What Is Authority in Blogger Relations

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Published on Jan. 20, 2014
What Is Authority in Blogger Relations

Power without authority has no meaning. This highlights the absence of authority, because authority isn't simply power; it's the meaning given to power; authority gives power direction and clarity. So says Frank Furedi, a sociologist at the University of Kent at Canterbury.

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Bloggers have power, but some can neither direct that power or bring clarity to how it is used. So, despite their Klout or Kred scores, the number of inbound links their blog attracts, or their number of followers and fans, the power they could wield is vapid. They cannot inspire direction because their intent are foggy. The question, then, is one of identifying authority. What does authority look like? It begins with clarity. Steve Jobs had clarity, where it was not a matter of building a computer, but building the world's most beautifully designed computer that really meant something. He inspired an enthusiasm and belief in what he was doing. And people followed. Amy Tenderich is a blogger with power and authority. When I worked a Roche, we formed the first blogger summit for people with diabetes. She was the queen bee. Of the many bloggers we identified and built relationships with, each of them brought direction and clarity to their work -- they were authoritative. As you look for bloggers to build relationships with for your clients, aside from the points I mentioned in "How to Make Blogger Relations Work for You," observe how each blogger brings direction and clarity to their work online. If you suspect they cannot inspire an enthusiasm and belief in what they do, then no Klout or Kred score matters. Their followers and fans are worthless because they have no direction, no clarity, just a blogger blogging and entertaining.

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