Regard Raises $15.3M for AI Tech That Helps Doctors Make an Accurate Diagnosis

Regard's algorithm mines patient medical data to make better and faster diagnoses. 

Written by Charli Renken
Published on Jun. 30, 2022
Regard Raises $15.3M for AI Tech That Helps Doctors Make an Accurate Diagnosis
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Getting a medical diagnosis isn’t easy. Patients sometimes go through multiple doctors and specialists to get the right diagnosis for medical issues — and even then they can be misdiagnosed. The increased pressure on healthcare workers doesn’t help either. According to HealthExec, 50 percent of physicians report feeling burnt out and 20 percent of the clinical workforce left the field due to burn out during the pandemic. 

One company is trying to make medical diagnosis easier and give physicians a much needed breather. Regard, an LA-based software company that raised $15.3 million in Series A funding on Wednesday, developed an AI “co-pilot” to help physicians diagnose patients quicker and easier. Its algorithm integrates patient medical background data with diagnosis data to make sure no medical condition goes overlooked. 

“Healthcare technology today often makes a physician’s job harder, not easier and takes time away from patient care,” Regard co-founder and CEO Eli Ben-Joseph said in a statement. “We created Regard as a solution to enhance physicians’ workflows and enable them to focus on what matters most—providing the best available care and improving health outcomes. It’s exciting to know we’ve created a software doctors actually love using and look forward to continuing this growth.”

Regard also helps improve hospital finances by offering evidence-based documentation and accurate medical coding and billing. This not only decreases room for error, it also improves physicians’ workflows so they can spend less time on paperwork and transcribing notes and more time giving quality care to their patients. 

The investment, led by Calibrate Ventures and Foundry Group, will allow Regard to support more clients, reduce integration time and accelerate its reach to new customers. Regard is currently hiring nine positions across engineering, sales and marketing departments. 

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