Parking problems: 4 apps to help you avoid tickets and get where you need on time

Parking in Los Angeles can be a major deterrent. These four apps will help take the dread out of finding a parking spot, and let users focus on doing what they like to do.

Written by John Siegel
Published on Aug. 26, 2016
Parking problems: 4 apps to help you avoid tickets and get where you need on time

Los Angelenos get a bad rap for being a bit flaky. But for every out-of-towner who notes how hard it is getting someone to commit to getting a bite to eat, there's a legitimate excuse that makes the idea of jumping on the 405 and heading toward the Marina completely and totally unappealing. Thankfully, technology is stepping up to save the day. Here are four apps that will leave you with no excuse but to get out and see what LA really has to offer.


What it's perfect for: When you're headed to Venice for a beach party. 

MyLücke, pronounced (MyLOO-kuh), combines crowdsourcing with parking, allowing users to rent their private parking spots in highly-traveled areas for as long as they want. Users headed out of town for the day can make a little extra cash on the side by renting out their parking spot, while those looking to spend the day by the water can skip the oversized parking garages.


 What it's perfect for: Deciphering parking signs in Hollywood.

Staring at a parking sign in Hollywood and wondering exactly what the five-to-seven signs mean (and knowing deep down inside they most likely interfere with each other) is a right of passage for anyone visiting LA. ParkParkGoose aims to change that. Users take a photo of the signs governing any given spot, and the app translates it into English, saving you a potential parking ticket, or worse: the embarrassment of feeding a parking meter that won't accept more change.


What it's perfect for: Grabbing dinner and drinks in Culver City.

Valet parking, as convenient as it may be, is still very much an industry driven by old school sentiment. In a digital world, people are carrying less cash, meaning when it comes time to pay a valet, someone might end up spending the $20 they have, instead of the $8 that was demanded. Curbstand is an iOS app that creates a cashless valet experience for users to find and pay for parking. It's also a way for businesses and their valet companies to manage their parking operations in a much, much more efficient manner.


What it's perfect for: Heading Downtown from the Valley.

Between Waze, Google Maps and even the much-maligned Apple Maps, many might think there's not much reason to seek out a new navigation app, but that's mainly because they didn't know about Go LA. Built by Xerox — yes, that Xerox — Go LA has created a platform that helps users get from point A to point B, but with a twist. Instead of simply getting public directions for walking, driving or taking public transportation, Go LA gives users a multitude of options from getting here to there, based on three different options: sooner, cheaper or greener.

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