These 5 LA Tech Companies Raised March’s Top Rounds

Learn how the companies that secured last month’s largest venture funding sums are investing their fresh capital.

Written by Ashley Bowden
Published on Apr. 01, 2024
These 5 LA Tech Companies Raised March’s Top Rounds
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Companies across five different sectors rounded out the first quarter of the year with LA’s largest venture funding rounds. From audio entertainment to climate-friendly innovations, check out what these West Coast innovators are building.

Largest LA Tech Funding Rounds, March 2024

  1. Pocket FM
  2. CarbonCapture
  3. Liquid Death
  4. MoeGo
  5. Binarly


    #5. $10.5 million, March 27

    Cybersecurity company Binarly is building an AI-powered solution that will help security teams better identify and mitigate various security issues that affect the firmware and software supply chain. The company pulled in a $10.5 million round of funding that it plans to put toward developing protective solutions for vulnerabilities in open-source code. Two Bear Capital led the round.


    #4. $24 million, March 7

    MoeGo serves pet care businesses, offering a platform to help them streamline operations, improve customer service and grow their businesses. Base10 Partners led a $24 million round of Series A funding for MoeGo that will help the company expand its team and product.


    #3. $67 million, March 11

    Canned beverage company Liquid Death, known for its tall cans of mountain water, recently closed a $67 million round of venture funding from investors including SuRo Capital and Live Nation Entertainment. Valued at $1.4 billion, Liquid Death is investing in nationwide distribution and product innovation. The company aims to launch new sparkling water and iced tea flavors this spring.


    #2. $80 million, March 12

    CarbonCapture develops and deploys direct air capture machines that work to remove large amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The company raised $80 million in Series A funding from lead investor Prime Movers Lab to fuel technology development and early installations of its modular systems.


    #1. $103 million, March 20

    Audio entertainment solution Pocket FM provides series storytelling with content personalization for listeners. The company pulled in a round of Series D funding led by Lightspeed that it plans to put toward growing its global footprint, expanding its content library and advancing its generative AI initiatives for automation, content curation and more.

    Methodology: Built In tracked the largest funding rounds of the month using previous reporting, data from Crunchbase and articles from other publications and companies. This list highlights the five largest funding rounds raised in March by tech companies with a headquarters in Los Angeles. We only include venture capital and equity raises and do not include debt or post-IPO funding rounds in this list.

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