Do less work and get more done using Fake Crow's newly launched platform

Written by Patrick Hechinger
Published on Jul. 21, 2015
Do less work and get more done using Fake Crow's newly launched platform
Fake Crow’s renowned startup development tactics are now at your disposal. 
The Hollywood-based design agency helps brands develop their design and approach and has worked with dozens of startups including Agent Ace, Gobbler, Frequency, Kuna, PaySimple, Pintrips, Sweet Process, and GrubRunner. But their newest product, Xtensio, is an in-house production tool that helps startups implement Fake Crow’s processes on their own. 
“Xtensio provokes internal brainstorming and strategy documentation where people can go in and fill in their ideas at the early stage and help them focus on what their business and users are all about,” Fake Crow Founder Asli Sonceley said. “Our ambition is to empower the community of entrepreneurs to think with lean principles.” 
Fake Crow has found success in creating minimal viable products (MVPs) for young companies and helping mid-level companies integrate CRM systems and analyze data. The Xtensio platform features six templates for entrepreneurs or agencies to use as an early-stage toolset to build their ideas in a lean, streamlined fashion.
“Whenever we jump on board with early stage startups, we go through these exercises to bring a focus towards what we want to achieve in a short amount of time.” Sonceley said. “Xtensio’s purpose is to help them eliminate the junk around long term goals. We’re bringing everything back into a well-defined focus. We had created templates to help bring this mentality to them and we decided to turn it into an interactive product.”
The most popular template so far has been the User Persona Generator, which helps users create a target demographic for their product in order to better visualize their ambitions and needs. Since the product is in an early stage, Sonceley says it's sure to evolve with user feedback, but the goal is to keep the Xtensio as lean and simple as possible. 
Outside of startup development, Xtensio is also exploring partnerships with local hackathons and classes to be used a presentation and education aid. Currently, the basic product (including all six templates) is available for free on their website. 
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