LA-based virtual reality company Survios raises $4 million in funding

by Connor Boehm
May 19, 2014

Virtual Reality company Survios announced a $4 million round today as it gets set to launch its product to market early next year. San Francisco’s Shasta Ventures led this round, and became the latest Silicon Valley VC firm to take a chance on a virtual reality company.


The buzz surrounding virtual reality gaming started this March when Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook provided validation to the industry by acquiring Oculus VR. Survios co-founder James Iliff noted that the acquisition accelerated the entire industry.

Virtual reality is experiencing its second boom, as many thought that the late 1990’s tech surge would usher in an era of virtual reality gaming. However equipment became too expensive and bulky, and the trend never caught on.

Survios is hoping its recent round of funding will help solve some of those problems as they are looking to make the entire system slimmer and cheaper.  It currently uses the Oculus VR headset to see, and uses the Sixense controllers to allow you to pick up and move items inside a virtual world. It also uses a positional tracking system from Sony that allows you to turn around and see the world move as you would in reality.

Survios is also planning on using the funding to develop its own software and games for its virtual reality system. It currently has its own zombie-shooting game prototype, which gives you the ability to slay zombies with 360 degree freedom.

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