Welcome to Built In Los Angeles

January 18, 2013

Welcome to Built In L.A.

The L.A. startup community is thriving – we have a history of big exits, our startups are attracting significant rounds of capital and a vibrant ecosystem composed of serial entrepreneurs, incubators, universities, studios, and investors call L.A. home. If you don't believe me, check out these great infographics.  I am excited to support the launch of a resource that will showcase all the great activity that is happening in the City and the pioneering entrepreneurs that have built the community and the emerging stars that are ensuring its future.

If you are reading this post, then congratulations, you are likely one of the first members of the new Built In L.A. site.

We're thrilled you have chosen to build and support L.A.'s amazing digital technology community. Whether you are an entrepreneur, investor, academic, civic leader, student, or business professional who supports digital technology, welcome and we hope you spend some time on the site exploring, contributing, and connecting (read Getting Started below).

How We Got Here

In 2012, one of the LAMCII initiatives, driven by Howard Marks and Brian Garrett, was to increase the connectivity and transparency of our diverse technology ecosystem. We all have seen the incredible success, and, more importantly, the incredible future awaiting our city. BILA's mission is to help bring the community together and to realize its full potential by getting all members of the community connected into and engaged with the ecosystem.

Please join me and the other leaders in embracing and growing our community to be the best in the country for entrepreneurs.

Getting Started on Built In L.A.

1. Sign up and complete your profile- it is painless (and free)!  

2. Post a blog about your company, exciting news, or any thoughts you have about startups, technology, or LA.

3. Explore the Startup Guide to learn about potential LA resources for your startup. 

4. Claim or add your company profile page to the company directory if it's not already listed. This data will feed all of the quarterly and annual reports as well as press outlets moving forward so keep the information updated.

5. Post your open jobs for free on the job board using the promo code "WeAreLA".

6. Add your events to the events calendar and we’ll do the promoting.

7. Share Built In LA with your friends, colleagues and employees who work (and support) the digital community in LA. 

8. Give Us Your Feedback.  Built In LA is for LA, by LA entrepreneurs. Please contact us personally with your suggestions, ideas, and feedback so Built In LA can truly represent the LA Startup Community. 

Thank You To The Digital Leaders of L.A.

Finally, a huge thank you to the 100+ digital leaders, and incredible Advisory Board, who are supporting the launch of Built In L.A with their time and commitment to one shared vision.

I hope you will join me in supporting the site and encouraging all of your colleagues, employees and investors to sign up.

It's our time L.A.,

Tony Pritzker