FlashFunders celebrates one year, breaks $12M mark

Written by Patrick Hechinger
Published on Oct. 06, 2015
FlashFunders celebrates one year, breaks $12M mark


FlashFunders, the Santa Monica-based capital-raising platform, announced today they have funded more than $12 million in startup seed rounds since they launched a year ago. 

The company, led by Vincent Bradley, democratizes investor access to early stage startups and allows startups to raise funding free of charge. Users can invest as little as $1,000 during pre-established offering periods. 

The sites most successful campaigns have included Tesloop, an eco-friendly ride sharing platform; LQD WiFi, a public technology hub creator; and The Influential Network, a social media curator. 

"FlashFunders is the only end to end deal execution tool that is free for founders to facilitate their entire seed round online," Bradley said. "Traditional funding models cost startups $25k in legal fees and are segmented offline, but FlashFunders has automated corporate securities law and compliance for early stage funding.  The real game changer for FlashFunders will be our introduction of sponsored fund partnerships to our platform which will open up access to venture as an asset class for all accredited investors.”

Along with announcing their funding milestone, FlashFunders also unveiled a partnership with Raven Ventures, an Australian early stage VC firm, to expand their company's global exposure. 

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