Namaste LA: 3 startups bringing yoga to a website near you

Written by Hannah Levy
Published on Oct. 31, 2018
Namaste LA: 3 startups bringing yoga to a website near you
Los Angeles yoga companies teaching online
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Yoga is big business in this town. You’ve got yoga apparel (and the e-commerce sites that help you buy it), yoga classes (and the apps the help you sign up for them), mats and towels (and the smartphone apps that help you rent them) — even yogi-customized cannabis strains, if that’s your thing.

Then there’s yoga itself, and the growing list of companies bringing that practice online. These are the folks who are making yoga so accessible that you can get your flow on without, say, actually leaving your house.


Yoga Wake Up is trying to be the kind of alarm clock that you won’t chuck at your wall when it goes off in the morning. The Los Angeles-based company designed an app that wakes you up with a short, audio-guided yoga or meditation sequence. You can choose your wake-up song (popular options include Prince, Bon Iver and Bob Marley) and yogi guide from a menu of options. It’s one way to get your yoga in while you’re still tucked in under the covers. 


Santa Monica-based YogaGlo is an online platform offering yoga classes for practitioners of all levels and across yogi disciplines — vinyasa, hatha and acro, to name a few. Each class comes with a number of video ‘chapters’ that take you through a specific lesson or practice and all classes are led by certified yogi professionals. Whether you want to learn more about nutrition, master a handstand or settle your mind and align your chakras, YogaGlo has a class to guide you through.  (Oh, and they offer some pretty good interview advice too.)


Tone It Up co-founders Karena and Katrina met during a late night workout session in Manhattan Beach, and dreamed up the plan for what would become Tone It Up in the time between yoga classes and over post-workout coffee dates. It’s fitting, then, that their online fitness community — which prides itself on being a safe space for women to connect in a positive way to reach their fitness goals — offers no shortage of online yoga flows, including one led by an instructor on a beach in Barbados. Rising into Warrior I to the sound of gently crashing waves? Check and check.

Today, they offer daily workouts (yoga, plus interval training, weight lifting, cardio and more) on the Tone It Up App, as well as nutritional plans, fitness challenges, pregnancy advice, merch and a long list of other lifestyle and wellness resources.


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