the American College of Emergency Physicians.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Entertaining customers for over 15 years, Legacy Games develops and publishes games based on iconic brands for a broad, mass-market audience. Criminal Minds, Tarzan, Law &amp; Order, Twilight Zone, Murder She Wrote, Ghost Whisperer, Psych, Paranormal State, House M.D., Jane Austen, and Crayola Songbook are among some of Legacy’s most popular licenses. Legacy Games also creates its own character-driven content, such as the award-winning Pet Pals series, League of Mermaids, and Atlantis: Pearls of the Deep. Our games are distributed worldwide in more than 15 languages through both retail and digital channels, for PC/Mac and mobile platforms. Customers can download and play "Legacy Original" games as well as hundreds of PC games from our roster of talented indie development partners at&nbsp;<a href="http://www.legacygames.com/" target="_blank">www.legacygames.com</a>.</p>


<p><span style="color: rgb(51, 51, 51); font-family: 'helvetica neue', arial, helvetica, freesans, 'liberation sans', 'numbus sans l', sans-serif; font-size: 14px; line-height: 20.99993896484375px;">WeArePlayingIt is a service founded in 2013 but it's been cooking in our heads for a very long time. Its mission is to help gamers discover great new games and try to spotlight the artists and developers that make them. It's a platform, it's a service, heck it's powered by a couple of gamers who want to make a difference and help you uncover the next classic game you'll be playing a week straight.</span></p>

Gaming • Software

LottoInteractive is a new kind of games company, marrying AAA console experience, data-driven research and analytics, and handheld best-practices to create the most compelling iGaming entertainment available on mobile.


At FACEIT our team is everything. The current team includes a bunch of latest-generation development warriors, some design jedis, a few lazy business guys and some gaming veterans. Our common passion for online games helped us becoming a close group of people that share this culture of “working hard and playing harder”. We had tons of fun building the company from scratch and never stopped.


Razer develops high-end precision gaming products by combining technology, ergonomics, and expert validation.

Gaming • Software

The Alelo Team is committed to creating learning tools and solutions that help people to acquire new skills and apply them when it counts. Alelo products change the way people communicate. Alelo was founded as a technology spin-out of the University of Southern California. For over ten years Alelo has developed and delivered effective game-based solutions for learning communication skills, using Virtual Role-Play technology. Alelo is now applying Virtual Role-Play to a variety of workplace competencies and interpersonal skills. Alelo is a Hawaiian word meaning “tongue” or “language”. It also refers to the tip of a traditional Hawaiian canoe paddle, the leading edge that cuts the water and propels the canoe forward. It is the perfect name for a lead-edge company that promotes interpersonal skills. We chose Hawaii as a theme because it is a cultural crossroads – where people of diverse backgrounds respect and embrace each other’s traditions and work together harmoniously.


Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) is a premier eSports organization dedicated to competing at the highest level and inspiring fans all over the world. Their players compete in the most popular competitive games such as: League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Halo 4, and Super Smash Bros. Melee.

eCommerce • Gaming

HeadCase Humanufacturing, Inc. develops digital interactive characters. It focuses on the gaming and virtual world sectors, including educational products. The company was founded in 2006 and is based in Los Angeles, California.

Consumer Web • Gaming

<p>Launch 10 is developing a Social Gaming Community which gives third party developers access to hundreds of thousands of ready and waiting players.</p>


Global Eagle is a content distribution platform providing in-flight video content, and information services to the airline industry.

Agency • Gaming • Information Technology • Software
27 Employees

A technology and services company focused on fixing core problems in the esports and live streaming industry.

Agency • Gaming • Marketing Tech • Social Media
12 Employees

PLAYR.gg is a digital marketing platform for gaming brands to drive viral marketing campaigns and capture the most cost-effective audience data. We work with some of the largest gaming clients around the world and have a platform that is scaling rapidly, acquiring hundreds of thousands of users, and generating interest from many strategic partners


Disney Interactive Media Group and Walt Disney Internet Group, is an American company that oversees various websites and interactive media owned by The Walt Disney Company and its subsidiaries.


Recognized as a leader in developing mass-market titles for video game consoles, Heavy Iron Studios, Inc. is an independent video game developer, based in Los Angeles, California.