NantHealth quickly closes another round with $16 million

by Bonnie Fan
June 26, 2014

[ibimage==32142==Original==none==self==null]NantHealth closed a round of over $16 million in equity last week. A total of 12 investors were named as a part of this round, which started at the beginning of the month. The round comes at a time when the Culver City, California-based company is clearly expanding onto several fronts when it comes to healthcare.

The June round follows on the heels of a $135 million round in April. $100 million of that investment came from the from the sovereign wealth fund Kuwait Investment Authority for advancing cloud solutions that will have an impact on global healthcare. Blackberry had also purchased a minority shareholding in that round alongside a third investor and announced plans to release a healthcare-specific smartphone with medical capabilities like CT scans built in in addition to providing platform support.

The company also announced on June 10 about a $25 million commitment to NantHealth from Calgene, which followed the biotechnology company’s $75 million investment in NantBioScience earlier in January. The funds will be used to partner with pharmaceutical companies to advance greater personalized cancer research.

NantHealth’s platform is built on what they call the cOS, or Clinical Operating System which integrates mobile technology, wearable devices, clinical research, diagnostics data, and patient records. On-site integration is offered in addition to cloud-based integration and accompanies other software solutions that automate medical data transmission. Having already reduced cancer genome analysis from months to 47 seconds per patient, NantHealth has also made available a fact-based software platform, eviti, that is being used by 50% of oncologists in the US for patient diagnostics. They also appear to be expanding tech-based care with cOS integrated products like GlowCaps prescription bottles.

The company is a part of the larger NantWorks family of mobile-based products and solutions as founded by Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, a former surgeon and pharmaceutical company owner who has since dominated the mobile innovation space, with sister company NantMobile advancing in consumer cross-screen mobile technology. 


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