What Is Click to Call? -Forrester Research reported ROI increase of 143% with $2.5 million in extra revenue

by Alissa Todd
September 27, 2013

The term “Click to Call” encompasses a lot more than just clicking and calling. But, what exactly is click to call? Regardless of the name or the method, the common process consists of a person clicking on an object (e.g. image, button, text) and initiating a free phone, chat, or video conversation with another person in real-time.

There are many types of Click to Call or “Click2Call” services such as click to talk, click to chat, click to text, click to video, and finally click to dial.

Click to call allows companies to convert their visitors from the website into phone calls between the user and a customer service representative or an audio telephony version of an autoresponder (IVR). We prefer always connecting click to call users with a live human being instead of a computer. You will speak with many more leads and have fewer hang ups.

Click to Call Benefits

One very nice thing about a click to call button on your website is that it allows you to connect the consumer to a specific phone number or customer service team. This gives you the opportunity to fast track your website visitors to a qualified expert on your team or someone who has intimate knowledge of the particular products or services marketed in the pages containing that button. In other words, each click to call button can easily connect the end user to a different person or group, whoever is most appropriate. Many click to call providers just keep it simple and only call one person or team or worse yet only call the consumer first. However there are some services that have many more options. You want to choose a click to call provider that allows you to create skills based routing and call tracking and enables their system to ring many phone numbers in your office if needed.

Recent research has confirmed that the click to call technology improves the conversion rates of websites. Forrester Research reported an average ROI increase of 143% after implementing the technology with $2.5 million in extra revenue over 3 years. 

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