Native Advertising Pioneer MGID Takes on Ad Blocking by Protecting the User Experience

by Ola Danilina
October 20, 2016

Native advertising has been a hot topic in the digital marketing world for years now - and for good reason. Native ads are far less intrusive and are proven to have substantially higher levels of engagement than their display counterparts, especially on mobile. With more and more consumers adopting ad blockers to combat intrusive display ads, it’s no wonder more brands and advertisers are shifting their budgets towards native.

MGID, a pioneer in native advertising and marketing solutions based in Santa Monica, helps brands and agencies navigate the sometimes-turbulent native waters while simultaneously enabling publishers to maximize revenue without compromising user experience.

In addition to its performance-driven network for the real-time buying, selling and management of native ads, MGID recently set out to tackle one of the digital advertising industry’s most pressing problems - ad blocking. In June MGID launched proprietary anti-ad blocking technology, which is available to the company’s publishing customers at no additional cost. Based on the DEAL concept developed by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB,) MGID offers publishers three tiers of anti-ad blocking technology that vary in level of aggressiveness.

At the time of that announcement, Michael Korsunsky, chief marketing officer of MGID, explained that the company’s anti-ad blocking technology is designed to empower publishers and consumers. “We believe publishers and consumers should have the ability to choose when it comes to ad blocking solutions including subscription, request to disable, exchange, denial of service and ad-reinsertion products,” said Korsunsky.

While ad blocking is certainly a threat to publishers and advertisers alike, consumers don’t actually deplore all advertising. By focusing on the end user experience, companies like MGID help advertisers engage consumers while simultaneously protecting publisher integrity. For example, its globally diverse team localizes campaigns beyond simple translation to tailor language, design and content to ensure the intended message is communicated effectively. It also employs content ratings that align with the internationally recognized Entertainment Software Rating Board’s (ESRB) system that ensures brand-safe messaging for advertisers while simultaneously protecting users from spam and click-bait.  

Since launching its anti-ad blocking technology, MGID has continued to grow its network of brands, agencies and publishers by leveraging the performance-driven nature of its services - unlike many competitors, MGID doesn’t require long-term contracts - and is also developing new offerings slated to launch next year.

About MGID:

MGID is a pioneer in native advertising and marketing solutions, offering brands, agencies and publishers a performance-driven network for the real-time buying, selling and management of native ads. MGID’s award-winning global network services thousands of publishers with billions of content recommendations every day. The company’s innovative technology, customer service-centric team and performance-driven philosophy contribute to the consistent delivery of quality, highly relevant end-user experiences, which result in increased traffic, engagement and revenue for its advertisers and publishing partners. Founded in 2007, MGID’s headquarters are in Santa Monica, Calif., with additional offices in Kiev, Ukraine.

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